Title: Primal Possessiveness
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: Something about Jim just makes Spock lose his Vulcan cool…K/S Slash.


"Spock," Kirk greeted his first officer with a smile. "Is there something you needed?"

Spock nodded tensely, his dark eyes focused on the water droplets running down his commanding officer's well-defined chest to disappear into the thin white towel wrapped around slim hips.

"Well?" Kirk questioned over his shoulder as he went to his closet to retrieve his uniform.

Spock's eyes were drawn to his captain's...lower back as Kirk bent down to pick up his shoes. The towel slipped a bit, and Spock was treated to the sight of his friend's firm buttocks.

And the bite marks and hand-shaped bruises marking that tight posterior.

A low growl rumbled in the Vulcan's chest, and in a moment he had Kirk pushed up against the door to his closet.

"You are bruised. Why did you not go to see Dr. McCoy to be treated?" Spock questioned lowly.

Kirk laughed in surprise at his friend's actions.

"I like the bruises and aches I get from fantastic sex. It keeps me in a good mood for the next couple days because every time I move I get a reminder. And besides, Bones would have just poked and prodded at my ass and laughed at me before sending me on my way," Kirk joked, trying to turn around to face his first officer.

"And when did you have this stated 'fantastic sex'?" Spock questioned darkly, strong hands clasping Kirk's wrists together and preventing him from moving.

"Two nights ago. Andy on Starbase 4," Kirk replied flippantly. "Is the question-and-answer session over now? I thought you needed something Enterprise-related??"

"Andy?" Spock growled, ignoring Kirk's other statements.

"Yeah. Some Andorian. He had a great mouth, though I would have preferred if he had used his teeth less. Not a problem most of the time - or should I say on most of my body - but my cock, balls, and asshole really don't like teeth," Kirk stated, rolling his eyes. "Spock, will you please let me go? Did you get infected by some behavior-modifying spores or pick up some weird flu or get voodooed again? You're acting strangely."

Spock growled in response, transferring both of Kirk's wrists to one hand and using the other to pull the thin white towel from his commanding officer's body.

"Oh," Kirk exclaimed. "Did you just want to see me naked? You could have just said so, Spock..."

"You are my captain and my friend," Spock murmured lowly. "But you are also mine, and it is time for me to prove this to you. No other will ever leave marks on your body again."

With that, Spock lifted his wet, naked Captain off his feet and over the Vulcan's shoulder, carrying him over to the large bed before placing him face-down on the covers.

"You're going to prove to me that I belong to you, Spock?" Kirk teased. "I don't know...It would take some really great sex to get me to settle down."

"You have never been with a Vulcan before," Spock stated, and Kirk couldn't tell whether it was a promise or a threat. "The average Vulcan is approximately three times stronger than the average human. From our sparring sessions, I have deduced that my strength is approximately 4.2 that of yours."

Clearly a threat.


Also a major turn-on.

"Are you going to use that strength against me, Spock?" Kirk questioned breathily, squirming in his friend's tight hold and rubbing himself against the bedcovers.

"I am going to replace your Andorian lover's marks with my own," Spock informed him primly, before leaning down to nip sharply at his lover's hip.

It was going to be a long night...