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It was later that same evening. Shawn had insisted that he was fine, but Henry had insisted that he go to the hospital and get looked over. Juliet had ridden with Gus and Henry, while Lassiter had gone back to the office to report to the chief. After convincing Henry and Gus to go get coffee and something to eat after a doctor had come out and informed the trio that Shawn was currently asleep with the aid of narcotics, she was finally left alone.

She crept to the door of Shawn's room and peered inside. He was in bed, sound asleep. Just like the doctor had said he was. She took a deep breath and grabbed the cool chrome handle of the door and went in.

The room was dark and quiet. No machines were beeping, because there were none at all. Something Juliet considered a good thing. She quietly crossed the room and stopped once she was standing next to his bed.

"Hey, Shawn." She whispered. She paused, but didn't wait for a response. "You've got to lean to be more careful." She shook her head slightly. "We got lucky today. Next time though, we might not be as lucky."

So many thoughts were swimming in the young detective's head at that moment. She didn't really know where to begin.

"I'm really glad we found you. Work wouldn't be the same if you weren't there. Nothing would be the same if we hadn't found you. Lassiter might act as though he hates you, but I know for a fact he's quite fond of you." She paused, and in barely a whisperer, added, "I am too."

Juliet blinked back tears. She didn't like showing weakness.

"You know, I really hate this. I don't know why we can't still be friends. It's stupid. I never thought I'd get awkward around a guy just because he was dating someone." She shook her head gently. "Abigail's a really lucky girl. I hope she knows that." Not realizing what she was doing, Juliet reached down and grabbed Shawn's hand. "You confused me on the phone, you know. I thought for sure you were talking to me," she paused again, "but when you called me 'Abigail'," she hesitated for a long moment before whispering, "it nearly broke my heart."

Juliet swallowed the large lump that had appeared in the back of her throat.

"Love isn't something to pretend about, Shawn." She began. "It's not something to hide either." She took a deep breath. "So, I guess now, would be the best time to tell you that I..." She stopped, swallowed again, took another deep breath and spoke, "I love you."
Gently, she lent over and pressed her lips to Shawn's forehead. They lingered there for an extra moment or two before she reluctantly pulled away. She turned on her heel and began to walk away from the bed, but quickly realized that she was still holding Shawn's hand. She gently ran her thumb over the back of his hand, before releasing her grip on it and setting it down next to his body.

She turned around and quickly crossed the room. Stopping at the door, she cleared her throat, wiped her eyes clean of any lingering tears, and straighted her suit. Grasping the cool door handle once again, she pulled it open and stepped out into the brightly lit hospital once again.

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