Yes, I do have to a write a werewolf fic. Will anyone know? Well, only two people will know Harry is a werewolf: Luna Lovegood and Xeno Lovegood. Just how long can they hide they fact Harry isn't human? AU Third Year.

The Trip To Aunt Marge's

Harry ran from Marge's house. The woman in question just accidentally got blown up by Harry's magic after she insulted his parents. Her house was surrounded by woods (perfect for her dogs to play in of course) that provided a perfect cover from unwelcome relatives or Ministry of Magic officials who might want to snap his wand. Eventually, Harry was so far in the woods that he was lost. He also didn't notice the full moon above his head. He did however noticed the giant wolf approaching him, looking like he was about to eat him. He ran in the other direction, hoping to escape the wolf, but to no avail. The wolf bit down on his leg and it felt like fire was going through his body. This was not a normal bite! Normal bites do not have the fire running through your veins pain!

Luckily, someone sensed the wolf that knew what it actually was and how to make the wolf get off before it could devour Harry. This person was Xeno Lovegood. He may be an editor, but he knew about werewolves from a article he edited about how they weren't a danger to society, and also read about how to get a werewolf off a person without killing it. "Flabra!" The werewolf got off Harry and was thrown ten feet (it was unharmed however). "Poor kid; already got bit." Xeno then proceeded to take Harry to his house, not knowing he had the boy-who-lived in his hands.

"Daddy, are you okay? Who's that?" Luna asked from the doorway. "Is he okay? Do you need anything?"

"Just some bandages would be nice. Don't call St. Mungo's." Xeno Lovegood sternly said. He didn't want the kid to be discriminated against all his life just because he happened to be a werewolf. If the kid was a muggle, he would be ripped away from his parents and put in a camp full of other werewolf children like him. Many werewolf children escaped from these camps to join Greyback, and Xeno didn't blame them. The Ministry was horrible to these kids and Greyback at least treated them like normal people. If the kid happened to be a wizard, his wizarding education was in jeopardy. Purebloods were close to banning werewolf kids from getting an education at a place like Hogwarts. They would have succeeded if not for Albus Dumbledore. Not to mention if the kid did graduate, his chances of finding a job were slim at best. If his wizarding relatives didn't want him, he could also go to a camp for werewolf kids. The whole system was messed up.

Luna understood. She didn't know what the kid was now, but she understood he wasn't human anymore. She brought down bandages and made her way into the living room where Harry was. He was just beginning to wake. "Hello, are you hurt anywhere?" Luna asked.

Harry's golden eyes jerked open and he jumped to the end of the couch. "I've had worse. I can deal with the pain."

"Curious, most people after they get bit can't move for days." Xeno said.

"What happened and what am I doing here?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"You just got bit by a werewolf, and it made you pass out, so I brought you into my home." Xeno replied.

"So I am a werewolf now, huh? What is that like? I know they existed, but our last two defense professors weren't that good." Harry said.

"I take it you are a wizard?" Harry nodded at Xeno's question. "Well, you do lose your mind and transform into a werewolf every full moon. There is a potion on the market to allow you to keep your mind, but it is extremely expensive and hard to make. If you just lock yourself up before the transformation, you'll be fine. Oh, and you are also allergic to silver. I wouldn't spread the fact around, because werewolves are discriminated against in wizarding society."

"They can't get jobs for example." Xeno looked hard at his daughter Luna. Luna just ignored the glare and continued on. "Stupid, but that is what happens. The whole plan I think daddy is trying to say is we tell no one you are a werewolf. You are supposed to regester, but your future is shot if you don't lie. I am right, aren't I daddy?"

"Yes, dear, you are." It was scary how his daughter knew him sometimes. "So, what is your name?"

"Harry Potter," Xeno's eyes widened as he saw the scar.

"We really need them not to find out now." Luna said. "Oh, I am Luna Lovegood. I am in the year below you in Ravenclaw."

"Nice to meet you. So, what are we doing when I am in school?" Harry asked.

"I am Luna's father, Xeno Lovegood by the way. I was hoping your parents would home school you so full moons could be spent at home, but it seems that is not an option. Unless you have some secret location no one can get into in the castle, I guess I will at least have to tell Dumbledore..."

"Okay, would the Chamber of Secrets work?" Harry asked.

"You found it?" Xeno asked.

"Yeah, last year. It can only be opened by parselmouths. Since I am currently the only parselmouth at Hogwarts, no one else can get in. Plus, no one can hear you down there." Xeno could sense this was a bad memory for Harry. "So, what do I do for the summers?"

"Can he stay here Daddy?" Luna asked. "The Knight Bus comes out here."

"What is the Knight Bus?" Harry asked.

"See, it is a wizarding bus. All you have to do is put out your wand and the bus comes to you. You pay the driver and you can get anywhere in Britain." Luna explained. "Oh, then again, your relatives would care that you are here all the time."

"No, they wouldn't. I think they would actually pay the bus fair for me to get here." Harry said.