For the Drabble Challenge. My prompts were Rowena Ravenclaw and crimson.



Crimson (Russus). Azure (Caerulea). Verdigris (Viridans). Amber (Crocea). I see the colors of our enterprise bleeding into the very stones of the castle. This place will not soon forget us.

Helga's yellows and golds and browns—cooking and sturdy furniture—and Salazar's gorgeous greens—potions ingredients and the new patch of twice-braided knotgrass and the snakes—

Godric's crimson, glorious sunsets.

Now there's red blood on the steps—and the yellow sun streams down on the green ground.

And suddenly I'm the one who doesn't belong.


Exposed blue veins and the new, deadly spell.

Crimson blood.

I'm sorry, Salazar.


Pertolero means "I endure" in Latin.