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A dark figure rode silently up a dimly lit trail. The path was narrow and heavily overgrown yet the figure in black had no trouble maneuvering through the logs, branches, and underbrush covering the path; which would have made the trek difficult for any average rider. The trail widened suddenly into a road lined by gigantic trees on both sides. Each tree must have been over one hundred feet tall and their massive trunks were larger than four grown men. Their large branches made a high ceiling over the road, making the light dim as twilight though it was high noon. After two miles, the tall, elegant gates of a large castle loomed ominously at the end of the dark tunnel. The rider nudged his mount in the flank and broke into a gallop.

The rider halted in front of the massive structure, which up close revealed the castle to be nothing but gigantic ruins. Though the walls had gigantic cracks and holes and the north tower had collapsed, the castle hadn't completely crumbled and one could still see how breathtaking it must have been in its heyday a millennia ago. Dismounting and tying the cyborg horse's reigns to a near by tree, the tall rider in black approached the massive castle doors. His hand stopped just shy of the handle. The rider raised his gaze upward; with grey lifeless eyes set in a deathly white face as flawless and beautiful has an angle's, he eyed the hidden laser cannons and noble defense mechanisms pointed his way. The blue pendant on his chest glowed briefly and the weapons seemed to droop and shut down completely. The man in black silently opened the large heavy doors and stepped inside the ruins.

The inside was dark and musty. A large, circular room with a high ceiling that had long sense collapsed in the center was revealed before the Hunter. A giant, winding staircase stood at the far end of the room across from the threshhold. On the bottom step stood a tall figure in a gray cloak. The hood was pulled up over its pale face, shielding it from the rays of sunlight that filtered through the opening in the arched ceiling. The Hunter and the figured in gray starred at each other in a piercing silence. Neither moved as time trickled by slowly.

"I've been waiting for you, D." The figure in gray said finally with a voice that seemed to ring and chime like bells.

The Hunter in black did not reply.

"I suppose you have not a clue as to why I called you here. After all you must find it unusual for a vampire hunter like yourself to be called upon by the vary creature it hunts…I look forward to night so I may discuss the matters of your coming with you in person, until then."

The figure in the gray cloak vanished, leaving D alone in the large hall. "So what are you gonna do till dark?" a hoarse voice asked from around D's left hip. D turned on his heel and headed out of the ruins, not bothering to reply to the voice's inquiry.

Hours later; the sky grew darker as twilight descended on the ruins. D entered the castle ruins and stood just inside the door, waiting. The sun disappeared completely over the horizon and night was here at last. A single ray of blue light shone through the gap in the ceiling giving off a faint glow and casting long shadows from the rubble that littered the floor. "D?" The quiet, musical voice from earlier that day was the first sound of the night. A young woman stood at the top of the giant staircase. Her pale skin nearly matched the hue of the snow white gown she wore. Her long silver hair flowed down to her ankles. Her ice blue eyes and her body shown with such radiance as if her, herself were made of the moonlight.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you in person." She purred from voluptuous crimson lips.

"What is my business here?" D asked, speaking for the first time that day.

"Oh! Mr. Down-to-business huh?" The noblewoman scoffed. "That's what D must stand for…Down-to-business. You just don't give anyone the time of day! Not even me, a Noble! Why don't we at least take the time to introduce ourselves."

"I know who you are." D said coldly, his words slicing through the crisp air like ice. "Why do you call me?"

The woman sighed. "Well aren't I allowed to at least introduce myself formally? The letter you received was rather brief." "I am Luna Lukami, the noble of this castle and ruler of this forest and the pitiful human village bellow. Why don't you walk with me while I explain to you the task I ask you to do for me?"

D followed the noblewomen through the castle and into a large courtyard where she began. "For thousands of years the noble family, Lukami has been at war over control over the human village near by. Spread out over many castles around the area, we still fight today, thousands of years later; no one surrenders or is overthrown. I begin to fear that we're locked in this never-ending dispute for eternity. I need your help to end this stupid war amongst the Lukami family for good and ensure that I, Luna Lukami, the eldest and superior of my brothers and sisters, take charge of the human village. I'll pay you generously to take care of them all. Besides-"

"I am not a weapon for war." D interrupted, his tone cold as icily.

"Sure but aren't you a Vampire Hunter?" Luna inquired. "You kill Nobles for money do you not?"

"I am not a tool to help you cheat your way to victory." D repeated. "Besides, I don't take jobs from Nobles. Solve your battle yourself or hire some other fool. You don't need my help," Saying that, D walked back towards the castle entrance. Luna ran after him. Murderous rage filled her cold blue eyes and distorted her flawless white face. "How can you refuse?! I'm hiring you to kill the nobility! Come back here!"

"And you're a noble yourself." D said, "If I took your offer I'd have to kill you as well."

"Well then go ahead!" Luna shouted, "The Nobility's time has come to an end anyway!"

D didn't reply.

"I wont let you leave without a fight!" Luna cried, drawing an elegantly decorated dagger from within her thin white gown; It was a mystery as to wear she hid such a weapon. D turned, facing the noble. He stood with his arms hanging harmlessly at his sides, making no effort to draw his blade. Luna raised an eyebrow at his nonchalant stance but quickly returned to her fierce glare. "Prepare to die Damphir!" She cried, flying toward the man in black. Too quickly for the human eye to follow, D was in the air too with his elegant long sword lined in an arc toward Luna's heart. Just as his blade met hers, a sickening ripping sound could be heard and a black gap opened up in mid air as if D had sliced the vary molecules in the air instead of Luna. The hole widened into a gapping black vortex and D, unable to avoid the abyss, fell through the gap.

You could say the world that lay inside the hole was almost beautiful. D flew, or fell through space and time, speeding past little points of light that looked like stars surrounded by an inky blackness. All D's senses seemed to have left him as he fell. He couldn't feel a thing. Not even the air rushing past him, because there was none. There was no smell; his sense of direction had abandoned him completely. He could only see blackness. Suddenly there was a blinding light and D's senses returned instantly. He was falling down. He could smell ozone and felt the air rush past him. He fell through fog, which he realized to be clouds. All around him, a deep blue sky stretched on forever. D looked down, a sprawling mass of gray lie bellow; a gigantic city. He could see small rectangular blocks, which he recognized to be buildings, but they were too close together. Ribbons of gray stretched between clusters of buildings, etching a grid shaped pattern across the concrete jungle. There was a harbor too, and deep blue water where small specks floated; boats.

The civilization was approaching fast, rushing up to meet D. He could even see hundreds of thousands of machines running along the streets separating the blocks of buildings. They reminded him of the ancient motorized vehicles of the past he recalled back in his world, dimension, whatever it was he had left. Automobiles they were called. "This is gonna hurt!" A hoarse voice cried from D's left hand. At that moment, a loud screeching sound was heard and something solid collided with D, disrupting his fall. He fell again and landed on the back of a giant metal flying machine with a long white body. Two enormous wings stretched from either side equipped with big round cylinders, which were the source of the high-pitched noise. D held on to the aircraft as it flew over the city. The plane descended slowly, aiming for a long stretch of road where a large cluster of buildings and towers stood and other aircrafts much like the one D was riding.

The aircraft touched down and the sudden lurch almost jerked D free from the vessel. The flying machine coasted to a stop in front of the larger of the two buildings and a weird looking device that stretched like an accordion stretched out and attached to the craft. Little cars buzzed around the giant craft. D watched from above all the while, guessing that it wasn't a place he'd want to be seen. The stretching thing retracted into the building and the air machine's loud engines roared to life again.

"This means we get off D! JUMP!" D's left hand shouted. D leapt off the aircraft just before it started rolling down the roadway, gathering the speed necessary for it to take flight. A man's voice shouted from one of the ground machines. "Hey! You with the funny costume!" D bolted at the sound of the voice though to the human eye it would have looked as if he had simply vanished.

Hours later, the sky grew dim as night enclosed the city in darkness. The setting sun lit the sky to the west with streaks of red, orange, and yellow. The clouds were tinted purple and the eastern sky was a deep royal blue. D stood atop the tallest building in the city and watched the timeless sunset. The building must have been one hundred stories at least – though of course, he had seen much taller in his world. In their centuries of prosperity the nobility built many buildings hundreds of times greater than the one on which he stood. They could range from 500 stories to an infinite amount. Their mastery of volume and space was incredible. He looked bellow at the streets, noticing that though the sun was rapidly sinking behind the horizon, the streets remained as busy and prosperous as ever. "D…where exactly are we?" the horse voice came from his left hand. "Heaven? No. Somehow this all seems vaguely familiar…we've been here before – or at least some place like this."

There was a distant look in the Hunter's eyes – a look of melancholy and remembrance as though he was recalling some distant memory of millennia's passed. Maybe it was the same one his hand was thinking of.

"Y-you can't mean we're…no! But that's not possible!" Left hand mumbled. "Definitely not possible. That-that doesn't even – I didn't know that those existed!"

"Neither did I." D said.

"What's the date then?" Left hand asked.

D jumped from the building, falling to the ground hundreds of feet bellow. He landed in an alley. Walls of buildings lined both sides, making the alley narrow and claustrophobic. A large bin filled with stinking trash stood beside a ramp that lead to a door where a steady beat pulsed and sounds of excited chatter could be heard from. A man in rags with a bottle in his hand looked up at the gorgeous man in black before him. "Hey...it aint' Halloween yet ya know." His drunken words were slurred almost to the point of incoherence. D looked down at the man and for a moment the full force of the Hunter's gray lifeless eyes bored into the drunk's; a ghastly aurora filled the small, narrow alley, suffocating the drunk with fear. The drunk shivered. "N-never mind dude. I was just f-foolin'. Uh….you got any cigarettes?"

"What's the date?" D asked the man, ignoring his question.

The man thought a moment.

"Fuck if I know." He slurred. "Sometime in…uh…December, yeah...fuckin' December, man."

"What year?" D asked.

"What the fuck man? 1998."

"Thank you for your help." D said. He started walking towards the crowded street ahead when the homeless man spoke again.

"Hey! Have you read the paper recently?" He asked.

"Paper?" D asked, not bothering to turn back to the man.

"Yeah. Those damn Soviet bastards are all a bunch o' fuckin' traitors! One day they be sayin' 'truce', the next they be giving nukes to Iran!"

D turned and looked at the man. Though his facial expression held no change in the least, in his eyes a flicker of unrecognizable emotion flared for a fraction of a second. "Nuclear weapons?" he asked.

"Yeah! Nukes! Those damn Iranians are gonna blow us to hell for that damn Shah business."

"Thank you." D muttered, turning from him.

Out on the streets, people stopped and stared at the man in black. He stood out from the crowd with his long black cloak, his wide brimmed hat, and the enormous sword on his back, not to mention his unearthly beauty. Everyone within a 10-foot radius of the Hunter stopped and stared regardless of gender. Prostitutes hanging around the entrance to hotels and nightclubs fought to be the first to tempt him. The only one who wasn't gapping at D was another grimy looking drunk standing outside a brightly lit pub. "Hey!" the man called. His words were slurred slightly and he swayed unsteadily, even with support from the side of the building he leaned on. "Hey you with the hat, you some kind of faggot or somethin'?" D kept walking, ignoring the man's remark.

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