Note: This is set in the half-term holidays after Christmas (not too familiar with British school schedules, sorry), after Forever and Ever and Evie.

From: *stella*

To: Frankie

Subject: Chaos by the bucketload!

Attachments: Love, Lies and Keeping Sane

Hi Frankie!

Do you know of any holiday spots for vital organs? Because my brain really needs a break. After everything that happened these holidays you'd think I'd get a break, wouldn't you. But asdf0-y670f74rweuofhs

Sorry, I just got a bit of a fright. The wall fell down in the lounge room. Yep, Dad is still renovating, or as Mum and I call it, destroying our home.

So, what was I saying? Oh, yes. But no, my life is still full of chaos. There's the collapsing house for a start, plus there's two screaming boys tugging at my skirt because they want a go on the computer (i.e. experiment with pulling all the wires out and play 'eat the mousey!' with Peaches) and speaking of which, now a lump of ginger fur has jumped into my lap.

I can't even hear myself think above the sounds of crashing, swearing, screaming and purring, so I think I'd better go for the sake of my sanity, although that has a pretty big dent in it already, thanks to the last couple of weeks!

Miss u , but m8s 4ever !