AN: Written for mirsanart Summer challenge "Sun"

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, in any way. Rumiko Takashi does.

Sango had always loved the sun as a child. During the summer months, she would stand outside and just dance under the sunlight until her skin tanned. Once, her father called for her to come in and she found her arms and legs burned. He'd laughed lightly before rubbing an herbal mixture of aloe and something that smelled minty into her arms.

He called her his sunchild.

Many years later, she stood outside on the porch of her home and watched with amusement at her family. All three children ran around under the sun as if worshipping its friendship with the land. She glanced slightly to the left to find her husband tossing in their youngest, the boy, into the lake who came up, bursting into laughter. The two girls followed right after then their father seconds after them.

"Sango!" Miroku called, smiling happily. "Come over out and enjoy the beauty of the day with us."

Coming outside, she noticed her old friend seem to be brighter and her hands reached out to pick up one of her daughters. "I see you are having fun." Sango looked to the water and their clothes, fully soaked and drooping from their forms. "Perhaps a little bit too much."

"Mama, come in!" The boy cried and she laughed. "Please Mama!"

With a sinister smirk on her face, she stepped back, child in hand and shouted. "Here I come!" Before running and jumping into the lake. Water splashed about, soaking Miroku and the boy, while their other daughter jumped in after her mother.

Coming back up, Sango found herself staring face to face with a bare-chested monk, a giant smile on his face. "Not with the children here!" She snapped, but her eyes gave away her amusement.

Miroku gave her a strange look, checked his body and looked back up startled. "My, Sango, why would you think such perverted thoughts? I merely divested my robe because it was becoming too heavy…" Then a spark hit his eyes and smiled. "Sango, your cheeks are brighter than the sun!"

Sango let her daughter play with her siblings before she jumped at her husband. Water overlapped their heads as she squeezed Miroku's sides, bringing him down to the bottom of the lake. She winked at him, brought her foot just between his legs and let her toes tickle along the way. Violet eyes grew wide and Sango had to break for the surface as she felt bubbles of laughter wanting to be released.

All three children sat on the bank, waiting for their parents. As if knowing their parents wanted alone time, they all had huge smiles on their faces. Sango felt her cheeks warm once again. Well, it was bound to be knowledgeable that Daddy and Mama played together alone…

Miroku meanwhile had snuck up behind her, his arm encircling her waist before nipping her earlobe. She laughed just as he pulled them back under. She squeaked, finding herself lost in another sunchild's arms, blissfully happy.