When In Love

Chapter 9

We got to the prom a couple of minutes later. John held the door for Jamie and I and then closed the door. "Well here we are girls." John said a little over excited. I walked in first with Jamie and John following right behind me. You could hear the music from down the hall! That's how loud the music was. When we walked in we saw that almost everyone was there already. I saw that Anthony was there already and he was sitting on the bleachers. He looked so cute in his tux. "Guys look how cute Anthony looks in his tux!" I almost squealed.

"Totally." John sounded a little jealous but I ignored it. I walked over to Anthony and smiled. "Hey Anthony you look really nice." He looked me up and down and smiled big. "So do you!" He hugged me. I hugged back.

"Oh look there's Drake John!" I heard Jamie squeal. "Why not you go say hi?" John said looking at him. "Oh no I can't! I mean I can't because I'm nervous." Jamie said sounding nervous. John smiled at her. "What if I walked over there with you?" Jamie smiled big and nodded. She took his hand and ran over to Drake. I just had to laugh at the sight of John's face.

"Hi Drake!" Jamie said as she let go of John's hand. Drake smiled at her and said, "Hi Jamie" I saw Jamie get really excited because she always thought that he never knew her name. "Uh hi you look n-nice." Drake laughed at her nervousness. "You look pretty. Nice dress by the way." Jamie smiled big. "Thanks."

An hour later I heard a slow song come on. Anthony grabbed my hand and pulled me on the dance floor. He put his arms around my waist and I put arms around his neck. I looked to my right to see Drake asking Jamie to dance. I stopped dancing with Anthony and told him to look at Jamie and Drake. He looked to where I was looking and he laughed. "Isn't that so cute?" I asked him smiling. He looked at me and smiled. "Not as cute as you." How old could that be? I thought. But I still thought it was cute.

"So do you wanna dance?" Drake asked Jamie. Jamie smiled really big and nodded. They walked to the dance floor and started to dance. I saw Jamie smile up at him. He was like three inches taller than her. I thought it was funny for some reason. I saw John sitting all alone and walked over to him. "Hey John" I said as I sat down. "Hey Amber" He smiled at me.

"Why aren't dancing with anyone?" He looked at me. "The one who I want to dance with is dancing with someone else." He said looking away from me. "Who is it?" I nudged him. He shook his head and said, "Can't tell you Amber." I looked at him really confused. "Why not? We tell each other everything!" He looked at me and said, "Everything? You didn't tell me you liked Anthony till last year!" I looked at him and said, "Just because I had a crush on him since 8th grade didn't mean I had to tell you yet."

He looked at me and said, "I bet you the only reason you came here was because he was!" I could hear some jealously in his voice but I didn't know why. "Just forget it Amber. Just go back to your lover boy." He walked out of the gym mad. I just sat there in shock. I haven't heard him this mad since we were in the 6th grade. Five minutes something clicked in my head. He was jealous that I had a boyfriend and he didn't have a girlfriend.

I got up and went to Jamie. "Hey Jamie" I said a little upset. "What's got your buttons in a twist?" Jamie asked me. God sometimes she acted like my grandma. It was funny though. I sighed sadly and said, "John is mad at me." Jamie took a bite of a cupcake. "Why?" Some crumbs shot of her mouth when she said that. I jumped back so I wouldn't get hit with them. I looked at her with a disgusted look on my face. She swallowed the rest of her cupcake and said, "Sorry Amber." I heard music from down the hall and decided to check it out.

I walked out of the gym and saw John playing a beautiful song. I just stood there in amazement. After a while John noticed I was there and quickly stopped. "Hello Amber." He said in his 'I'm mad at you, why are talking to me?' voice. I sighed and said, "John please forgive me?"

John shook his head and looked away from me. "Why not?!" I yelled in frustration. He looked at me and yelled, "Because I like you and you couldn't even tell that I wrote you that poem!" I stood there in shock. "You wrote me that poem?" I said still in shock. He nodded and walked away. It took me a few minutes to finally move. I heard Jamie run over to me. "Are you okay Amber?" She asked me.

I looked at her and then ran the other way with tears in my eyes. I can't believe how stupid I am. I should of known that John wrote me that poem. He is always writing those beautiful poems and now I know why he only looked at me when he spoke them. I started to cry because I was so frustrated. After ten minutes I calmed down and stood up. By the time I got back the prom was over.

I looked at Anthony who was sitting on the bleachers alone. I walked over and sat next to him. "Hey" I said upset. He looked at me and just walked away without saying a word. I followed him and asked, "Why aren't you talking to me?" He turned around and said, "Because you left me for that John kid!" Those words hit me like a knife.

I got really mad. "I didn't leave you! He was all alone so I went to comfort him. Your acting like I'm gonna marry him!!" He looked at me and yelled, "Well it sure looks like it to me! Your always hanging out with him!" I looked at him in disbelief. "I can't believe you just said that." He looked at me and said, "Well believe because I just did!" I glared at him. "You know what?! We are through! I thought I'd never say this but I don't wanna see you ever again." I said as tears came to my eyes. "Fine with me." He storms out of the gym. I fall to the ground crying because I lost my best friend because of that jerk!

Jamie runs over to me and hugs me. I just cry on her shoulder while she strokes my hair. I saw Drake walk over and sit next to me. "I'm sorry about what Anthony did to you. I'll deal with him tomorrow." I looked at him smiled. "Thanks Drake." I hugged him and he hugged back. "Well I should go see you tomorrow girls." He kissed Jamie on the cheek and left.

I looked at her, smiled big, and sat up. "What was that?" She giggled and said, "Oh nothing. I just have a date with him on Friday night!" She jumped up and down with her brown curls getting messed up from her jumping. I giggled and stood up too. "Come on John is waiting to take us home." I sighed at his name and got tears in my eyes. "Don't worry he will forgive you."

He really didn't forgive me. He didn't talk to me the whole ride to my house. I really wish he would say at least one word to me and not just ignore me. When we got to my house I got out of the limo and got Jamie her stuff. I handed Jamie her stuff and said bye to them. I watched the limo drive off and then went inside. I went to straight to my room and put on my pajamas. I heard my dad come in and turned around. "Hi dad."

He sat next to me on my bed. "How was prom?" I sighed and said, "I lost my best friend and boyfriend so what does that tell you?" He looked at me and hugged me. "I'm sorry Amber." I pulled away from the hug. "Well I broke up with Anthony because he made me lose my best friend." I said honestly. He chuckled a little and I looked at him. "Boy trouble. I thought you said you'd be fin with boys."

I laughed and said, "Dad no girl will be good with boys. Every girl has problems with boys. Just like Nicolette will soon." He sighed at the thought of his little girl growing up. "Your right. All my little babies are growing up." He said sadly. "Dad we will always be your little babies. We will just be…." I couldn't find the right word for it so I just kept my mouth shut. "Well there will be one guy that will always love you. And that guy is me." He kissed my head and left. I sighed as I looked at a picture of John and me.

I got teary eyed and picked up the picture. "John I'm so sorry." I started to cry as I kept repeating 'I'm so sorry'. After about an hour of crying, I fell asleep. I guess what they say is true. If you cry it does get you sleepy.