19 facts about Ueki nobody knows


1. When Ueki hugged Gonzap after Gonzap bandaged his leg, it was because Ueki felt forgiven for what he had become.

2. Ueki would secretly plant trees when he wasn't training before Team Snagem found out he was a pokema.

3. Ueki doesn't mean to be harsh, it's just that he was raised around hateful people.

4. Ueki would sometimes think of suicide.

5. Ueki didn't know that Team Snagem was using him in experiments to try to turn him permanently shadow.

6. He never knew that Ai also dreamed about him while he dreamed about her until she told him.

7. He hates himself.

8. The first night, Ueki didn't know that Ai was dreaming about him, while he dreamed about Gonzap catching him.

9. Ueki didn't know when he had first fallen in love with Ai.

10. Ueki would rather fight battles hand to hand than with pokemon.

11. Gonzap sometimes never acknowledged Ueki after he came back with a snag. All he would say was, "get back to training," And walk away without looking at Ueki.

12. Ueki would dutifully do anything that Gonzap asked, even kill someone without hesitation…but soon, he began to wonder if that was really the right thing (It was around that time that Ueki was thinking of leaving).

13. Ueki doesn't mean to be an evil guy, he just doesn't know how to show his emotions very well.

14. Ueki wonders why Gonzap won't unchain him from his past after Ueki leaves, but he finds out that he has to move forward and forget his past to be free of Gonzap's rules.

15. Ueki never thought twice about the criminal stuff he did until he was about to leave. That was when he felt guilty and wanted to do something.

16. His favorite song is "What I've done" by Likin Park. You can see why it would be his favorite song.

17. Gonzap would enter Ueki's cell at night and talk to him. In the pitch dark cell, Ueki would have to listen to pitch dark words.

18. Ueki doesn't really like to sing. But he can't refuse if Ai asked him to do it for her….poor guy. He's a pretty good singer, though. Just doesn't want to sing.

19. In some of his dreams, he has no name. It doesn't matter if he wakes up in his own room in his house, with the morning sun warm on his pillow, or in the cell at Team Snagem's where the walls whisper of age--there is always that first numbing moment when he is not sure who he is.


The 19 facts that nobody knows about Ueki. ^^