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By Baby Kat Snophlake

Yuri's fist clenched around the string suspending his sword as he approached a group of men surrounding their lone victim. The Hunting Blades had invaded Palestralle's coliseum city, and now the second in command's life was in danger. Natz stood among the men, ready to fight though already weakened. Yuri didn't need Belius's request to save Natz as motivation for butting in.

"Aww, down to your last friend? Why not play with us for a while?" Yuri asked.

The Hunting Blades turned around, readying their weapons for yet another round of fighting. "More of Belius's minions, huh?"

"W-we're Brave Vesperia!" Karol, the boss of the guild, said. He held his axe at the ready, just behind Yuri. Though he was shaking, he wasn't about to let Belius down.

"I don't care how brave you are. Death to those who side with the monsters!"

Yuri grabbed the handle on his sword, threw it back behind him without letting go so the sheath would fly.


"Huh?" Yuri had thrown his sword in the air to catch it and hold it properly when he heard Karol hollering behind him. He turned around in time to see Karol nursing a new black eye and Yuri's disposed of sheath on the ground in front of the twelve-year-old. "Oh, sorry, Karol."

"Watch where you aim that thing when you throw it!" Karol replied amidst the laughter of the Hunting Blades.

"Well, don't stand behind me." Yuri said. "And you guys… keep laughing, it'll be that much easier to take you down!"

The Hunting Blades raised their weapons to meet Brave Vesperia's steel. They clashed, flashing sparks, spilling blood, and breaking out sweat until the last member of the Hunting Blades groaned and fell. Yuri stood over him, staring down at the corpse with a smile. "You should have spent more time training—"

"Reaper Knock!"

"—And less time laugh—hey!" Yuri didn't see the ball of aer, but he felt it strike him right on the back of his head. He turned to see Karol employing a poor attempt at innocence. Yuri frowned. "Was that on purpose?"

Karol shrugged. "How should I know? You were the one standing in front of me…"

A/N: Yes, I know this might have been done before... but I was watching Yuri unsheathe his sword, ya'll know how he does, and I was like... what if that hit someone? And then I heard Karol saying "Ooowww!" And I giggled. Hence this. But it was a conversation with V that I finally got the ending I wanted. Karol retaliating with Reaper Knock (the attack that's basically like baseball for those who don't know) sounded perfect, so... I went with it. Oh, and pardon it's shortness. I didn't really want to make it much longer than it is.