I've run across some outtakes / deleted scenes for this story, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to upload them or delete them since they're kind-of silly.
I gathered some opinions on Facebook and the consensus was to post them.
I'll set the scene up for you so you can grasp an idea of what the outtake is about. *You may see some things in these which were in the original story.*

Feel free to ignore these little drabbles. Again, they're silly, not to mention they're no where close to being edited to the point of story-ready.

. . . . . . .

It's been a few days since Edward's take-over. It's no secret The House is in dire need of perking up. Their revenue has gone elsewhere, and in an attempt to generate consumer interest again Edward ordered his coven to find new girls. Only prime blood will do, and the Lord of the House must inspect the new-comers. This picks up right as they begin bringing in the bodies for him to examine.
Bella is in the middle of a book, which she doesn't really care about reading, and there's a knock at the door...
This chapter would've taken the plot in other directions which we didn't need to go. It's also a bit... cheesy. lol

. . .


With A Solitary Claw

A knock ripped me from the wonderful silence, and I knew it could only be one thing.

Edward unlocked and opened the door to Jasper. In his arms, he carried a limp body. Her black hair nearly hung to the floor. I sat up in the chair, putting my bent knees down and rising to place the book on the nightstand. I didn't care about the page number. Jasper glided into the room, and placed her on the bed. He caught my stare right before exiting. The look on his face strange and concentrated. Edward looked after him, shifting his eyes from the door to the girl in a suspicious manner before tucking his hands behind his back. One step after another he inspected her, from head to toe.

The girl hadn't been cleaned from the streets yet. Her black dress was far too short and she smelled of cheap perfume and cigarettes. Her skin was a beautiful tan color, her lips a bright red.

"She's a prostitute," I said.

"Very observant." Edward plucked his hand from behind his back and ran it up her calf to the back of her knee. She didn't flinch against his cold touch.

"What are you doing?" I stepped forward.

He took off her heels and set them on the floor next to the bed. "Go on about your business, Ms. Swan. This is no concern of yours."

"How do you expect me to stand here and watch this?"

He came at me unexpectedly causing me to fall into the chair. He picked up my book and tossed it at me. The pages fanned and shook through the air before hitting me in the stomach. "Let me do my job or it'll be you laying out on my bed."

"You don't scare me, Edward. Not anymore." Of course, he did have his moments.

He sat next to her, ghosting his fingers over her arms and neck, resting his palm on her heart, placing his ear next to her mouth. There were times he breathed her in, his inhale hard and deep. I wondered if he ever did that to me while I slept, then thought it ridiculous because I would've woken up.

Her legs began to move, her body shifted, but he remained still. I watched them over my book, my curiosity getting the better of me. What would he do to her? How would she react to him?

When her eyes opened, I wanted to yell at her to run, to move away from him, but she didn't seem frightened at all.

Her eyes were incredibly light and blue and connected with his. He palmed her face, stroking the apple of her cheek with his thumb. "Did I fall asleep?" she asked, her bell-like voice groggy. "I'm sorry, that's never happened to me before."

"You were drugged," I said, tucking my legs under my butt and lowering the book a little.

They both looked at me, but they were two completely different expressions. She was confused, torn a little, maybe.

But he was furious.

"I was drugged?" She wanted to sit up.

Edward pushed her back down and shushed her, continuing to stroke her cheek. "Ignore all the sounds, and look deep into my eyes. It's just us here." He smiled, and I wondered if she saw his teeth how I saw them, with all their fierce angles. After a few moments, he leaned a little closer to her and with a flirtatious voice said, "You find me attractive."

"Oh, please," I breathed, and began to flip through the book to find my page again. I didn't know the number. I didn't even pay attention to the last pages I read. It was, once again, a distraction.

A small, musical laugh accompanied her smile. Her dark hair framed her round face. "Am I so obvious?"

His fang hit his bottom lip as he adjusted his jaw and brought her hand to his face. He placed his lips on the meat between her thumb and wrist. This excited her, she closed her eyes and... moaned? I cringed at their interaction.

"Very obvious," he said, running his nose along her forearm then back to her wrist.

She groaned, her body beginning to move in response to him. My breathing picked up when his fangs hovered over her veins and I was out of my seat when he punctured her skin with a silver claw attached to his thumb. She didn't move, didn't react how I would have. She breathed normally, her eyes closed.

She was already under hypnosis.

The drink only lasted for a few seconds before he withdrew and licked the wound. He stood from the bed and she sat up, too. Edward led her to the door where he had a few brief words with Jasper, then she was gone, escorted by him. I presumed she'd be cleaned and assigned a room. I wanted a new room, too. We were alone once more.

"Getting a nice perspective from the outside?" he asked, leaning into me. He smelled of her. It made me want to hold my breath and close my eyes. I couldn't answer. I just felt sick to my stomach. He unbuttoned his blazer after the door closed, then shrugged it from his shoulders. "It's been awhile since I had a fresh strumpet. I've forgotten how invigorating they can be."

He smelled wretched, so I moved to his window and watched his reflection in the glass. The amber room gave his silhouette an outline against the decaying sun. He began to unbutton his black shirt after stowing his jacket into his armoire. How could anyone think Edward was remotely good-looking? Well, who was I kidding? Maybe, at one time or another, I thought he was okay to look at. A very rare occurrence. Sometimes when he was quiet and busy writing at his piano, he looked like someone who didn't realize that what they're doing was beautiful. Then he always opened his mouth, and the remote hint of skin-deep attraction would fade away.

"Maybe you could bring her in here then, and let me go back to my room," I said, looking past his near-naked reflection at the decaying sun, but moved my stare when he pushed his pants to the floor.

"No, no. Nothing could replace prime blood like yours." Suddenly, he was behind me, breathing and nearly naked. His movements were quick, his fingers pushing my hair from my neck. I sucked in a breath, unable to move away from him, cornered on all sides, afraid to look down. "So, you're not afraid of me?" he asked

"No." In the glass, his eyes were on me.

His fingers wrapped around the few wild curls hanging at my shoulders. "Then why are you trembling?"

Be still. Be cold. Don't answer him. He'll go away.

After a few seconds of quiet I guess he realized I wasn't going to respond. He laughed a little again then back away to slip on a pair of gray cotton pants.

I sat in the chair just as another knock penetrated the room. Another girl, another assessment. She, too, was carried in, limp and out cold. Once, that was me. I remember waking in James' car and feeling groggy and out of sorts, but there was nothing I could do for these girls. I couldn't even do anything for myself.

And it was shitty and low, but I escaped to the bathroom, unable to watch her damnation. I shut myself in the low lighting and sat in the chair placed between the corner and the tub. There was no other way to explain how low I felt, how reduced it was to hide from everything. My nose stung, my eyes watered and I began to rock, holding my twisted gut.

I wanted to lay down so I abandoned the chair and climbed into the cold porcelain bath, curling into myself as much as I could. Tones of Edward's voice clipped through the door, then her voice and silence. I shivered, and even though I was cold, I began to nod off. A temporary escape.