"Fuck, that was amazing," Jim panted as the soft penis was pulled out of him and he collapsed onto his stomach. He scrunched up his nose at the wet spot, and went to get up, but a strong hand on his back stopped him.

"Spock?" he questioned, turning to look at his lover.

"Your anus is...leaking, I believe was the term you used on previous occasions," Spock said evenly, eyes rooted firmly on Jim's backside.

"Um...yeah. You did just come in me, Spock. Now let me get up so I can wash all this stuff off me," Jim told him, trying to get up and once again being held down. "Spock...I'm uncomfortable."

"I do not wish for you to rinse yourself of my ejaculate," Spock informed his lover, straddling Jim's knees and stroking strong hands down to the captain's lower back.

"Spock..." Jim trailed off teasingly. "Are you being possessive again?"

Spock looked at him seriously.

"It is only logical, Captain. If I did not act as such, others would perceive your availability and attempt to act on their desires," Spock informed him primly. "And then I would have to kill them."

Jim let his head fall back to the pillow, shaking in silent laughter at his lover's incongruous mix of emotions and logic: because it was only logical to be possessive of your lover and kill anyone who wanted to touch him...

But Jim's laughter stopped as Spock's hot hands trailed further down to cup and spread his buttocks.

"It is a primitive response to feel pleasure at the sight of my ejaculate in your orifice," Spock told him. "I should remove the temptation and master my baser instincts."

Jim had an awesome comeback on the tip of his tongue, but his brain was scrambled by the hot wet tongue tracing his well-stretched rim.

Fuck...Spock was eating him out!

Jim moaned, going to completely pliant under his lover's possessive ministrations. He felt himself hardening as that strong tongue pressed into his hole, licking up Spock's seed and cleaning him out.

Jim actually whimpered as two hot fingers were pressed into him, crooked just right to rub against his prostate once, twice before pulling out.

"I removed my ejaculate, Captain, but I find that it did not remove my primitive urges," Spock told his lover in a low, rough voice. "Now I must replace the ejaculate to achieve satisfaction."

Jim whimpered in response, spreading his legs wide in enthusiastic compliance.

Spock could satisfy his primal urges whenever he wanted...