Gundam Wing AU

The Whereabouts of Happiness

Une: We're ready to stage an all-out missile attack on the colonies!

Zechs: You guys can't fight, can you?!

Heero: Mission accepted. Duo: HEERO!!!!

In a small forest outside of the Arabian Desert hid Deathscythe. Deathscythe was hidden so that the enemy could not catch its pilot. Duo sat in the cockpit watching the monitor for enemy aircrafts or mobile suit. Things did not look bright for the Goddess of Death.

"There's really no way out, with all this security." Duo said to herself. "Besides, to swipe a carrier... I'd have to cross the desert to get to an airport."

Duo was starting to doubt her own skills after what Heero had done. But she couldn't think about Heero at that moment in time, because one slip up, one careless moves this point in the war and she'd be like Heero.

Suddenly one of the monitors flashed white. Duo turned and looked at the monitor. The monitor closed in on a small cliff. On it was a young girl dressed in black and white, with long golden blond hair blowing in the wind and brown goggles covering her eyes. She had a flash light in her hand and she was signalling to Duo.

"That girl..."

The Maguanac's stood hiding against the cliff waiting for their master to return. Deathscythe walked up to the empty Sandrock and looked around at all the men that were stuck like them.

"We're in the same boat." Said Duo softly. "With all those planes looking for us you're stuck, too."

Deathscythe then moved its hand that was holding the blond girl to the cliff. Quatre started to explain a plan to Duo. Quatre couldn't help but feel she had to help the girl. From the beginning Quatre could tell that Duo and Heero were something of partners... In a way like herself and Trowa.

"A large sandstorm is coming." Quatre explained to the braided teen. "That's when we'll cross the desert." Quatre then jumped off Deathscythe's hand landing perfectly on the rock formation. The young girl then turned back to the dark mobile suit. "Wanna join us?"

"Yeah, I do." Said Duo still feeling sad about the events that had just passed. "I could use some sympathy."

"And I need time to think." Quatre said honestly before looking at the ground and recalling the devastation that had just accrued.

The sandstorm had begun to turn for the worst and the Maguanac's took the lead on leading the Gundam Pilots in to the desert. The group of mobile suits then stopped.

"Nothing on the radar." Called Auda.

"That doesn't mean a damn thing." Said Abdul. "Spread out and watch for enemies." Then a few of the mobile suits started to look out for enemies.

"Crap, I can't see a thing in this sandstorm!" Said Duo as all her monitors picked up was sand and the Gundam standing right next to hers. "What could be out here?"

Then the picture of the young girl came up on the right monitor and she started to explain. "There's a middle east nations' military base unaffiliated with the United Earth Sphere Alliance or OZ." Quatre explained to Duo. "Let's take refuge there."

"A base?" Asked Duo confused.

"No problems here."

"Here either."

"Or here."

"Roger." Said Rashid as his mobile suit with the number 1 on the left shoulder rose its gun as a signal.

Duo watched as the Captain of the Maguanac's signalled to something unknown to the girl. Then the ground started to shake close to where Duo, Quatre and the Maguanac's stood. Duo blinked as she watched some of the sand move. "An underground base?!" Then in front of them opened a large tunnel going underground to who knows where.

"Let's go." Commanded Quatre and Sandrock moved in to the tunnel.

Duo felt concerned by the girl's actions. What was down there? This blonde Gundam Pilot seemed more reckless than Heero... And that was saying something! Going into an unknown base! What the Hell is the girl thinking?!

"H-Hey!" Called Duo unsure about the other female pilot's decision.

Rashid then moved his mobile suit next to Duo's and started to explain about the base to her. "This base belongs to out Maguanac Corps' homeland."

"It's your base?" Asked Duo in disbelief. Okay maybe the blond isn't reckless. Damn I'll have to find out her name!

The cockpit to Sandrock opened and out came Quatre. She smiled sweetly at the two men who came to greet her as she removed her goggles.

"Good of you to come, Quatre."

Quatre smiled as she jumped down in front of the man from her Gundam. How could she not recognise that accent or voice? There was only one man who would speak to her with that formality around here without calling her master or mistress. "It's been a while, Commander Sadaul."

"The missions have been tough since you got to Earth, huh." Said Sadaul happy to see the young girl after so long.

Quatre then turned to Rashid to show her appreciation. "I owe the Maguanac Corps for all their help." Quatre then turned back to the commander. "How can I thank you?"

"It was their personal decision; they wanted to help you." Commander Sadaul explained to the petit girl.

"If we had more strength we could've done more damage to OZ." Said Rashid showing his apologies for them not succeeding their last mission. Even though he knew it wasn't his fault he still felt like it was their fault.

"That troublesome OZ!" Yelled Commander Sadaul. "A sensible person wouldn't use the colonies as a shield!"

"We're to blame, for not stopping them." Said Quatre as Deathscythe's cockpit opened and out came Duo. Duo had listened to the conversation and decided that it was her time to appear.

"Yeah, we're totally to blame." Said Duo drained of her happiness. Duo then jumped down from her cockpit and walked over to the young blond.

"Oh, no, Quatre." Said Commander Sadaul trying to cheer the two girls up. It wasn't working but both girls respected his attempts and tried to cheer up. "No one would blame you. Here, come this way."

"Master Quatre, we'll get started with the mobile suit repairs." Explained Rashid.

"Yeah thanks." Said Quatre shyly. "Oh, and Rashid..."

"Yes, I know." Said Rashid understanding what the young girl meant to say, even though she was slightly embarrassed to ask for something. "We'll repair both Gundams."

Quatre then turned to the American teenager next to her. "Okay?" Asked Quatre, not sure if the other girl would want anyone touching her mobile suit.

"Just fine by me." Said Duo taking the offer. "I appreciate it."

Quatre then walked up to the braided teenager, taking in the fact that the American as about two inches taller than her. Quatre was used to being the shortest so it didn't come as a surprise to her. Quatre smiled sweetly at her. "I haven't introduced myself. I'm Quatrina Winner. But everyone calls me Quatre."

"Winner?" Asked Duo in shock of the young blonde's family name. "Then you must be the youngest in the Winner family making you the heir? The influential and financial power of the Arabic Nations?"

Duo couldn't believe that she was meeting one of the most famous females in the colonies. Quatrina was known for standing up for rights of test tube babies and many other things. Quatre was like a role model to many people on the colonies, and to think she was down here on Earth fighting when she comes from a pacifist family. "No wonder everyone looks up to you are this place."

Quatre started to blush as she listened to Duo. She always got embarrassed when people spoke about her equal rights and political speeches. Quatre had been known for a few years on the colonies as the Desert Princess of Peace, for her peaceful ways. That was not the case anymore.

"Our family is all pacifists." Quatre explained to Duo. "I disinherited myself to come out here."

Duo couldn't believe that the young girl had done that. She could have had anything and yet she gave it up to be a Gundam pilot. Duo had to admire the girl to risk everything just to come here. They were both from completely different backgrounds and yet where both fighting for the same cause.

"Yeah? It takes all types, I guess." Said Duo referring to being a Gundam pilot. "I'm Duo. Duo Maxwell. I might run and hide, but I never tell a lie."

Relena walked out of the airport in the cold city on Moscow. Relena walked past a shop with TV's displaying the News. One News broad cast caught Relena's attention.

"We were told that the colonies have sent mobile suits to Earth." Said a Reporter. Then on the screen came Lady Une.

"That's her!" Said Relena as she saw her father's killer.

"It's true that a number of mobile suits were sent to Earth and tried to destroy certain targets. However OZ is currently taking steps to expose the rebels so it can maintain world peace. It's only a matter of time before we solve this issue." Explained Lady Une.

"That rose doesn't suit her one bit!" Said Relena referring to the rose on Lady Une's uniform.

The limo door was opened and Relena got out. Relena then smiled at the older man who had opened the door for her. "Thank you." She said softly as she straitened her white dress.

"My pleasure." Said the man.

"My, isn't she cute!" Said a woman to her husband as they watched Relena.

Relena then took the escalator up to the main building where the party was meant to be. As Relena started to walk into the building a man walked up to her stopping her in her tracks.

"Excuse me." Said the man in a very posh voice. "Do you have an invitation?"

"No." Said Relena before taking a step forward before being stopped by the man again.

"Forgive me, but this party is open only to invited guests." Said the man.

Then up the stair came an old man. When he saw Relena he couldn't help but recognise her. "Katrina... [1]" Relena turned when she saw the older man walking their way.

"Do you know any other guests?" Asked the man preventing Relena from entering the party.

"Relena, you're early." Said the old man as he walked up to the young girl.

"Oh, Marquis Weridge!" Exclaimed the man. He then bowed. "I'm terribly sorry; I had no idea she was your relation."

"Not to worry." Said Marquis. "Shall we go, Relena? The party's about to begin."

As Relena and Marquis walked into the party many older folks watched the young teenage walk with Marquis. All smiled and commented on how lovely Relena looked in her ball gown. Relena was use to people commenting on her and she was always told to ignore it whether it is good or bad.

Relena looked up at the older man "Uh..."

"Don't mention it." Said Marquis as he turned to the young girl standing next to him. "This place is full of old folks. Young people like you are a rarity."

Then an older woman with a faded colour black hair walked up to the two in a burgundy red dress and looked down at Relena. "My, Mr. Weridge. What a pretty young date."

Relena curtsied to the older woman. "How do you do. I'm Relena." Relena said respectfully.

An older man bowed slightly to the younger girl. "May I have this dance miss?" He asked politely.

However Marquis moved his arm in front of the other man and chuckled. "I couldn't allow that. The first dance is already taken." Marquis explained to the man. He then bowed to Relena. "If you wouldn't mind, could I have this dance?"

Relena smiled sweetly at the elder. "Why should I mind; I'd be delighted. It'd be my pleasure.

Relena started to dance with Marquis. He was a lovely dancer. But Relena did not enjoy dancing with him as much as she did with Heero. Heero had made her feel safe and protected. However Relena had not come to Moscow seeking Heero. She had come to seek her heritage.

"I can see the Peacecraft influence in you." Marquis commented as they danced to the flowing music.

"Do you know the Peacecrafts?" Asked Relena curiously as she turned around.

Marquis stopped dancing with Relena seeing that he should be the one to tell her about her family. "Of course I do." Marquis then lead Relena off the dance floor. Relena saw they were heading for an empty table, so she walked ahead and pulled out the chair for the older man to sit on.

"Thank you." Said Marquis as he sat down. He then placed his hands together and rested his elbows on the table. "I was close to the Sanc Kingdom monarchy, the Peacecrafts. Till 13 years ago, when the family was overthrown."

"Why was the Peacecraft family overthrown?" Asked Relena innocently.

"It seems absurd, but while some people hope for peace others try to gain through disputes. The former was the Peacecraft family and the latter was the United Erath Sphere Alliance." Explained Marquis.

"Their talk of peace interfered with the Alliance's objectives?" Asked Relena.

"Yes and even the Romefeller Foundation which opposed the Alliance started developing weapons." Explained Marquis. "Blasted OZ!"

"OZ?" Asked Relena. After hearing the name so often Relena had become betwixt with finding out what OZ truly was.

"I invited Treize today to ask what he was trying to pull." Stated Marquis obviously fed up with OZ as well. "But he sent over some representative!"

Relena turned to the stair and frowned as she saw Lady Une there. Her father's murderer! Relena despised that woman so much. A smug smile was on Une's face as she walked down the stair followed by two OZ officers. The music suddenly quietened down as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

Lady Une turned to the band. "Don't worry; I'm a guest too." Stated Une and the band continued to play. Lady Une then walked up to a man. "Show me to Marquis Weridge. I must see him personally, on behalf of His Excellency." The man pointed Une in the direction of Marquis.

Marquis frowned at the Red rose that was placed on Lady Une's uniform. The flower of love on a soldier's uniform. How inappropriate! "Roses don't belong on military uniforms. A rose is more suitable for someone kind like you, Relena." Stated Marquis as Une walked closer to him. Relena sighed and placed her hand on the old man's shoulder.

Lady Une stopped in front of the two. "Marquis Weridge." Said Lady Une. "I come on behalf of Treize Khushrenada. My name is Lady Une. I need to talk with you."

Marquis held out his hand. "Before that, would you give me that rose?" He asked. "I'd like to give it to my granddaughter."

Lady Une turned to the young girl standing next to Marquis and saw a frowning Relena. Lady Une was surprised. "Relena Darlian! What're you doing here?!"

Relena leaned forward to Marquis. "Grandfather, roses don't look good on me either. I'd look better soaked in the blood of OZ!" Stated Relena angrily. She then reached into the bow at the back of her dress and pulled out a gun. "Here's for my dad!!" She exclaimed as she pulled the trigger.

However before Relena could hit Lady Une, Une moved out of the way causing the bullet to shatter the rose's petals like pieces of glass. Relena then aimed at the guard that Une hid behind as he cursed and pulled out his gun at her. However before any bullets could hit Relena she ran out into the gardens to escape from the soldiers.

"After her!" Commanded Lady Une. However her path was blocked. "Marquis!"

"Standing in your way is about the only thing I can do!" He explained as he held out his hands as if to shield the girl. "I can't match her courage!"

"How dare you!" Exclaimed Une as all the guests moved besides Marquis to defend Relena.

"We're all fans of that girl." Stated Marquis.

"Take the main entrance!" Ordered Une as her two officers answered and followed her out of the building.

Marquis smiled as he watched Une leave and remembered how brave Relena was. "We need her kind of courage in order to move forward. There's so much for me to learn."

Rashid started to lead the Gundam Pilots and Abdul and Auda. Duo climbed the stairs with Quatrina following her and then the final two Maguanac's behind her. These men were very protective of the young girl. She seems to be very important to them. Like a little sister or a relative of theirs. The Winner family were known to be a large family. Maybe they could be relations. It confused Duo of how much these men pretty much worshipped Quatrina. Duo was jealous of the girl. She was rich and famous but also she had her own personal army – as it seemed – at her command. She had everything. Duo couldn't deny the envy in her, but she had to stay friendly, because at that moment Quatrina was the only comrade Duo had.

Duo sighed to herself and followed the large man who looked like he could beat Heero up the stairs. Then a small attic door opened by two Maguanac's. Duo watched Rashid's actions as he spoke to the men at the door.

"All clear?!" Asked Rashid.

Clear of what? Thought Duo as she watched the men reply and nod. Duo watched as Rashid jumped up using one hand to support him while he swung his legs on to the ground before rising. Duo then smiled slightly as she imitated the captain. Duo's braid swung over her shoulder. Duo then knocked her braid back as she watched the young blond pilot step on to the final step.

Duo watched as Quatre rested her hands on the small wall and then bent her knees swinging her body around so she sat on the small wall with her legs still dangling inside the small secret passage. Duo watched how Auda and Abdul fussed over their Mistress. Quatre was pale and frail by the looks of her. How was she a Gundam Pilot? Whoever that soldier was that was with Quatre when they first meat must have thought the same.

Duo then left the blond to get up and walked to a doorway with brown beads hanging from it. "Wow!" Said Duo as she looked at what stood in front of her.

The sun shone high and bright on the small village that was now hiding them. The streets were full of dancers and performers. Many merchants were trying to sell items from their shop. Three belly dancers stood on a small wooden stage and danced to the foreign music. It looked like how Duo imagined an Arabian village after all the stories she had heard back on the colonies. Duo couldn't help but smile.

"A festival!" Exclaimed Duo as Quatre and the three Maguanac's joined her. Duo placed her hands on her hips impressed by the event that happened. "Looks like a gas!"

"They're celebrating the return of us 40 Maguanac soldiers." Explained Abdul as he gave the teenage girls a thumbs up.

"Yeah?" Asked Duo in awe. All of this for them. Wow, she'd have to come here more often.

"The nation opposes the Alliance Military and defends itself. The Maguanac are the front-line troops." Rashid explained to the braided American, now their little guest and foreigner. The Maguanac's smiled down at the young teenagers.

"They are?" Asked Duo as she noticed Quatre looking up at Rashid as well. However Quatre's face was not what Duo had expected. Duo had expected Quatre to be smiling and proud of her nation's heritage and history. However Quatre's face was full of worry and fear trying to be hid under an interested look.

Two belly dancer girls ran up to the five. One of them with her hair in pigtails held out a small bunch of flowers to Rashid. Rashid took the flower off the young women and smiled at it. The two girls then went over to Auda and Abdul coaxing them to go with the two girls.

"Okay, I'll go!" Said Auda as the two girls pushed them still laughing.

"Don't push!" Joked Abdul. The two then turned back to look at the young blond.

"Don't reject too many boys Master!" They joked as they ran off with the girls.

Duo watched as Quatre's eyes widened and a dark red blush covered her pale cream skin. However Duo was too impressed by everything that was happening.

"You're more like heroes than front-line soldiers." Duo giggled as she folded her arms. Duo then turned as he heard the young blonde's voice. What magical words would she say to show what was truly going on like she did in her speeches.

"Everyone's completely united now." She explained with an amazing smile. No wonder Auda and Abdul teased her with the rejection comment. "That's why this nation's so positive."

Duo then turned to the younger girl trying to understand the reality of what Quatre had just said. "This nation is unified and is gonna stick it out to the end."

Quatre noted the little hint of Duo not believing her. Quatre had to admit she wasn't that surprised. "What about us?" Asked Quatre turning to face Duo.

"There's a lot I wanna talk to you about." Duo explained, seeing how much in the open they were. "Okay, Quatre?"

"Of course." Quatre smiled. "I've got questions, myself."

Quatre then pushed the wooden window up and placed the small piece of wood to keep it up. Music and laughter rose to their ears from the festival below them. Quatre looked down at the small village before turning to the American. "Now we're all alone."

Quatre looked at Duo who sat in the wooden chair next to the bed in a more manly way. She sat on the chair backwards with the back of it between her legs. Quatre found it odd to see a girl sitting like that instead of a boy. Quatre wasn't going to judge the girl on that.

"There's five, right?" Asked Duo, as she folded her arms on the top of the chair.

"That's right." Quatre answers knowingly. "Just the five of us that met at New Edwards."

"I came here from the colonies."

"I did as well." Quatre then walked over to the small cot that was next to duo. "The five of us are very similar, don't you think?" Quatre sat on the bed and crossed her ankles instead of her legs. Duo noted that her upbringing must have taught her to be like that. "Our mobile suits and our missions. Not to mention our goal to destroy OZ."

"OZ destroyed peace in the colonies." Explained Duo as she turned her head to Quatre. This mission is revenge. I've been fighting under those orders."

"Me too." Said Quatre enthusiastically. "That's when I was given the mobile suit."

"Same here." Said Duo as she kept her eye on the blond. Duo then closed her eyes and recited what she had been told. "Don't worry about the colonies."

"'Destroy them first.'" Quatre added. "'That's your responsibility.'"

Duo opened her eyes and looked at Quatre again. "Just the same." Now that was freaky. Everyone knew that the Winner family lived on L4, so she couldn't have been taught by Professor G.

"Yeah word for word." Quatre whispered almost in disbelief.

Duo knew now that she could trust Quatre. It wasn't just their orders, but secretly Duo had been watching Quatre all this time and could see that the young girl was a comrade to keep. "I've always fought believing I'd be better off dead... than live under OZ's rule."

Quatre could feel the pain coming from the American at this point. Obviously Duo had gone through a lot at up to this point in her life. "Me too." Quatre replied. A shiver of fear washed over her mind as she remembered Heero. "But to kill yourself..."

Duo looked out the window right in front of her. "Heero ended up doing it!" She explained. "He took his life." The words were bitter as they came from her mouth. Duo couldn't explain it but Heero had become somewhat of a friend to the girl. She felt it difficult to understand what she had done after the detonation. She had screamed Heero's name. Duo had found herself out of character calling out to Heero. Duo found herself holding back on her feelings towards Heero

Quatre could see the pain Duo was sharing for Heero's death. But Quatre somehow had a feeling in the back of her mind that he was alive. But Duo's pain washed through Quatre and she felt as if her heart was going to break. She could feel what Duo was feeling and she empathised with the braided pilot.

Quatre closed her eyes. "The colonies have no intention of fighting. The colonies can't be sacrificed." Quatre looked up at Duo. It would pain her to tell Duo this but she had to hear it. "Your friend was the perfect role model."

Duo still didn't look at Quatre. "I never would've imagined that Heero was so stubborn." She whispered letting a bit of the pain out in her voice."

Quatre looked at the ground in front of her. "The colonies were a clear target once the Gundams got going." Quatre explained. Quatre closed her eyes as she listened to the laughter and cheers of everyone down below them. The cheerful music swept over Quatre as she was reminded of Trowa and Heavyarms lifting the bloody Heero off the ground and escaping. What do you intend to do Towa?

Rashid watched as his men danced and had fun in the festival while he watched over the two pilots making sure no one bothered them. "A battle where the nation isn't unified as one body. There's nothing more difficult for a lonely soldier."


Rashid turned to see one of his men run up to him. "Come to headquarters! OZ's mobile suit troops are coming."


Quatre walked back into the room where Duo rested on the bed thinking about Heero. Duo turned to see the young girl looking concerned. Duo sat up and looked at the blond. Quatre then closed the door and stared uneasily at Duo. However it was not uneasiness at Duo but at something that was happening.
"It's OZ..." Quatre started to explain. "Their looking for us and the Maguanac's, but I don't trust them... They're going to do something."
Alarm bells rang in Duo's head. No joke something was going to happen.

"We have to stay here till they leave." Quatre explained and sat on the chair by Duo. She closed her eyes and sighed. "I guess you would have wanted to see the festival..."

"It would have been nice..."

Abdul used the bomb detector to see what he could find out about it. So far not many good reading about the bomb. Rashid, Auda and Ahmed watched over his shoulder waiting for the results and a path in what to do next. Each one knowing that something would happen, OZ wouldn't make it easy for them.

"Well?" Rashid asked. Abdul finished his investigation.

"We can't move it." He replied. "It's set so any movement will trigger it."

Quatre and Duo finally found sight of Rashid and the other Maguanac's. Both ran over still in confusion over the situation at hand. Both stopped by the older men and looked up at them. Damn them for being so tall.

"Rashid, what's the matter?" Quatre asked, afraid of what answer she might get.

"Master Quatre." Rashid said almost unsure if he should tell the girl the burden upon them.

"OZ played dumb. Meanwhile they were setting twenty bombs across town!" Explained Auda with his fist clenched in frustration.

"Huh?!" Quatre couldn't believe this. This wasn't fair to the town. They shouldn't need to go through this just for her. OZ was after her and Duo. They shouldn't be doing this. They had to do something.

"If they're time bombs we just need to trash them all!" Duo suggested being the bomb expert.

"They're designed so we can't move them." Rashid explained to small girls.

"They've narrowed our troops' location down to this town." Ahmed added.

"Which means they're gonna force us to surface." Auda said.

Abdul rose up from where he sat on the ground. He had found out how much time they had. "They've set the bombs to go off at 12 midnight." He explained with bitterness. "They must be hoping for a night time battle."

"So OZ is preparing to battle with us overnight." Spoke Rashid as if starting to form a plan of attack.

"Or they think we're gonna surrender before then." Ahmed lowered his head as the guilt seemed to swipe over all the men.

Quatre knew that OZ was really after the Gundams. They needed to get away but they couldn't just leave the Maguanac and the village to defend itself. This was her family she'd be leaving behind and she couldn't do that. Not now in their time of need. "Aren't the Gundams causing this problem?"

"That's right!" Exclaimed Duo as she turned from Quatre to the men in front of her. "They must be after us."

"Their attack is well planned." Said Rashid understanding where the girl's points were coming from. But even they couldn't be sure of that. "They've probably been watching this town for awhile."

In the underground base all the people of the village and the Maguanac's stood waiting to see what their next move was. They couldn't stay there and they couldn't remove the bombs. What were they suppose to do. The roar of peoples voices filled with worry and anger were suddenly silent as Rashid talked to them.

On one of the small walk ways high up for everyone to see stood Rashid looking over everyone there. To his right was Duo who was keeping herself distant to herself. And too his left was Commander Sadaul and Quatre who was filled with worry and doubt.

"Everyone, listen up!" He commanded. "OZ has discovered this town and will be attacking. I doubt if we'll be able to deceive them any further. Therefore, we aim at one area of their besieging line. And resist while helping the civilians escape! One other honourable duty remains. We must get the two Gundams out of here."

Quatre's eyes widened as she heard that part.

"The Gundams are heroes that arrived on Earth to destroy OZ!"

Quatre looked up at Rashid. The innocent look on her face could have deceived anyone of her being a pilot but the thought of her not being able to help. Quatre then felt Sadaul's reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Because of OZ's scheming, the Gundams can't fight this battle."

Quatre turned back to see Sadaul smiling at her. She turned her head to look at the ground so no one could see her eyes. She squinted them shut wishing this was all just a dream and that she could help them. She shouldn't be leaving them. Not now! Not in a time of need!

Duo wasn't fairing any better than Quatre. Duo had closed herself off from everyone else as the words rang in her ears. She knew what was ahead. This happened to everyone she met. She was cursed with the feeling.

"But there will be a day when the Gundams will save us all! Be thankful that you can return the favour in advance! Do you understand?!"

As cheers rose high from the crowed below and everyone prepared to evacuate or get ready for battle. Duo and Quatre just stood there not wanting to believe it was true but once again they were useless and hopeless.

"All units, to battle!"

55. 56. 57. 58. 59.

12:00 pm

Duo and Quatre waited by their Gundams in silent as the bombs went off above them. The whole base shook as they waited for the shaking to stop. They were hopeless at the moment. Lucky there was no one in the town.

The battle had begun as the smell of smoke hit their nostrils. It would be a while before they could move from the base like the villagers had. Both waited for a message from the mobile suit Maguanac's before they could leave. Duo had secretly hotwired their communication links to their Gundams so they could hear the commands of the battle.

"Did you think that was our only exit?!"

"Got them! By the North Gate! There are all kinds of enemy carriers to choose from!"

"Good job. Take them at once."

"Yes sir!"

Duo watched as the villagers let with all their families and belongings. Other Maguanac's were leading the people in the right direction. Carts were filled with children and elders. Duo thought it a shame that they'd lose their village. Duo would have loved to stay if it weren't for OZ. Duo watched as Quatre let Sandrock lie down on the truck. Duo couldn't help but think this wasn't what Quatre was normally like. OZ and Heero's death must have brought this side out.

Rashid then walked up to Duo as she placed her mask on. "Take this to the North Gate, where Abdul's waiting."

"Thank you." Duo said solemnly. "Sorry I can't do anything in return." Duo looked down at the ground and growled low in her voice. "I'm so ashamed!"

Then the two dancer's Duo had seen rush Auda and Abdul off earlier that day ran up to her with flowers in their hands. Large pink flowers which sent filled the air around Duo. The girls handed Duo the flowers as she turned to them.

"Huh?" Asked Duo not quite understanding. The two girls pushed the flowers in to her hands. "For me?"

"The Gundams are our heroes!" Rashid stated trying to inspire the girl. "Never forget that. I know we'll fight together again someday! For the future!"

I won't forget it Rashid. Count on me never to forget it. Thought Duo. Duo then turned to Sandrock and saw the cockpit open and out popped the petit blond girl.

"Hey, Quatre!" Called Duo smiling again.

Quatre looked down at her new friend. "Yeah?" Quatre saw that Duo had to bunch of pink flowers in her hands.

"I've got some flowers here for you!" She called out. Quatre could see Duo was trying to impress her and make her laugh but she wasn't in the mood for laughing.

"I promise!" She spoke to both down below. "One day my Gundam will definitely fight again."

"Decoy operations are complete and we're fleeing to the hills!"

"We can't have civilian casualties. It'd blemish the Maguanac Corps name!"

"Secure a path for Master Quatre's carrier!"

Quatre listened as she and Duo loaded Sandrock and Deathscythe into the carrier. Other carriers were being destroyed around them so OZ wouldn't catch them and be stranded. Once on board Quatre strapped herself in the cock pit and started to work on the controls. Quatre put everything else in the back of her mind.

The carrier engines started and the carrier started to move before rising into the sky.

"Maguanac Corps, gather up ahead!" Commanded Rashid. "Don't let the enemy through the barrage!"

"Quatre?" Asked Duo as she remained sat in Deathscythe.

"Yes?" Answered Quatre as her face came on the cockpit screen.

"Could you circle the sky just once?" Asked Duo as she made Deathscythe sit up. "I can't help them now. But I wanna do something."

Quatre smiled softly at her friend and nodded her head. "Sure thing.

"Hang in there!" Yelled Rashid as another mobile suit got destroyed close to him. "Keep firing!!" Rashid then saw the carrier that the Gundam pilots were in circle the sky. "Master Quatre..."

The carrier was cargo hold was open and there stood Deathscythe with a buster riffle pointed at OZ down below. One by one Deathscythe started to destroy OZ's mobile suits.

"Good! Mission complete!" Called Rashid. "All Maguanac Corps, retreat at once!"

Quatre looked out the window at her family that was beginning to retreat to safety after a long battle. She couldn't help but feel wrong for leaving them, but they would not have let her stay. "See you again, Maguanac Corps."

Duo held the flowers in her hand tightly and saw now that there were also daisies hidden among the other flowers. She gripped the bottom of the flowers tighter. "Next time we meet, the colonies' thoughts will be united." Said Duo. "Count on it!"

Relena watched as the mysterious female OZ officer walked up to her. She owed her for helping with the other soldier but why trust anyone from OZ.

"You're being reckless." She stated. "I wonder who your temperament takes after."

Relena held the gun up to the woman's chest. "You're part of OZ right?"

The woman smirked. She turned to an OZ officer's hat now lying discarded on the floor. She aimed her gun at it knocking the golden lion – the symbol of OZ – off the hat.

"SO who are you?" Asked Relena lowering her gun.

The woman bowed. "I have come for you. Miss Relena Peacecraft."

Trowa: One must use weapons to win back peace. In a battlefield filled with inconsistencies Wu Fei meets Sally Po. Wu Fei states that the weaker should not be fighting. But with those words... Sally senses the complexity of a cornered warrior. Lost in his emotions, Wu Fei returns to his Shenlong Gundam. Next, on Gundam Wing AU, episode 12. Bewildered Warriors.

[1] = Anyone has any idea why Marquis calls Relena Katrina... Because from what I know about Gundam Wing is that old Quatre's mother Quatrina/Katrina has that name?! Anyone care to explain please.

wow what a girly episode of Gundam Wing AU... hehe sorry had to be said.

I'm going to be making a little chapter in Gundam Wing AU Extra of Quatre's feelings to what is happening also there will be a lot of little extra's were Quatre, Duo and Trowa, Heero talk about their relationships with their earlier Gundam partners.