I'm insane!
well, I can feel it in my bones!
coursing through my veins!
when did I become so cold?

I'm Not A Vampire - Falling In Reverse

I tried to comprehend what was happening and failed. I needed to be away from. . . I couldn't think clearly in here like this . . . not after what happened today. . .

We locked eyes for a beat longer before I was launching myself across the cab.

I heard a snapping of metal and Edward growling deep in his chest, but that was a blur as I crashed through the driver's window and onto the road.

I stood up instantly and crouched defensively and scanned the area quickly and listened for a moment. I let out a sigh of relief when I caught no sound or sight of anyone else other than me and Edward.

Edward climbed out of the truck and stared incredulously at me while I relaxed and stood up. "What the . . .," Edward's voice trailed off as he looked at his wrist. His handcuff and the chain hung mangled from it.

I smirked at the puzzled look on Edward's face. "There are perks to being able to live my lifestyle," I say calmly. The breeze outside was just what I needed to come back to my senses.

I slowly strolled up to where Edward was leaning against his door and grabbed his handcuffed hand. He stared at me curiously as I inspected the damage I had done to his wrist after breaking the handcuffs apart. I was surprised to find only a very small patch of irritated skin. "Sorry about your wrist," I muttered slightly apologetic about yanking him in the store and now.

I looked down at my wrist and wasn't surprised as I found the skin on my wrist staring back up at me unscathed. It had healed pretty quickly. I took Edward's handcuff and brought it to my mouth. The metal yielded under the pressure of my teeth and it broke apart. I threw the handcuff into the woods and did the same with mine.

I felt large arms wrap around my waist and I let out a gasp as I was pulled tightly to Edward. Standing there pushed up against each other Edward smirked down at me and said, "I enjoy the pain and your little surprises. I'm pretty sure I got harder."

I narrowed my eyes at him and in half a second I was standing on the far side of the road across from him. I folded my arms over my chest and spit out, "I've just fed which makes me a hundred times stronger than you. If I wanted I could snap your neck like a Popsicle stick right now. Watch your mouth." I smiled evilly at the thought, all caution I was feeling before, thrown out the window.

Edward stared at me thoughtfully for a moment before regarding me with a small fleeting smile that was gone before I had time to blink.

He smirked like the devil himself. "Bullshit."

That one word made me scoff and double over in laughter. I don't know if it was because of how my friends were dead or how I killed an innocent or the fact that I was supposedly kidnapped by an axe murderer or even how this guy was so full of himself that he didn't understand the danger I possessed to his life, I couldn't for the life of me stop laughing. My laughter echoed through the trees making it sound like the laughter of a crowd.

After a few moments of me wiping away tears that slipped and composing myself enough to stand up straight, I was able to look up. I startled back when I saw myself face to face with Edward.

I hadn't realised that he had moved at all through my outburst.

He had a strange look on his face as he brought his hand up to my face. "Het zalzeer binnenkortmanifesteren inje nu,en dan is allesperfect zal zijn," he whispered and I shivered. What was he saying?

I felt him caress my cheek and push back a stray piece of hair. I shot him a bewildered look but he remained in some sort of trance as he gazed tenderly into my eyes. I couldn't stop myself from noticing how beautiful his eyes really were and I felt myself unwillingly relax into his gaze. Time seemed to slow down, I don't know why . . .

The sound of a bird chirping snapped us out of our daze and he looked at me confused. Suddenly his face hardened and he glared at me and his hands clenched. "We better continue with our trip if we want to find some place to sleep before night falls."

The weird serenity of the moment disappeared instantly. I grit my teeth at his emphasis on the 'we' and I stared back at him defiantly and growled, "No."

Edward, who had already turned around to the vehicle expecting me to follow him stopped dead and twisted back to give me another glare. "Excuse me? You are to come with me now Bella," He dropped the glare for a second and winked, "You know the consequences."

I smirked in return and casually drawled out, "Yes . . . but that was before I told you I could kill you in the matter of seconds now that my appetite is satisfied."

Edward laughed, "Bella dear you underestimate my ways to keep you with me. Do you really think I would have made that threat to your father's life without the chance of following through if you didn't co-operate?" He clucked his tongue, "I have more people . . . just like . . . ," he muttered something lowly before picking up again, "and they will be happy to take care of Chief Swan for me."

His sneer made me growl lowly in my throat and I bared my teeth at him. I couldn't tell if he was bullshitting me and I wasn't going to take a chance with my father's life. Not when my parents were all I had left. He knew my weakness and was using it against me, and I was too vulnerable to his attacks so I knew I had no choice but to surrender myself to him. For now.

I wasn't going to show him that he had the upper hand right now; I was not going to give him that satisfaction.

Under a second I was opening the passenger door and slipping in, shutting the door with enough force to make the whole truck rattle. I glared at Edward as he slipped slowly into the driver and closed the door gently. I watched as he picked up a piece of wood from the floorboard and smashed out whatever remained of the broken glass of the window. I felt a flash of pride that I had done that. Although I was a little irritated as to why he had a piece of wood on the floorboard. . .

The engine starting broke me out of my thought and I immediately turned to face the front. I sagged in my seat, not even bothering with the seatbelt—it wasn't like I needed it or anything.

I looked at the dashboard and was surprised that it was already past 6 p.m. It was early when he had taken me and we'd probably driven through the afternoon. Then we reached the gas station and shit went down there . . . ever since then we'd been driving.

"There should be a motel around here, now that we're almost out of city limits," Edward said as he pulled back onto the road. I rolled my eyes, but did not respond in any other kind. Edward sighed loudly and I felt him send me a quick glance before settling back to the front.

I leaned my head against the window and watched the vegetation of the forest give away to smaller shrubs as we passed by. Faster than I thought possible, I was watching the familiar sign of Forks fade away behind.

We were out of town limits.

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