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"Okay, class, from now onwards, I'm your new teacher! I'm Maya Fey, but you can just call me Maya!"

"Yes, Ms. Maya!" the class of first graders chorused.

"Hey, didn't I tell you to just call me Maya? Oh well, never mind. We're wasting time talking about my name. First, I'd like to get to know all of you, so please introduce yourselves."

A little boy stood up, "I'm-"

"No! Not like that! Standing up and saying your names like that is boring! Do it this way, hold this hamburger," she handed him a hamburger, "eat it as fast as you can and try to beat me!"

"Ms. Maya, I don't see how this is related to introductions," a little girl said.

"It does!"

"How?" another little boy asked.

"Well, when you eat this hamburger, you put it inside your mouth right?" the children nodded and Maya continued, "Well, the hamburger reads your name from your mouth, and then it tells me your name before it gets swallowed."

"But, Ms. Maya, our Science teacher, Mr. Holmes (1), told us that hamburgers are not living creatures!" the little boy that was holding the hamburger said.

"Well, you see, I'm a spirit medium, so I can communicate with the dead."

"But hamburgers are not dead! They're not even living creatures!" a little girl said.

"Well, as you can see, this hamburger has ham in it, right? This ham was once alive, therefore hamburgers are actually dead!" Maya concluded.

A chorus of 'ooooooh's followed after Maya's explanation.

"Wow, Ms. Maya, you're so smart! You're smarter than Mr. Holmes!" the children commented.

"Why, thank you, now, on with the introductions."

Maya and a little boy had an eating competition and soon, Maya won.

"Okay, you're name is…Tom!" she said, reading his name tag.

"Yes! How'd you know?!" Tom answered.

"Hehehe…I've got ESP, didn't I tell you that? Besides, the hamburger told me."

All of them gazed at her in admiration. She was just too cool! Then, they began asking her their names one by one. All Maya needed to do was to read their name tags.


The principal came around to Maya's class to ask a random student what he/she has just learnt in class that day. He asked Tommy.

"Tommy, what did you learn in class today?" he asked.

"I learnt that when living things die, they become dead. Also, Ms. Maya has ESP!!"

"Why is that?"

"She knew all our names without even asking us!"

The principal sighed. He didn't want to tell the little boy that his name tag was the reason for her knowing. He might start crying and his parents would kill him. He didn't want to die.

"Good boy. Ms. Maya must be a great teacher. See you tomorrow!"

Little did the principal know, Maya was polluting the minds of the kids with utter nonsense.

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