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Title: Alchemy through the Stars

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist/Sailor Moon

Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst

Rating: R

Author: Aeden Hale

Chapter 1: Voices in the Dark

The walk to the park was relatively short. The sun was still shining, though now it was dotted occasionally by a white puffy cloud or two. The two travelled in silence down the sidewalk as they went to meet Setsuna. The Alchemist was somewhat nervous. The older woman had told him that she would be providing him with lodgings and a part time job in which to pay for them. What the hell did that mean?

Usagi was the first to enter the trees as she made her way toward the center of the park. Edward was content to follow the blonde for the remainder of the journey since she seemed to know where she was going. Sure enough, Setsuna was waiting for them in the center of the park by a large fountain. She rose to greet them, seeming to study the two.

"I see that you made it, Usagi-chan."

"Hai, Setsuna-san. I'm pretty sure that Edo-kun didn't know his way, so I decided to show him." The blonde said with a smile.

"Are you ready to see you're living quarters, Edward-san?"

"As ready as ever, I guess." The blonde said, shrugging his shoulders.

The three moved down the sidewalk to the other side of the park with Setsuna leading and Usagi and Ed trailing behind her. The State Alchemist was amazed at the sheer number of people that moved among them and drove along the streets. Sure, Central had a lot of people, but this city had enough people to be its own country. He was glad that he and Al hadn't had to search this place for information.

The length of the trip was actually only about five minutes. The mass of bodies made it seem longer. The Time Guardian would glance over her shoulder every now and then to make sure the two teenagers were still behind her. She finally turned into quite a large apartment complex and made her way into the lobby. After speaking with whomever was at the front desk, she returned to the two with a key and nodded toward the elevator.

Edward looked around the elevator car as they were quickly ascending the floors. His amber eyes landed on the small blonde standing next to him and noticed how short she actually was. A smirk played across his lips. Finally he'd found someone shorter than he was, even if it wasn't by much. A sharp 'ding' pulled Ed from his thoughts as Usagi stepped out of the elevator before him. Setsuna was leading them once again as they made their way down a long corridor. Amber eyes widened as he saw the number on the door that the older woman had stopped in front of and felt the knife twist deeper into his heart. 3O11.

"This will be your residence from now on, Edward-san." Setsuna informed him as she twisted the key in the knob. "I'll let you take a look around."

Nodding, the seventeen-year-old alchemist moved into the apartment's interior. There was a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony, and a hallway that connected to a bedroom. The apartment had already been furnished and was quite nice. It was bigger than their room at the hotel in Central. After a few minutes, he turned to face Usagi and Setsuna, giving them a thumbs up and a large grin. The Guardian of Time nodded jovially.

"You said you'd be setting me up with a part time job while I was here." Ed recalled. "What will I be doing?"

Setsuna took a breath before she spoke, as if trying to calm her nerves. "You'll be the assistant to one of the race car drivers here in Tokyo. I've already spoken to the driver and they've agreed."

Usagi looked at the woman in a worried manner. "Setsuna-san, you don't mean—"

"Hai, Edward-san will be working with Haruka."

"Haruka-san?" Ed asked, raising an eyebrow, trying to get into the practice of using honorifics.

"Hai, Tennoh Haruka. She's one of the best drivers in the world. She'll most likely give you a hard time since you're going to be working so closely with Usagi-chan."

"A hard time isn't even the beginning." Usagi said, whispering to Ed. "Haruka-san doesn't like men. It's a good thing that Michiru-san will be around to protect you."

Edward's eyes widened as he leaned in to whisper back. "So Haruka is bad news?"

Usagi nodded. "She'll want to pound you."

The green-haired woman blinked at the two teenagers as she began to laugh. "Honestly, I don't think Haruka is that bad. How about we head to the racetrack so that you can meet her? She just got back into town today."

Usagi bounced up and down excitedly, clapping her hands. "Let's go see Haruka-san! I haven't seen Haruka-san or Michiru-san in ages!"

Rolling his eyes, the State Alchemist sighed and nodded in agreement. "Odango atama seems to be pretty excited about going, so let's go before she hurts herself."

Setsuna giggled as she handed Ed the key to his apartment and was leading them out the door once again. Once the three of them had made it to the front of the building, the Time Guardian hailed a cab and the three of them got in. The ride to the racetrack was quiet as Usagi fidgeted with her hands from her place between Setsuna and Ed. Said alchemist was too busy staring out the window at all the different sights to notice her slight discomfort.

The smaller of the two knew what was in store for the alchemist upon their arrival at the racetrack. Haruka would be interrogating poor Ed for the rest of the day and probably the entire time he worked for her. Usagi knew that the older woman was fearful for her safety, but sometimes took it too far. Sneaking a glance at her new companion, the blonde saw that he looked passively sad. If he only let his emotions emerge when he was lost in thought, that meant that he wouldn't tell her what he was feeling. Then again, they hadn't known each other that long.

Usagi was startled out of her thoughts by the sound of Setsuna opening the door. Her older guardian stepped out and helped her follow. Ed quickly got out of the other side and moved around to meet them. He studied the large structure in slight awe as Setsuna took a step or two toward the racetrack.

"Um, what is this place used for?" Ed asked, cocking his head to the side.

"This establishment is used to test the skill of the driver and the speed of their car. It's a spectators' competition in our world Edward-san." The Guardian of Time explained. "Haruka is one of the best."

Edward nodded his head. "This place is different from my home. We don't have as many scientific advancements."

"How do you know where your enemy is then?" Usagi asked, walking ahead of them toward the racetrack.

"We didn't. We waited until they attacked. Unless they'd left us clues, which was careless on their part, we didn't know where to look." Ed said, following.

Usagi snorted at this. "Well, that's bad luck for you. Our command center lets us find our enemies easily. Unless they're using alien technology, we can find them."

"Alien, as in from another country?" the blonde alchemist asked.

The other blonde snickered. "Alien, as in another planet; another universe even."

"So is that guy that Rei mentioned an alien? What was his name? Seiya?"

"Don't talk about Seiya like that!" Usagi snapped, a heated blush lighting her cheeks. "Seiya, Taiki-san, and Yaten-kun are very dear friends to us and they helped us save our planet!"

Setsuna giggled. "Seiya-kun did help us. The way you're talking about him, you sound like his number one fan."

Edward rolled his eyes as Usagi denied any membership to the aforementioned fan club. They entered the gates and moved down onto the track. The members of the pit crew handed them each a large pair of headsets so that the noise wouldn't damage their ears and then moved aside as three cars raced around the blacktop. Edward was amazed at the momentous speeds at which they were moving. The automobiles that they had in his world could move fairly fast, but not as fast as these were moving. They were easily pushing a hundred miles an hour.

At the wave a flag, the cars began to slow down and, within two or three laps, they were able to lose enough speed to come to a stop. A yellow car stopped closest to them. Usagi gave an excited squeal as the driver climbed out of the car, causing Edward to assume that this was Haruka. Removing the helmet, the driver shook out her short sandy hair and turned to grin at the petite blonde next to him. When her blue gaze shifted to him, the grin disappeared and a glare replaced it. Ed laughed nervously as Haruka left the track and began making her way up to them. This couldn't be as bad as training under Izumi, could it?

Haruka made her way up the stairs and came to a stop in front of them, wiping her face with a towel she'd picked up on the way. Upon seeing the blonde bunny before her, her lips curved into a smile and hugged the teenager tightly. Usagi giggled as she returned the embrace.

"I didn't expect you to visit so soon, koneko-chan. Is everything okay?"

Usagi giggled once again. "Hai, everything's fine, Haruka-san. We just brought Edo-kun to meet you so that he could start work tomorrow."

The senshi of Uranus turned her scowling gaze to the blonde male to right of her princess. "So you're Edward Elric? You'll be my assistant? I hope you've got some balls, boy. You're going to need them to work with me."

Golden eyes met blue as the two stared one another down. Ed felt his jaw clench as a sneer made its way onto his face. "I've dealt with tougher people than you. Believe me, I can handle you."

Haruka snorted. "Not bad for a pipsqueak."

"What did you call me?" the alchemist growled.

"Alright, you two, please no fighting." Usagi said, stepping between them as she laughed nervously. "Edo-kun's a long way from home, so please do your best to make him feel as normal as possible, Haruka-san."

"Michiru's going to have to give me that order, because that's one that I won't follow, princess."

Setsuna shook her head and gave a dismayed sigh. "We'll talk more about the situation when we get home and Michiru's flight arrives this evening. Edward-san is going to help us, so to speak."

"I'm assuming that you want me to give shorty a tour then?"

"That would be preferable, Haruka." Setsuna said. "If you'd like, Edward-san. I'll send Usagi-chan along with you."

Edward thought about this. He'd most likely be bickering with Usagi the whole time they were with Haruka. On the other hand, Haruka might murder him if they were alone. He'd decided to go with the alternative.

"Whatever, she can come if she wants to." He said.

"Okay, I'll catch up to you in a few minutes, Edo-kun. I'm going to walk Setsuna-san to the gate. I'll see you in a few minutes!" she called cheerfully as the two of them started toward the gate.

Haruka waited until they were out of ear shot before turning to Ed with a look of murderous intent on her face. "Look, we may have to work together, but that doesn't mean that I have to trust you, boy. I'm doing this to keep the princess happy. I've only made her cry once. I swore that I wouldn't do it again. You step out of line with her and I won't hesitate to pound your face in."

Ed snorted at this. "Whatever. You talk big, but can you back it up?"

"Keep your mouth shut and your hands to yourself and you won't have to find out."

The tomboy turned and started walking away from him. Ed groaned as he moved in step behind her. This was going to be a long afternoon.


When the two finally arrived back at Edward's apartment, the alchemist groaned loudly as he flopped down on the couch. The tour with Haruka had been horrible, even with Usagi there, and he wondered how he was ever going to work with the woman. Usagi had been the one to keep peace between them and he didn't know how he was going to be able to work under the driver if they couldn't even speak.

Usagi moved to Ed's refridgerator and brought a can of soda out for both of them. Handing a can to him, she sat down next to him on the couch. He'd been quiet since they left the racetrack and the blonde was a little unsure about that. Haruka might have been a little harsh with him, She took a sip of her soda, sparing a glance at Edward as she did so. He still hadn't said anything since they'd sat down. Usagi cleared her throat to try to gain his attention.

"So what do you think, Edo-kun? Do you think you could get along with Haruka-san long enough to earn some money?" she asked.

Edward shrugged and snorted as he tossed his braid over his shoulder. "I suppose. I think I could take her, though. You're lucky that we're both trying to behave ourselves for your sake." He said, drinking his soda.

"For my sake?" Usagi asked. "I don't think anything should be done for my sake."

"Now there was one thing that Haruka said to me earlier today that got my attention. I never got to ask her about it, though, so I'll ask you." Ed said, "She said that she'd only made you cry once and that she'd never do it again. What the hell was she talking about?"

Usagi sat her can of soda on the coffee table, staring at something on the floor. If the blonde alchemist hadn't known any better, he'd have guessed that she'd spaced out. He was quite familiar with that look, however. It was something painful that he'd asked. When Usagi looked back to him, her eyes were shining with tears.

"We were fighting Galaxia and the battle hadn't gone well so far. The Starlights had been badly injured when we finally reached them. The Inner senshi were killed when their starseeds were taken protecting me and the Starlights from Galaxia's attack. We were able to transport away from her with the help of Chibi Chibi. Uranus and Neptune left first to attack and Pluto and Saturn left a little later. When the Starlights and I had gathered enough energy back, we left to find the others. By the time we reached Galaxia, Pluto and Saturn were already fading from having their starseeds stolen. Uranus and Neptune had been the ones to steal them."

At this point in the story, Usagi's eyes grew unfocused as she rested her fingers gingerly on her cheek as if she'd been struck. "They attacked us; the Starlights and me. They used their full strength on us. They had us convinced that they were our enemies. Only when they were about to use their final attack on us, did they turn on Galaxia and try to take her starseed. She took the bracelets back that kept them alive. Uranus and Neptune began to fade, making Fighter promise to take care of me since they were all gone. All my important shines had been taken from me."

Edward swallowed the lump in his throat as he saw a few tears slip from her eyes as she turned to look at him and plaster a big smile on her face. Usagi clearly had wounds that were still fresh. Resting his hand on her shoulder, he attempted to make her feel better. He wasn't quite sure if it was working. When Usagi continued to sniffle, Edward pulled her into a comforting hug, a bright blush decorating his cheeks. It wasn't every day that he hugged a girl.

"Look, Usagi," he said, willing himself to stop blushing, "Haruka promised that she wouldn't make you cry anymore, so you don't have to worry. I'm pretty sure she's not one to break her promise."

Usagi smiled as she pulled out of Ed's hug, apparently oblivious to the color on his cheeks. She wiped her tears and rose from the couch, smoothing her clothes. Ed stood up with her as she walked toward the door. The blonde girl opened the door and slipped on her shoes as she continued to smile at the alchemist.

"Thank you, Edo-kun. You made me feel better. I'd better get going now, kaa-san will be worried if I get home too late." She said.

Something flickered through Ed's eyes at the statement, but it was gone instantaneously. "Are you sure that you don't need me to walk you home? It's getting dark outside and I'm sure this place isn't completely safe, especially with the monsters now."

"Thanks anyway, Edo-kun. I'll be fine. I'll call you on the communicator once I'm at home to let you know I got there alright."

Without another word, Usagi was gone. Edward sighed as he moved out onto the balcony. He could see the girl exiting the building as she turned to wave up at him. He waved back and continued to watch her walk away before he switched his gaze to the towering skyline. He wasn't sure if he was going to like this place. He didn't really know anyone other than Setsuna and Usagi. That didn't make for many friends. That was something to start with, however.

Gone were the days of searching for the Philosopher's Stone and dealing with a high-endeavored colonel. He was in an entirely different world, so to speak, on the other side of the Gate. Could he adapt to this new place and the new challenges that were placed before him? The blonde didn't know, Edward thought that he could at least try. Just from Usagi's reaction to his earlier question, these girls had been through quite a bit. The alchemist knew that Setsuna said that his purpose here was to help the senshi with this new enemy, so that's what he would do.

Edward watched as the street lights began to wink on one by one along the streets below. On a second glance, this city wasn't so different from Central. The two were both bustling in their own way. It wasn't the city itself that he noticed so much, but that stars that shone above it. The inky blackness dissolved into a navy blue and finally a pink color as it met the skyline that was bright enough to rival the heavens above it. If there was a God, Edward was sure that he was mocking him.

The young state alchemist rested his chin on his arms as he continued to stare out into the buildings of the city. There was one principal, one phrase that always stuck in his mind and made him sneer at the mere thought of it.

Equivalent exchange.

A life for a life; he'd sacrificed himself for his brother. His debt had been repaid. Alphonse could be happy living in his real body in their own world with all of their friends. He knew that Granny Pinako and Winry would take care of him. As Edward was staring out from his balcony, probably more into space than anything, he kept hearing the same words over and over again in his head. They made him wonder if this whole thing hadn't been something a little more, perhaps.

Your destiny guides you through these Gates. Equivalent exchange. You must follow your destiny. Equivalent exchange. Your destiny guides you through these Gates, Edward Elric. You must follow your destiny.

Since when did anything in his life depend on destiny? His choices had always led he and Al closer to their outcome not this destiny. Ed stared at the black watch on his wrist. He wasn't entirely sure how far Usagi lived from him, but he was starting to get a bit apprehensive. She'd said that she'd be fine on the way home, but Edward couldn't help but think that he should've gone with her now. She was still a teenage girl after all and this place was bound to have criminals and thugs too.

A wave of static broke the silence as the blonde lifted his head to stare at the communicator. Muffled sounds came through as his brows furrowed in confusion as the person on the other end finally spoke to relay a message.

"Edo-kun!" That was Usagi. "I need your help! I ran into a youma on my way home. I'm not far from you. Haiyaku!"

"I'm on my way, Usagi! Hold out until I get there!"

Edward fled from the balcony and grabbed his coat, sliding on his shoes Making sure that his apartment was locked, the young alchemist fled the building with all the speed that his body would grant him.


The small blonde was making her way home through the empty streets. She'd declined Ed's offer to walk her home. He was having enough trouble adjusting to his new life without making sure that she was taken care of. Usagi wasn't sure how she would react if she were in his place. Being taken to a new place where you knew no one and everything was entirely different would be frightening. She didn't know how he could be so calm about it.

The sudden chill of a new presence caused her to stop momentarily on her current path. It was a feeling that she'd grown to recognize over the last two years. The last time she'd felt it had been months ago when Galaxia's animamates had been creating phages. This was a youma. Clutching the brooch that was in her pocket, Usagi cut down an alleyway to her left. A few yards was a long distance, but when it was dark, it made all the difference.

Usagi came to a stop when she spotted the form of a woman with pale skin and unnatural colored hair; a deep red or green. It was too dark to tell. There were vines of some kind wrapped around a middle aged man that had fallen to the ground. She seemed to be sucking the energy from him. This was an old tactic. The blonde hadn't come across any of these monsters since she and the other Senshi had fought the evil Metallia and Queen Beryl. Usagi looked down quickly as she kicked a can accidentally across the ground. That was when the creature looked up at her. Oops.

Fangs were bared as the youma grinned at her. "Well, what do you know? A nice young girl for me to suck the energy from."

Usagi swallowed as she hopped out of the way to avoid the vines that were hurdling toward her. The vines lashed back quickly. The blonde dove to the ground to avoid the vines, the gravel digging into her knee. As she was righting herself, another set of vines wrapped around her mid section, squeezing the breath out of her. This was definitely not turning out to be the night she'd thought it would be. Usagi let out a small cry as she felt herself getting weaker. Managing to get her wrist high enough to see, Usagi hit a button on her communicator, calling the person who was closest to her in terms of distance.

It was a few moments before she could take in enough air to speak. When she finally spoke, her tone was that of desperation. "Edo-kun! I need your help! I ran into a youma on my way home. I'm not far from you. Haiyaku!"

"I'm on my way, Usagi! Hold out until I get there!"

Edward was coming to help her. Hopefully, he'd be here soon. Otherwise, she'd be unconscious in a few minutes or maybe even dead. Usagi squirmed one last time and managed to get a leg free. Just when she felt her eyelids getting heavy, she blinked them to see the blonde alchemist slide around the corner. He clapped his hands together, causing a blue light to flash and lightning to spiral up his arm. When the light had died down, part of his automail had become a blade. Ed rushed toward the youma that had Usagi in its grasp. With a loud cry, he cut the vines and released Usagi. The creature let out howl of pain as it retracted its vines to nurse its wounds.

"Are you all right?" Ed asked, grabbing Usagi's hand and hauling her to her feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Edo-kun. I'm glad that you could get here so quickly." She replied, dusting herself off.

The alchemist let out a cheeky laugh. "I ran all the way here. What did you expect?"

Usagi shook her head as she removed the brooch from her pocket and turned to her companion. "Thanks for your help, Edo-kun. I'll take it from here." Taking a deep breath, she raised the brooch over her head. "Moon Eternal! Make up!"

In a flash of light and feathers, Edward had never been more embarrassed in all of his life. A pink color painted his cheeks as he examined Usagi as she stood before him then. She wore a short layered skirt with a white bodice and pink sleeves. Knee-high heeled boots covered her feet and legs. White gloves climbed her arms to stop at her biceps. A large white wing-shaped bow rested at the small of her back. To fight monsters, she sure was scantily clad.

"I won't let you hurt anymore innocent people!" she shouted to the youma in the alleyway. "By the power of love and justice, I'm the pretty sailor-suited soldier, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

The monster cackled as it sent an energy attack straight at the two teenagers. Ed clapped his hands together and placed them on the ground. A wall of stone shot up to block them. Sailor Moon cracked open an eye and let out a sigh of relief. Ed turned to her to make an inquiry.

"How do you kill that thing? I'd love to know. I'm guessing that it's not any normal way." He said.

"You're right, Edo-kun. I'll have to finish it off." She said, nodding seriously. Taking out her tier, she twirled around gracefully and faced the youma. "Silver Moon! Crystal Power Kiss!"

The light that came from the object caused the creature to scream in agony. In a matter of moments, all that was left of the youma fell into a pile of silvery dust on the pavement. The alchemist blinked in surprise and turned to look at Usagi just in time to see her touch the brooch on her chest and return to her normal self. The teenage girl smiled innocently at him.

"You know, if you're going to fight with the Senshi, you're going to need a disguise. Otherwise normal people will recognize you." She stated.

"What?" Ed asked, confused.

"You could wear a tuxedo and a mask. What did they call you in your world?"

The blonde alchemist scratched his head, not liking this idea. "My title in the military was the Fullmetal Alchemist. Why?"

"That's what you could be! I'm sure I have a tuxedo that my brother can't wear that you could use. I'll work on the rest of it!" Usagi said, excitedly. "You can't fight evil and have people recognize you. You'll probably start school once summer break is over."

"Wait, who said anything about school? Aren't you overreacting a little?" Edward said, quirking an eyebrow.

"You don't want to be labeled as a delinquent, do you?" the blonde asked as she poked him in the chest with her index finger. "Haruka would never let you work for her if you were."

Ed groaned at the mention of this. "Fine. I guess I'll have to talk to Setsuna about my schooling, then. Boy, I don't see how your boyfriend puts up with you seeing as you're so pushy, odango atama."

Usagi spun on her heal to make her way out of the alley. "Mamo-chan loves me for me, Edo-kun. You're just jealous."

"Jealous of what? A hyperactive motor mouth who enjoys sweets too much and eats like she as a black hole for a stomach? That's not my idea of a perfect girlfriend."

"You're so mean. Mamo-chan would never say things like that to me. Not even Seiya would've been that rude. I see why you aren't popular with girls."

The teenage boy sent her a heated glare as he moved to walk beside her. "I have plenty of girls that would be attracted to me, thank you very much. I don't have to impress you. I'm going to walk you home to make sure you get there this time. You seem to get into a lot of trouble when you're left on your own."

"Fine, do what you want, Edo-kun. Just don't blame me when you get lost trying to find your way back home." Usagi said, sticking her tongue out.


End Chapter.

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