When In Love

Chapter 1

It was a bright, sunny day and I was in school. Math class was gonna start in five minutes and I was talking to my best friend Jamie. We have been best friends since we were in third grade. Now we are in high school and still are best friends. We met through a fight she got into when we were at the park.

''Hey look is chubby Jamie!'' Christie says as she laughs with her group. Jamie just looks at them with tears in her eyes. ''Aw is the baby gonna cry?''

''No'' Jamie said as tears were forming in her big green eyes.

''Then why are there tears in your eyes?'' Jessica asks.

I got off the swing and walked over to the girls. ''Hey guys why not just leave this poor girl alone?'' I asked.

''Well, because it's fun!'' Christie says as she laughs with her friends.

I step towards her. ''I don't think it will be funny when I show the whole class what you looked like in 2nd grade.'' I said. I pulled out a picture of her in second grade with braces and big, round glasses.

Christie's eyes widen as she looks at the picture in my hand. ''You wouldn't..'' Christie says with a worried look on her face.

I laughed at my success. ''Oh I so would!'' I threatened. I saw Christie's group start to get smirks on their faces and I smiled.

''What are you guys laughing at?!'' Christie yelled at them. ''You guys didn't look any better'' Christie said as she looks at her group.

''Now if you don't leave I will show EVERYONE this photo tomorrow at school.'' I threatened even more.

Christie just looks at me. ''Ugh fine but I will get you back sooner or later, Jensen!'' Christie just storms away with her group.

''Amber!'' Jamie yells at me to get my attention. I jump as she yells my name. Jamie just looks at me and laughs. ''You know you're not supposed to do that to me when I'm not paying attention!'' I scream at her. ''I'm sorry. Look who just walked in.'' Jamie points as she my crush, Anthony, comes into the room. I just stare at his beautiful face with those adorable blue eyes. His bright brown hair looking so perfect as him. If only I can date him but I can't because the most popular girl in school is dating him.

''Hi baby.'' Brianna says as she sees her boyfriend walk over to her. ''Hi boo'' He says as he kisses her and smiles. All I can think of is ''why can't that be me?''.

Jamie looks at me with a sad look. ''I'm sorry Amber but I'm guessing he loves her.'' I just look at her with a look on my face. ''I'm sorry I just look at them and these things just come out of my mouth'' Jamie said defensively.

My other best friend John comes over. ''Guys guess what amazing thing just happened to me!'' John smiles really big sensing that it was good. Jamie and I look at him.

''You finally found out that those pants are too tight on you?'' Jamie says as she looks at John's skinny jeans.

John looks at her with a scared look. ''Do they really look like they don't fit?'' John says as he looks at his pants with a worried look.

''Well not really it just looks weird on you.'' I said. I saw his face falls and I felt bad for saying it but hey it was the truth. He was skinny but his skinny jeans did look a little weird. His brown eyes just grew wide. His shirt had all this army stuff on it from his dad's job.

''I like your shirt though! Very army-ish.'' Jamie said as she stares at his shirt.

''Thank you…I think.'' John said. He sits in front of me as he watches me stare at Anthony. He rolls his eyes. ''Amber, face it you will never be able to date him!'' John tries to sound nice but fails.

''Thanks for the heads up, Johnny'' I said to him as I look away from Anthony.

As I turned back around our teacher walked in. Now math has to be my favorite subject because my teacher is so cute! He has slick black hair with blue eyes and he always dresses nice. I even love his cologne. It smells so good. You can even smell it from a mile away!

''Now class are you ready for the test today?'' Mr. Simpson asked our class.

I looked at Jamie with wide eyes. ''I forgot to study!'' I whispered to her. Jamie looks at me with a worried look. She mouthed good luck to me and I just sighed.

Mr. Simpson walked around with our tests. He smiles at me and whispers good luck and just smile at him. I prayed that I'd do good even though I didn't study.

After class I walked to my locker and started getting my books. I see Brianna and her two zombies walk over and I just ignore her.

''Hello Amber. I heard you had a crush on our math teacher.'' She smiles at me.

I just roll my eyes and continue to ignore her. She is surprised that I'm not reacting like everyone else does at this school. ''Well, to your disappointment he is married. So you will never have a chance with him.'' Brianna says thinking it would work…which it didn't for the sixth hundredth time this year. I just nod and walk away. Brianna just stares at me and sighs. ''I wish she would just fight back like everyone else did'' Brianna said. She sighed and started to walk to class.

At lunch I sat with Jamie and John. The caf's food doesn't even look like food so we push our food away. ''Why can't this stuff be edible?'' John asked as his stomach growls.

''I think you should eat some of that food, Johnny. You know how you get when you don't eat'' I said warningly.

John just sighs. ''Yeah but this food is just so nasty! I can't even bother to look at it.'' John said as he looks away from the food on his tray.

Jamie just laughs at him. ''John, you really should eat though. You know how you get dehydrated easily!'' Jamie said as she pushes his tray toward him. ''Now eat before I shove down your throat for you!'' She threatened him as she holds up what looked like a brownie but I wasn't sure if it was or not.

John quickly takes and starts to eat it. He makes a face as he chews it and just glares at Jamie. I just look at him as I try to hold in my laugh. ''John at least drink something'' I said as a good friend would do. He smiles at me and I smile back. I see Anthony come in and run over to talk to him. ''I Anthony! How are you today?''

Anthony smiles his perfect smile and I feel like I went to heaven. ''Hey Amber I'm good how about you?''

Before I can even answer his girlfriend comes over and I look down. ''Anthony why are you talking to this loser?'' Brianna asks as she looks at me with disgust. I look at them with tears in my eyes. ''I'll talk to you later when you're not with that thing!'' I walk away with tears falling down my face.

Jamie looks at me with concern. ''Brianna ruin your moment again Amber?'' I just nod as I let the tears fall down my face. John quickly gets up and hugs me as I start to cry. Jamie looks at John with concern. John just continues to hug me and shrugs. Jamie rubs my back and when she sees Brianna she glares at her. Brianna smiles at me crying and walks away with Anthony on her arm.