The Emperor

Raiha and Neon stood nervously outside Kurei's large private chamber. Fifteen minutes ago, they had escorted an old man (decrepit beyond recognition) to Kurei's room—he had claimed to have created a new madougo. According to him, it was the most powerful madougo that currently existed. Combining the most powerful and unique combinations that existed in all of madougo land, this madougo (name as yet unknown) would literally blow Kurei's mind.

Naturally, Kurei wanted it.

So that was how Raiha and Neon found themselves huddled outside Kurei's room, ears pressed to the door, trying their hardest to eavesdrop. There had been a lot of commotion at first—nothing uncommon with Kurei who claimed the act of throwing something was part of his daily exercise regime—but now: silence. Raiha and Neon were getting a little worried. Would they have to bury yet another dead body?

"Do you think there's enough space in the backyard for another grave?" Raiha whispered to Neon.

Neon shot him a disgusted look. "How would I know? I've been dumping all the bodies in the dumpster."

"What? But that's unsanitary—plus the city sanitation department could find out and fine us. Again!"

"Shhhh. I hear something." Neon waved Raiha's nagging away.

The door creaked open.

There the old man stood, hunched over, shaking his head. "I can't believe he took it from me. It was the result of months of hard work and research. And now I won't even have anything to show for it. I even had a couple of serious investors lined up..." With an angry grumble, the old man pushed past the two fighters.

From the dark recesses of the chamber, a deep voice called out. "Neon. Raiha. Enter!" Kurei's voice trembled with happiness.

"Come in, my dearest comrades. Today we celebrate, for it is a day that I come into possession of the one thing that will get my hands on the healer girl!"

Neon and Raiha tentatively entered. Their eyes adjusted to the dark and what they saw literally blew their minds.

A naked Kurei seated on his chair.

"Uhm... Kurei-sama... if I a may ask a question, sire," Raiha stammered.

"PERMISSION DENIED! I am in the middle of demonstrating my newfound powers and you DARE disrupt me with your stupid questions? Unless it's about how I will use my new invisibility cloak to infiltrate that STUPID Recca's lair and STEAL the HEALER GIRL and then TEAR TO BITS, I will not allow any questions!" Kurei roared and flapped his non-existent cloak in a dramatic wave.

Raiha fell silent.

Neon attempted to probe Kurei's thinking. "Sire, how do you plan to... steal the healer girl? It is currently winter and without any clothes—you could have hypothermia."

"STUPID FOOL! Are you BLIND? Do you not see that I am wearing an INVISIBILITY CLOAK?" Kurei roared again. And flapped his non-existent cloak.

"Uhm... if it's invisible, how do we see it?" Raiha braced himself for another round of yelling.

Kurei fell silent. He stroked his chin. "That's true."

Raiha tried again. "Are you certain that it's an invisibility cloak?"

Kurei's eyes flashed. "OF COURSE I'm CERTAIN! The reason you can't see it is because it's invisible—DUH. AND DO YOU THINK I WOULD BE so STUPID?"

"Of course not, Kurei-sama," Raiha and Neon grovelled pathetically. "How could we ever think that? Without you, we would be nothing."

"Excellent reasoning. Now, get me a map to the Healer girl's house. I'm leaving right now! I won't need any weapons or bodyguards," here Kurei paused, casting a disdainful eye on his minions. "Can you guess why, you imbeciles?"

Raiha and Neon shook their heads mutely.

"Because I'll be INVISIBLE. That's why. Now get out of my room, I have to put on my scary-man makeup."

As Raiha and Neon exited the room, they heard the strains of Britney Spear's "Hit Me Baby One More Time". They exchanged looks. This was not going to go well.

"Hey look at this!"

The Hokage gathered around Fuuko who had just picked up a copy of the Tokyo Daily.

"That's Kurei!"

"And he's naked!"

"And getting arrested!"

"The headlines... Crazed man arrested for public indecency..."

"Who knew that Kurei was into that kind of stuff huh?"