"Oh man, this is real heavy guys, like, ow, which of you guys has the bad karma? 'Cause you're bringing everyone down man."

"Alright Neil, I think we've had enough drama for an afternoon without listening to you."

Rick was stirred by the familiar voices, he felt like half his body was on fire, but he didn't dare to chance at opening his eyes. Who needed the hot summer sun in their retinas when they were already feeling this crummy? Rick didn't.

"Bloody hell it 'urts! This is a load of bollocks is what this is! Where's a doctor when you need one?"

"You're the medical student here aren't you Vyvyan?"

"Well, yes Michael, but it's not like I go to class do I?...... Oi, why aren't you in pain from burns like the rest of us?"

"Never mind that Vyv, I think we need an ambulance."

Rick heard the sound of sirens approaching the top of the cliff. Right on cue. It was although Mike had complete control over the situation. The people's poet couldn't lay idle by why someone else stole his leadership!

"Ergh….. " Rick shifted his head to see everyone else, with the exception of Mike, lying motionless on the ruble in too much pain to move. Mike was waving down paramedics from atop the steep cliff they had seemingly moments ago plummeted from. "Now look Neil, we're all in tewrible pain just 'cause you had the bwrilliant idea to go steal a bus!" Rick winced silently, still feeling dizzy from the pain.

"What? But it was your idea Rick! Why do I –"

Neil was cut short as paramedics arrived at the scene requesting they don't move, due to the state of their burns.

For once Rick was almost happy for a reason to keep quiet.

They were piled into two ambulances. Drifting in and out of consciousness, Rick was only vaguely aware that he was sharing his ride with Vyvyan.

"Why do I have to be in an ambulance with that bogey bum?" Vyvyan's voice was wavering in Rick's ear, due to both Vyvyan's own pain and Rick's muffled senses.

A paramedic was applying first aid to Rick's burns. It was by far the first soothing feeling he'd had since moving in with his housemates. He was all to use to his body coming into contact with sandpaper and glass. Rick more often than not wondered why Vyvyan would abuse him like that. Smart, talented, not to mention handsome, Rick figured he had it all, what was not to like? Maybe Vyvyan secretly fancied him. You know, you always hurt the ones you love. Maybe.

"I know he's a ruddy prat and everything," Vyvyn's voice was a much quieter tone than usual, ", but if you let that prick die I'll have to kill you."

Rick blushed silently, making his burnt right cheek tingle painfully. Wait, why would he assume the statement was about him? Oh well, Vyvyn's nothing but a bloody nuisance anyways, and obviously a little girlie too. Yeah. The people's poet doesn't care what Vyvyn thinks of him in any way. Even if it is in a slightly…… nice….. way.