Whip of Love. gokusen fanfic. Standard disclaimers apply.

Because she had to straighten out (i.e.; 'beating up trash till they were half-dead') some trouble that had sprung up in the Kamiyama-chou district last night, she was still dead tired and had fallen asleep during homeroom, which, as expected, had resulted in 3-d getting some free-time. Noticing how dead-tired she was, speculation had begun to arise.

"Dude, look at her. Her mouth's wide open, and drool's coming out."

"She's slept once or twice in class, before, but this is just…weird."

"She's usually so energetic, it's annoying."

"Forget that, but can anyone really sleep like that where others can see you?"

"Not like it makes a difference." (meaning: there's no one to disappoint, anyway.)

"What the hell could've tired her out so much that she's this beat?"

At this question, everything came to a standstill and was quiet.

Real quiet.

"That's impossible." Someone finally said. "Especially if that's really how she sleeps."

"Maybe she got a part-time job or something." Kuma finally offered. "After all, her family's in debt."

"WHAT?" The rest of the class gasped.

"You're making too much noise." Shin admonished. "Class'll start if she wakes up."

The Shin-gumi look at Shin secretly, a small smile on their faces, knowing his real reason for wanting the others to shut up.

He gives them a sharp glare before anyone else notices. Thankfully, they recover in time.

"Oi. What's this thing about a debt?" One of the others ask

"Apparently, her dad died without paying back the Yakuza, so she's paying them back, instead." Kuma explained.

"Not like she gets paid much by being a teacher." Noda added.

"She really is an idiot, isn't she?" scoffed Minami.

"If she really wanted to be a teacher, she could have gone to a school that pays better, at least." Ucchi finished.

The others more or less voice their agreement

"To be honest, I don't think she really cared about being just any kind of teacher." Noda suddenly said. "Why do you think she tries so hard for us?"

"It's because the kind of teacher she wanted to be was someone who would be there for students like us." Kuma answered, knowing the others had also come to the same conclusion. " Ne?"

And so the room decided to keep the roughhousing and the chaos down to a minimum. Because while they weren't such kind, upstanding people to offer to help her pay her 'debt' (which unbeknownst to them, did not really exist) back, they weren't so insensitive as to selfishly continue so loudly, when she was so tired.

Still…it didn't stop them from gossiping idly, either.

"Man, Yankumi's really unlucky. She ain't that cute, and she's slow, to boot."

"And with a huge debt, too. She'll end up a spinster, for sure."

"I don't really think the debt makes a difference, though."

"Maybe that's why she's that skinny. Probably doesn't get anything nutritious to eat."

"And she has to make do with those soda-glasses, because she can't afford contacts."

"Yeah. Getting her chest enlarged is definitely out of her future, as well."

"You graduating alive isn't looking that good from here, either." A strangled, yet seemingly cheerful voice pipes up from behind them.

Everyone turns to find a smiling Yankumi, cracking her knuckles and moving her neck, her shoulders, preparing for action, as she began to walk towards them…menacingly.

"Of course, since I did promise…" Her grin turning from friendly to downright fiendish "…so I'll make sure to hold back enough to make sure you can, at least, recover in time."