It was a summer's evening at Hogwarts, just a few weeks before the school broke up for the holidays and a small group of professors were deep in conversation in the staff room. Filius Flitwick was perched contentedly on Pomona Sprout's lap, and would occasionally plant a tender kiss on her rosy cheeks as she gazed lovingly at him. Rolanda Hooch still clad in her quidditch uniform was sprawled in an armchair absentmindedly tossing a nut in the air. Poppy Pomfrey was seated in another armchair, legs crossed and hands folded neatly in her lap.

The only other person in the room was Severus Snape, who glowered darkly in his normal corner as far away from the fire as possible, as he tried to ignore the way Rolanda's golden eyes would occasionally linger lustily on him. As her eyes flitted across him once again Severus shifted uncomfortably, felt almost as though she were undressing him with her gaze. He surpressed a sigh of relief as Rolanda's attention switched to the conversation between the other occupants of the staff room. The subject was a familiar one, and one that Severus viewed with a mixture of contempt and disgust. 'Why in Merlin's name were so many of the other staff members obsessed with the idea of getting Minerva and Albus to confess their very obvious attraction for each other ?' This obsession always worsened during times of boredom, such as those few weeks before the school broke up for the summer. Severus' lips curled in disgust, he really found it quite sickening, this revolting obsession with love and romance. Still at least that blasted Hooch woman had stopped eyeing him up as though he were a piece of meat.

Bored with the conversation Rolanda transferred her attention back to the dark figure in the corner. She licked her lips enticingly then let her gaze travel up Severus' body, lingering provocatively on his muscular torso hidden beneath dark billowing robes. As their eyes met Rolanda winked saucily, delighting in the faint trace of pink that appeared on the normally palid cheeks of the Potions Master. She had first started this little game of flirting with Severus as a joke, but gradually it had developed into something, more though Rolanda wasn't quite sure what. With a final provocative glance and a mischevious grin she turned her back on Severus, and rejoined the chat.

As Rolanda turned her back on him, Severus couldn't help but notice how tightly the white trousers of her quidditch uniform clung to her shapely bottom and thighs. For a moment his dark eyes smouldered with a hint of well hidden passion, that went unnoticed by all the other occupants of the staff room, all except one. Filius who had just presented Pomona with a charmed flower that kept changing colour, and was now being kissed by her failed to notice. Rolanda who was loudly proclaiming that the best way to get Albus and Minerva together was her oft repeated plan of having Minerva fall off a broomstick and Albus rush to catch her, failed to notice. Poppy Pomfrey with her sharp healers gaze and alertness did notice, and stifled a gasp of surprise.

"It's all very well you two kissing like that, but what are we going to do about Albus and Minerva ?" Rolanda demanded to know, as she stood hands on hips glaring at Filius and Pomona as though they were responsible for the groups failure to come up with a plan.

"Well we certainly aren't going to kill her by having her fall off a broomstick !" Poppy snapped, "Honestly Rolanda we've told you before that your plan is far too dangerous."

"Did someone fall off a broomstick ?" Filius asked vaguely as he gazed adoringly into Pomona's eyes, and brushed a stray fleck of earth from her face tenderly.

"Will you two stop billing and cooing like a pair of lovesick turtle doves and focus on why we're here !" Rolanda snapped irately.

"I have some very nice cupboards in my greenhouses ..." Pomona said with a sideways glance at Filius, who winked at her as though he knew exactly what she was referring to. "We could lock them in one of those ..."

"Been done already ... honestly can't we at least try to be original ..." Rolanda growled in disgust.

"Then why not lock them in a cupboard in an original way ?" Filius suggested, as he patted Pomona's hand soothingly. "I have some very nice fairys that I could charm ..."

"Have you forgotten what Minerva did to your fairys last time ?" Poppy asked before Filius could say anymore.

Instantly Filius turned pale and for a second his grey hair seemed to stand on end almost like a cats. "Merlin's beard !" He muttered, "Took me over a week to persuade them to come down from the trees ... over a week ..." Filius was almost bouncing up and down in agitation, and his perch on Pomona's lap seemed increasingly precarious.

Meanwhile in the Headmaster's private chambers Albus Dumbledore lounged contentedly on a garishly coloured floral couch, in front of him was a giant mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. Snuggled up against him, sipping a cup of mint tea was Minerva McGonagall, her hand resting gently on Albus' leg. Both of them seemed to find something highly amusing, Albus' bright blue eyes were twinkling merrily and Minerva was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes in a manner that would have astonished many of her students if they had seen her, most of whom were of the opinion that Professor McGonagall never laughed.

The object causing their amusement was a medium sized mirror with an ornate golden frame, the surface of the mirror shimmered in a way that was quite different to ordinary glass. The occupants of the staff room could be seen in it, their continuing conversation clearly audible, almost as though watching them on television.

"All these years and they still haven't realised that we are together ..." Albus chortled gleefully, his face shining with childlike mischief. "Poor Filius though ... you did rather scare his fairys ..." He added.

"They deserved it." Minerva stated firmly, "Blasted things flitting about everywhere and sprinkling fairy dust all over me, clean robes they were as well ..."

Minerva was just about to glare fiercely at Albus who was chuckling softly, when she was distracted by Rolanda bellowing. "I really don't see why we don't give my broomstick plan a go, after all it's the only original idea we've had."

Immediately she was interrupted by Poppy who said firmly, "Well I think we should lock them in somewhere again, after all it's got to work eventually."

As he heard this Albus clapped his hands together joyously. "Oh I do love it when they play lock us in ... it's such fun ..." He said happily.

"Espeicially when we pretend that we've spent the entire time fighting, and that by the time they let us out we aren't talking to each other." Minerva agreed, her emerald eyes gleaming wickedly.

"When really we've been having a wonderful time together." Albus said softly as he planted a tender kiss on Minerva's cheek. "Though I suppose we really ought to tell them ... after all the poor things do look so disappointed each time another one of their plans seems to have failed."

"And have it spread all around the school ... as you very well know it would be !" Minerva snorted in disgust. "Besides I wouldn't have any more fun." She added almost inaudibly.

Albus' sharp ears heard what she said however, and as his blue eyes sparkled humourously he drew Minerva even closer, stroked her face softly and said gently. "You deserve all the fun you can get my love, our secret is safe unless our staff ever manage to figure it out ... and that seems unlikely." Albus leaned forward and caressed Minerva's lips tenderly with his own, feeling her mouth soften in desire against his. "Speaking of fun ..." He said softly, then took her by the hand and led her to the warm bed in his chambers, leaving the magic mirror forgotten on the table.

Author's Notes

Credit for the idea of Minerva drinking mint tea goes to Skrewtkeeper, hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed the idea. ;) Credit for first introducing me to the idea of Severus with Rolanda goes to Lamenting Quill. Really how can you not like a ship when it could be called Snooch. :D

I have an idea floating around for a second chapter, so if my inspiration is kind to me I shall write it, even though it is rather complex. If not then this is a oneshot. ;) Please review, since reviews are great inspiration for writers and make us smile happily.

Just another one of those plot bunnies that attacked me while I was on holiday, I still have two or three more I hope to write. :) I absolutely cannot get that song from Fiddler on the Roof out of my head now, I've been walking around all day singing "matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match". :D