Crazy Like That
Twenty-sixth and final part of the Foolish Games series.
Dedicated to Little Faith & Her Beloved, Emilie & Colin, Shannon & Sarah & Lena and all the OzMIAns

"Oz, my man, nervous a little?" Xander asked sarcastically as he watched his friend pace restlessly across the floor. They were waiting in the Summers' living room for Buffy and Willow to come down. Anya was to meet them at the Bronze. Or the Magic Box. "Hey, Oz, is An- Oz is Anya supposed- I mean is- Oz, buddy, could you stop pacing for a second. Thinking is becoming a real issue where you're concerned."

"Huh? Oh."

"You know pacing's not really like you."

"No, it's not," Oz agreed.

Xander let out a semi-exasperated sigh. "O-kay. Now that that's settled: Is Anya supposed to be meeting us here or are we supposed to be meeting her at the Magic Box?"

"Magic Box."

"Are you sure?"




"Then why'd you say the Magic Box?"

Oz shrugged. "You wanted an answer. I chose one?"

Xander rolled his eyes and collapsed into a chair. "Doesn't matter, either way she's gonna yell at- Hey! It's the girls! Look Oz, it's the girls. Maybe you'll give my poor eyeballs a break and stop pacing now?"

"Yeah, Oz," Buffy colluded, "why for the pacing?"

"Just, you know, a bit anxious."

Willow went around Buffy and gave her boyfriend a hug. "Oh, just because really big important record execs are coming to tonight's performance to hear The Dingoes play and this could make or break the rest of your career doesn't mean you should . . . worry. Oh my God, now I'm nervous." Willow turned to her best friend. "Buffy!"

"Down Wills. You're not even performing," Buffy reminded her.

"Sympathy nerves."

Xander stood up. "C'mon guys, everything's gonna be fine! Just fine I tell you." He wrapped his arms around Buffy and Willow. "Now we're gonna all hop in the Oz-van and head over to the Magic Box, pick up my girl then watch as the Dingoes make music history. Okay?"

Buffy and Willow each gave Xander a quizzical look.

"What'd I say?"

"Anya's meeting us at the Bronze," Buffy said.

"Really? Woo!" He slumped onto the girls' shoulders. "Load off my mind."

The three wandered toward the front door. Oz caught Willow's hand. She slipped from under Xander's arm just as they were walking out.

Sliding her arms around Oz's waist and she leaned her head quickly on his shoulder. "It'll all go right anyway, won't it? Oz?"

He closed the door, still open just in front of them, and pushed himself out of Willow's grasp.

"Oz?" A tremor ran unchecked through her voice.

He stared at her so long, Willow became very aware of her breathing, of the way her fingers were half-curled in on her hand, that her hair tickled the back of her neck, that her fingers itched to uncurl themselves but at the same time she just couldn't. Just couldn't.

"Marry me."

Willow took a swaying step forward. "Huh?"

Oz closed the distance between them. "Marry me, Willow.

"Please." The last: soft, almost pleading, although Oz's eyes never left hers and their mouths were only a few breaths apart. "Please."

With a small cry Willow threw herself at her lover. "Yes," she whispershouted into his neck.

They walked out, arms around each other's waists, Willow's head on Oz's shoulder. And apparently almost no time had passed at all because Buffy and Xander, arguing companionably, hadn't noticed a thing.

(Serial killer) End

Author's note: It's over! I have to thank every single last person who read this and especially everyone who reviewed! I know it feels like I've been writing forever, and I have, but finally we have closure. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have. If you want more Oz-love, in particular, I suggest joining the OzMIA at Yahoo Groups. Again, thank you so much everyone!