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My Will

It would happen again soon.

He'd watched as her soul came into life again. So much sooner than he'd anticipated, she walked the earth again. She was, perhaps, a bit different this time, a bit younger of thoughts than she had been previous. Still, he could see it in the way she held her chin up and in the way she would narrow her eyes in concentration, it was still her.

He knew, as he watched her, venturing yet again into the mortal realm, that soon she would say the right words. Soon she would call to him and they would once again play their game.

This time, however, he was determined to win.

No matter the price.


"Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

...to take back the child that you have stolen.

My will is as strong as yours..."



AN: Not really much of an epilogue, so I apologize.

Thank you to all the support for this story. I was really uncertain as to how other lovers of the story would like it.

I am planning a sequel but it is still...vague. As soon as I formulate it in my mind, I will start posting it as well.

Look forward to seeing you soon!