Title: Green with Envy
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: When Jim sleeps with Spock's old childhood bully, he realizes just where the phrase "green with envy" comes from. Vulcans can be illogically possessive – even when not in a relationship with the subject of their desire. Slash.


Jim would look back on this one day - and he would probably laugh about it.

He was not laughing now, though. He was limping and bleeding and bruised - and he was making the walk of shame through the halls of his ship. The entire crew was going to think that he went ten rounds in a bar - and lost.

It certainly felt like ten rounds - but it was in a private apartment, and Jim had no virginity to lose.

Who knew Vulcans could be so passionate when it came to lovemaking? Spock certainly never seemed that way from what Jim saw of his interactions with Uhura.

But Solhock - Solvock - Sovak? Oh, whatever his name was - he was an animal in the sack.

And unashamedly dominant, as well. Jim hadn't been fucked that well in ages. The sex had been amazing – he just wished that the crew was not there to witness him walking back to his quarters the next morning.

Jim had managed to avoid an awkward morning after with the Vulcan, leaving before he woke up - and the Enterprise would be leaving orbit around New Vulcan in a few hours. He had refrained from complaining when they docked at the colony for shore leave - but only because he knew how important it was for Spock to visit his father - and he had been pleasantly surprised by the experience.

He wouldn't mind coming back, if only to see if all Vulcans were so wild during sex...

"Captain," Uhura acknowledged with a nod. "I just got a transmission from an ambassador's aide - he requested a live conference."

"Estimated time of departure, Mr. Spock?" Jim questioned his first officer.

"The Enterprise will be ready to depart in 1.25 hours, Captain," the Vulcan promptly replied.

"Put him up, Lieutenant," Jim requested, figuring that some diplomat just wanted to wish them a safe journey.

So he started in shock when a very familiar face appeared on screen.

"James," the Vulcan nearly purred.

To the other members of the bridge, it probably seemed like the typical even Vulcan tone. But to Jim, who learned to read Vulcan expressions through his first officer and friend, it practically screamed sex.

And Spock and Uhura knew that as well.

"Fuck," he mumbled to himself.

Not quietly enough.

"I am afraid that this is not the proper place for such activities, James," the Vulcan replied.

Jim swore the bastard was smirking.

"You are addressing the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and you should not take such liberties as to use his given name, Mister Savak," Spock said stiffly.

Double fuck. Spock obviously knew this guy…

"I have been given liberty to use more than his first name, Spock," the Vulcan replied - with a lascivious smirk.

It might not show on his lips - but Jim could practically feel the waves of smug rolling off him.

"So..." the captain drawled, interrupting the Vulcan glare death-match freezing his bridge into sub-zero temperatures. "Is there something in particular you wished to speak to the Enterprise about?"

Better to get their logical minds back on track - Vulcans were good at being professional.

"I just wanted to wish you a safe journey, James. You did not bid me farewell this morning," Savak stated - again, smugly.

Oh, triple fuck. There was no way that any of the crew missed that implication…

Chekov and Sulu's eyes widened in shock, Uhura frowned in consternation, and Spock looked more expressionless than usual - if that was even possible.

It was going to be all over the ship by departure time that the captain fucked a Vulcan.

He was not looking forward to having that conversation with Bones.

"Mister Savak, please give me a few minutes," Jim respectfully requested – and then paused the transmission before he could get a reply either way. After a few moments of tense silence: "Lieutenant Uhura, please transfer this call to my private quarters."

"Yes, Captain," she responded, turning to the communications console.

"You have the conn, Mister Spock," Jim informed the Vulcan, jumping up from his chair and heading towards the turbolift.

"Captain," Spock responded, moving stiffly to sit in the center seat.

Jim did not look behind him, though he could feel those dark brown eyes drilling a hole into his back. He simply stepped into the turbolift – not even bothering to turn around.


"James," Savak greeted him when Jim opened the channel in his quarters.

"I do not appreciate being embarrassed in front of my crew," the human informed him, blue gaze hard and as cold as ice. "That was completely inappropriate behavior, especially coming from a diplomatic aide."

"Are you going to report me, James?" the dark-haired male asked, and Jim could practically feel the smirk in his voice.

"My title is 'Captain' – and I just might. Our private relations have no impact on our professional lives. I thought a Vulcan would be able to understand that," Jim stated.

A tense silence filled the air – broken by the sound of Jim's door opening.

"Captain," Spock greeted, stepping into the room.

He must have used his override as first officer to get into the room without Jim's permission…

"I thought I gave you the conn, Mister Spock?" Jim uttered, breaking eye contact with the Vulcan on the screen to look at his first officer.

"Mister Sulu will benefit from the experience, and I logically deduced that my presence would be most essential here, Captain," Spock replied stiffly.

"Logically," Savak practically sneered, disdain dripping from his voice. "What would you know about logic, Spock?"

"Commander Spock," Jim corrected with a frown. "I do not appreciate your familiarity, Mister Savak."

"Then perhaps you should not have allowed me such familiarity with your body – Captain," the Vulcan purred back.

Jim could practically feel the blood rushing to his cheeks.

"That was obviously a mistake on my part," he said tensely. "It will not happen again."

"No, it certainly will not," Savak agreed. "I will be bonded during my next pon farr – and not to such an illogical choice as a human male. Besides, I have no further use for you."

Jim really hated it when someone implied that he was only good for sex.

"Well, excuse me - " he began to protest, but he stopped when Spock placed a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"You acted irrationally, Savak. You should have left the captain out of our quarrel," Spock said stiffly.

"But why would I? Your body language practically sings with your want of him. It is disgusting – do you think that any Vulcan cannot easily recognize your feelings, broadcast so obviously as they are?" Savak spat, distaste dripping from his every word. "You obviously inherited your emotionalism from your whore of a human mother – though perhaps it came from your traitor of a father, as well."

That bastard! Nobody was allowed to insult Spock's mother like that! Jim knew exactly how much it hurt his friend to have her even brought up in a casual conversation – nevermind someone calling her a whore…And with his first officer's hand tightening painfully on his shoulder, Jim knew exactly how much Spock was bothered by the jab to his beloved mother. Savak was lucky he wasn't in the room to be strangled…

"First of all – Lady Grayson was not a whore, and Ambassador Sarek is not a traitor," Jim pointed out before Spock's control snapped, managing to leash his own anger in just enough to argue sensibly and not degenerate to juvenile insults. "And if not for Spock, most of your Vulcan culture – along with your elders – would have perished along with your planet. Second, Spock is one of the most emotionally composed and logical beings I know – Vulcans included. He is certainly more logical than you. What ever happened to infinite diversity in infinite combinations, Mister Savak? Prejudice is irrational – and most certainly unbefitting any involved in diplomacy. You can be sure that the ambassador will be informed of this."

And with that, Jim ended the transmission – refusing to let the Vulcan get another word in. He knew he would not be able to hold his temper any longer.

"That goddamn bastard. Who does he think he is? Insulting you and your family," Jim muttered darkly, scowling at the blank screen. "And he obviously needs to get his head checked. It sounded like he thought you were in love with me or something – and that's seems to be the only reason he slept with me. The bastard."

"Savak's parents were married before his conception," Spock corrected, posture tense. "And I do not believe there was any sleeping involved in your activities, Captain."

Oh shit…Spock had to be really angry to be so forward. Normally his first officer was respectful to Jim no matter what – and he liked to avoid any mention of Jim's carnal activities. He needed to calm Spock down and get them off this subject.

Jim's neck was already tingling in remembered pain…

"You damn well know what I meant, Spock," Jim replied. "He's practically engaged to be married. If I had known that I wouldn't have let him tie me up and fuck me six ways to Sunday."

He mumbled the last bit to himself as he turned to gather a PADD – he needed to send a message to the ambassador – but Spock grabbed his hand, spun him around, and pressed him against the wall.

"Almost all fertile Vulcans are bonded, Captain – we need to repopulate our race. As I have informed you multiple times," Spock said, voice pitched low and face centimeters away from Jim.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, Spock," Jim apologized, trying to push Spock away.

It was one thing for Spock to get physical with him when he was a stowaway and Spock was acting captain – it was wholly different for his first officer to push him up against the wall now that he was captain.

If it wasn't for the fact that Spock had been pushed to the limit by the shockingly insulting comments about his mother and father and his supposed lack of logic, he would have had him brought up on charges of insubordination and attacking a superior officer – and Jim was almost angry enough to do it, too.

Actually – that was a lie. Jim would probably just make him talk to a Vulcan mind healer during the next shore leave to get his issues sorted. That was probably not a bad idea anyway…

But that was something to think about later. Right now, Jim just wanted Spock to stop pushing him up against the wall. But his first officer was Vulcan – and thus three times as strong as him.

If he did not want to be moved, he would not be.

"As there were no females involved in the negotiations on New Vulcan, I did not believe that I needed to specifically warn you against intercourse with another of my species, Captain. I carry some fault for making such an assumption," Spock told him tightly.

"You couldn't have known, Spock. I sleep with women a hell of a lot more often than men, and I don't think many people know that I'm bisexual. Now – will you please let me go?"


"Commander Spock – let me go. That's an order," Jim told him, ceasing his useless physical struggles and resorting to words and rank.

"You may throw me in the brig for insubordination once our discussion is complete, if you wish," Spock replied, dark eyes staring down at him intently.

"I said I'm sorry, Spock. What else do you want from me?" Jim questioned angrily. "Get the hell off me."

He would not stand for being manhandled any longer – his friendship with Spock would only give the half Vulcan so much leeway. When Spock failed move, Jim raised a hand to throw a punch to his face.

But Jim should have remembered how fast and strong his first officer was – Spock caught his punch and pinned his wrist to the wall beside his head. When Jim swung with the other fist, the half Vulcan repeated his maneuver, pinning both of Jim's wrists to the wall and then forcing them together up over his head – holding them there with one hand and roughly pressing his body up against Jim, stopping his legs from kicking out as well.

"Savak has attempted to elicit an emotional response from me two hundred and forty-four times," Spock told him. "Insults against my mother and father began when I was at the age of eleven – resulting in the first time I became emotionally compromised. Since that time, I fully adhered to the principles of Surak, despite his verbal and physical attacks."

Jim felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. He could not believe that he had slept with someone who bullied Spock so extensively throughout his childhood - who had insulted Spock's mother and father and made Spock so ashamed of his human half. So ashamed that Spock refused to show his mother just how much she meant to him – just how emotional she could make him.

No wonder Spock was angry enough to get physically violent…At this thought, Jim relaxed a bit in Spock's hold – physically struggling would not help at this point.

Jim had to look at this logically – because it was unlikely that Spock would in this state. There was no way Jim could have known how Savak treated Spock – if he had, he would have punched the little shit in the face and never let him anywhere near his dick.

"I'm sorry, Spock," he apologized again. "If I had known that he was such a bastard to you, I never would have slept with him."

"As I have previously stated, Savak's parents were married at the time of his conception," Spock responded stiffly. "And apologies are illogical, Captain. I simply wished for you to be aware of the circumstances of my relations with Savak – and as such, you now know that he engaged in sexual relations with you for the sole purpose of engendering an emotional reaction from me."

Jim looked at Spock with wide blue eyes. His first officer's face was now millimeters away from his own – and Spock's voice was low and rough, obvious signs of strong emotion.

But it was his eyes…

"He succeeded," Spock growled, pushing forward and claiming Jim's lips for his own.

Jim felt as if his mouth was under attack by Spock's lips and tongue and teeth – he could taste the copper of his own blood as his lip split under the battering. He could not believe this was happening. This was Spock – his friend – violently assaulting him in a manner that could not be construed as anything other than sexual. He needed to get away – snap Spock out of his rage and calm him down and get him to talk about it.

He did not want this to destroy his friendship with Spock – and maybe the possibility for more, if Spock was acting out of anything other than anger…