I've run across some outtakes / deleted scenes for this story, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to upload them or delete them since they're kind-of silly.
I gathered some opinions on Facebook and the consensus was to post them.
I'll set the scene up for you so you can grasp an idea of what the outtake is about. *You may see some things in these which were in the original story.*

Feel free to ignore these little drabbles. Again, they're silly, not to mention they're no where close to being edited to the point of story-ready.

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This chapter follows the last outtake as far as plot is concerned. Edward is looking for ways to generate income for the house. He decides to inquire about a loan from another successful lord. His name will be familiar to you, since we read about him in the story, but never had a chance to meet him. That is, except for now. This picks up at Edward and Bella arriving at the lord's manor. He's brought her because he doesn't want her to leave his sight/he's overprotective of his things, etc..

. . .


A House That Aro Built

The house looked nothing like Edward's. This manor was more modern with stucco gables shooting to the sky and windows framed with detailed arches. Balconies protruded from the upper floors, and bright lights highlighted its intense size. We stopped just outside the front double doors, where two men met us.

"Don't speak," Edward said before we opened the doors and climbed out. I tugged my dress above my feet, hoping to keep my balance in the thin heels. I felt unsteady and weak in them, knowing one misstep would send me hurtling toward the asphalt.

I managed up the few marble stairs leading to the dark wooden doors, and through the square, glass inlays I could see the faint glow of the distorted interior.

"Welcome to the North House, Lord Edward," a nicely-dressed vampire said, bowing slightly at the waist. "We trust your trip wasn't too harsh."

"No," Edward responded, his quick response seemed on edge and rude.

"Our master is waiting for you in the dining room."

The vampire opened the doors, revealing the innards of the manor. Two spiral staircases greeted us in the foyer and between was a path into a well-lit room. We walked across the black and white tiled floor, entering the room beyond the stairs.

A windowless space with intricate paintings and color, very unlike the house I had grown used to seeing. The dining table must have seated thirty people, but I didn't count. I didn't have time. I was overcome with fear and curiosity when I saw the man-like creature at the end of the overly-large table. His hair was stark white, flushing his pale skin. The only color on his face were his red eyes. He stood, spreading his suit-covered arms. "Edward the Lion! Not Richard or Henry, but Edward!"

The words rolled and speckled off his tongue, and I knew immediately his heritage. Russian. I knew because my great grandmother was from Russia. From what I remembered of her, her accent was so thick I could barely understand a word she'd said when I was younger.

"Vladimir," Edward greeted, reaching for his hand and shaking it twice before releasing. "Thank you for seeing me on such short notice."

"It's no problem at all. I enjoy visits with lords. They come around so few times. Please sit. Enjoy a drink with me." He saw me then, truly saw me. Maybe to him, I was an accessory hanging on Edward's coattails, but he appeared shocked when those beady, red peepers slid to me and hung on like nails in a coffin. "I would offer you one of my fine swines, but I see you brought your own." He sat, gesturing to me as he took his seat at the head of the table.

"No, no. I can not refuse such an offer. I hear nothing of your house except the amazing delicacies you provide to your clients."

"Very good. I'll have one brought for you."

"As for business," Edward said, pulling his chair in to meet him as he sat.

"No preliminary. I like it. Perhaps it is the English still in you. Right to business." Vladimir smiled. "But, I should tell you, Lord Edward, I know why you've come. You want money. The money I work so hard for."

"I've come to ask for your help in acquiring a loan. You make deals with other houses all the time."

"And you've come to hand over your manor to me?"

"Certainly not, but I was hoping you'd be interested in a partnership."

"Partnership?" The word came out of Vladimir's mouth slowly, as though he couldn't believe what Edward had said. His voice, his face, the way he sat so incredibly still gave his age away. Vladimir was old, older than Edward, and if I saw him on the street I wouldn't question what he was, even if I had no prior knowledge of vampires. The thought of the undead would've passed through my head without a second of reason. He was the one they wrote books about, the monster in the night, the horrid details of his sharp features. Even his ears were bat-like and pointed at the tips.

Then, he laughed so absently it sent a chill down my spine.

"Partnership is not something I do with a house such as yours. I hear it is too far gone to be recovered anyhow. I only see it closing in the future. Let it go. Be rid of it, and live out eternity in the shadows as the rest of mundane society."

Edward looked at the table, then back at Vladimir. "You know why I can't do that," he said, his once-calm demeanor shifting to the firmer vampire I knew. "Where would the society source blood from if not from the population? They won't drive all this way just to obtain a sack of blood from you which will last them a week, maybe two if they ration. Los Angeles would fall within two months! I do not wish to people the city with vampires!"

"I was not understanding of how passionate you are with Aro's house. I'm very sorry to hear of his... unfortunate and untimely demise. You must have been shocked."

"Terribly," Edward said, beginning to calm down once more, his eyes softening. He played the part of innocent murderer well.

A clicking echo caused me to raise my head to search for the source, and behind Vladimir the door opened. A small-framed vampire with a peculiar face and thick brown unibrow led a brunette girl in, pushing her in front of him.

Her green eyes were wide, alert. Her shoulders hunched from the grip the vampire had around the back of her neck. His fingers indented into her skin, and when she saw Edward she began to protest, pushing back and away.

My heart began to hammer as her plea of 'no' struck my ears. This girl wasn't hypnotized, not like the women at Edward's house, and Edward stood, his fingers curling slightly into his palm, his back to me, as she was forced closer.

"Please, no," the girl said, as the short vampire thrust her at Edward, his lips pressing into a hard line. He said nothing as he held the thin girl in front of him.

Vladimir rubbed his fingertips against his thumb, pressing his elbow into his overly large chair. "I know you like them aware. We have her special for you," he said to Edward. "From my private collection. Please, try her. Don't be shy. I recommend the neck to you." He gestured.

Edward reached for her, seizing her bicep and pulling her toward him.

Still, my heart wouldn't slow, though my breathing nearly came to a halt as he pushed her hair from her neck. The girl's eyes met mine over his shoulder, and for a moment she calmed. Her expression relaxed, appeared slightly confused, but then Edward placed his face into her neck, tilting her and holding her in place when he flushed his body against hers.

Her mouth opened, eyes widened. A single gasp fell and then she choked. Her hands and fingers, gripping to Edward's arms, shoulders as her eyes shut.

That had been me, once, but not in weeks. It would be me once again, when he decided my time was over.

He removed himself, pushing her to the vampire who'd brought her.

"Do you like?" Vladimir asked, his expression seeming as though he were anxious for an answer.

Edward cupped his fingers over his lips, but not before I saw the stain of red dripping from his mouth. He wiped it away. "It's everything I've heard it was."

That made Vladimir smile. "Good. Then I'm in the right business."

They both chuckled and Edward took his seat again.

"I may have way for you to keep your house," Vladimir offered, and flicked his fingers toward the vampire and girl. Blood covered her neck. A tear glistened on her cheek. They turned and made their exit.

Edward straightened himself in his chair. "How?"

"A trade."

"Trade?" Edward shook his head.

"I offer my money and services to you in exchange for the one thing you wouldn't easily part with."

"What are you hiding, Vladimir?"

"Does it frustrate you that you can't easily penetrate my thoughts?"

"I don't wish to read your mind unless you're being cryptic, as you are now. What would I not easily part with?"

Vladimir's red eyes flashed to me for only a moment. "You do not know? Is it obvious to everyone, but you?"

Edward's chin angled in my direction, as though he were about to look at me, but he understood, as did I. "No. No. No deal."

"You want my hard-earned money, but you have nothing to show for it? Pitiful." Vladimir sat incredibly still as his eyes flickered from me to Edward and back again.

"I'll have my coven bring in as many new heads as you want," Edward said.

Vladimir shrugged.

"Fit to your specifications."

Vladimir shook his head.

"I'll send you a quarter of the earnings, plus an additional ten percent to repay the loan."

Vlad leaned forward and I wanted to excuse myself from the table just so I wouldn't have to look at him anymore. I held still, deciding to focus on Edward instead as Vlad spoke. "You wish for my money? You must make sacrifices. These terms you give me are shit. I can get them anywhere. Girls? I have prime girls here. Best head in California. Now, Edward... you and I go so far back I wish not to think of those years. I am only reminded of how old I am. But, because of our friendship and the fact we speak of Aro's house, I am making great deal for you. All I want is sacrifice."

"She is my personal donor," Edward said. "Every Lord is allowed a personal donor, and I am not exempt from that rule!"

"Calm, please. This house is a peaceful one."

Edward stared at Vladimir for a few moments. "What is my donor to you?"

"She is yours. That is enough reason. You have always had beautiful taste." He raised his fingertips to his lips and kissed them before spreading them into the air. He laughed, but Edward didn't. His hands were balled into fists on the table top. "We have not had conversations in years, but I know you do not sway easy in blood matters. You pick quality. That is all I ask. I ask for quality sacrifice from you. I mean, please, you could not for one night leave your house without her! She is something to you."

I swallowed the lump of fear in my throat. With every word Vladimir spoke, my breaths became more erratic. I tried to reign them, to keep my poker face, but the threat of being transferred to this monster was too real. I hoped that Edward would save me once again because the thought of him leaving me was too much to bear. I reached for Edward's arm, grabbing hold of his blazer at his elbow and not wanting to let go. His eyes cut in my direction, and for a moment I thought he meant to tell me no, but he didn't. My shift toward him was very apparent, and I knew Vladimir saw by the horrid smile which etched across his face.

"Are you something to her, Lord Edward?" he asked, eyes focusing. "When you take her is there resist?"

"My offer is on the table, Lord Vladimir. Take it or leave it."

He didn't respond. He leaned back in his chair and the smile disappeared from his face. "Tell you what. Let us say I give you money and take no profit. I only require fifteen percent of monthly earnings for my trouble, which is small since we know each other long time."


"Yes! But! I do require the loyal creature at your side."

Edward stood, my arm hanging from his. I stood, too, even though I didn't know if it was the proper thing to do. He straightened his suit, and squared the arm I was hanging on, tucking it properly against his stomach as if he were a gentleman. "I apologize, Lord Vladimir, but it seems I have wasted your time. Enjoy your manor and luxuries. You've deserved them."

Without another word, Edward led me out of the room as Vladimir cackled behind us, his deafening laughter filling the halls and piercing my skin. I shuddered before reaching the door and finding our way into the mild, breezy night. My mind never left that room, though. I wouldn't forget Vladimir's face anytime soon. Edward seemed more perturbed than me, loosening his tie from his neck before climbing into the driver's seat of his Aston Martin and bringing it to life with a touch of his finger. He peeled away from the manor and into the night, sending me into the door panel before I could buckle up. I cursed under my breath and quickly latched my seatbelt over me before I could be slung in the backseat.

Edward's scowl didn't lighten. The further we drove away from Vladimir's, the more irritated he became, the faster he drove.

I glanced at his speed. Over one-hundred miles per hour! I clutched at the seat below me. "You're going to get pulled over," I said.

He didn't listen. His speed remained constant as he passed the cars in the other lanes on the highway. They were mere blurs of color and light. I closed my eyes, feeling sick. "Edward, please... slow down."

"He thought he could take you!" he growled. "After all I've done to obtain you, he wanted to take you for himself!"

"But he didn't! I'm still here!"

"I saw his thoughts! I saw what he wanted to do to you! I wanted to rip him apart!"

"Edward!" I screamed as he nearly hit a car. The horn seemed a distant memory. "Edward, please! I'm still here! Please slow down! No one is going to take me!"

He looked at me for a second then swerved all the way to the right shoulder. The car stopped abruptly and the world slowed until nothing existed except my breath in that small space. My breath and him. He seized my arm, taking me by surprise. "What are you doing?" I asked, and he began to dig around in his pocket.

"I need your blood."

"Now?! Can't you wait until..."

"I can't fucking think straight! I have his thoughts still in my head, and that girl's horrid taste on my tongue! I need you, Bella!"

I bit my lip. "I don't... know about this." He pushed the claw onto his thumb and I squirmed. "Wait! Edward, stop. Please!"

Before I could reason with him in whatever crazy language I was trying to speak, he pushed the claw into my skin. I screamed and cursed and writhed in my seat while he took my arm to his mouth and drank from me, pulling from the small wound. The feeling of his lips on my skin, sucking the life from my veins drowned the throbbing pain from the fresh wound until I grew limp with compliance. He moaned, vibrating my hand and forearm, giving verbal clues to his satisfaction with every pull. I turned my attention to the cars passing and gnawed my fingers on my other hand. To be at the mercy of a vampire was strange, and all at once I no longer felt scared as I did before. Perhaps because the intense pain had passed, or because I knew my death wouldn't be in that car with him in that moment. Whatever it was, I didn't fight.

With one last pull, he removed himself, then licked the wound to close it. I scrunched my face from the burn it gave, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad as the first time he bit me. Teeth left a nasty wound, but this small hole would be gone by tomorrow. He seemed to groan a sigh as he leaned back against the headrest. The dash illuminated his face. He'd calmed down. We'd make it back to Los Angeles in one piece. I would ask him about Vladimir later, but for now, I only wanted him to drive.