Your Precious Someone

Asuma loves his team.

He loves everything about them. From Shikamaru's sarcasm to Ino's vanity to Chouji's obsessive eating habits, he loves them. They may be brats, true, but they are his brats, and he wouldn't have them any other way. He loves teaching them new things, loves seeing the look on Ino's face when she masters a jutsu she's only seen her father do before. He loves the smug look Shikamaru gets when he tries to explain something Shikamaru already knows the answer to. He loves how Chouji is too kind to ever complain, even though he really, really wants to.

He can't wait to see them grow up. He can't wait for the day when Ino will realize that the world doesn't revolve around only looks, cannot wait to see the man Shikamaru will become, cannot wait to see Chouji evolve into the powerful warrior Asuma knows he is.

Mostly though, he can't wait to grow old with them. He wants to sit at the front row of Ino's wedding, wants to be one of the first people to hold Shikamaru's newborn daughter, and wants to teach Chouji's son how to ride a bike.

The thing is, Asuma doesn't have kids. Doesn't have kids yet, so he has no one to compare them to.

But, if he did, he thinks they would just like the Ino-Shika-Cho tribe:

Smart and sassy and fundamentally kind.

(Overall, he just wants them to know he's there for them, that he loves them wholly and unconditionally; that, if given the chance, he would die for any one of them at any given time.

Some things are easier to accomplish than others.)


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