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I know I've dropped off the radar a bit, life sort of got in the way. Anyway, this is going to be a pretty angsty fic. It's set in the same Universe as my other fics "Hating Myself" and "To Her Regents Three" and while there are a few things that may come up, you don't necessarily have to have read them to fallow this story. The only things that might come up is the fact that Matt discovered he had the ability to talk to animals, and they discovered he was fated to become a Regent rather than by chance.

My current beta is a bit busy with her studies and might not be able to beta this time around. I totally understand studies come first. I case she can't would anyone be interested in editing this fic? If so please let me know.

There will be Death, torture (mental, possibly physical), suicide, violence and lots of angst. The rating it teen for now but it may or may not go up I haven't decided yet. I firmly believe that if W.I.T.C.H. had had a third season, Shagon would have made a return in some way, shape, or form. But, before we get to Shagon, let check up on his former mistress. What's she thinking right now?

I Used to Rule the World

I used to rule the world

Seas would rise when I gave the word

Now in the morning I sleep alone

Sweep the streets I used to own


Empress Nerissa, Lord and master of the entire Universe, was enjoying a quiet day in her palace on Earth. She had achieved her life's dream to bring peace to the Universe. She commanded the five powerful Zenith Guardians, her one time lover was back with her, and their son ruled by her side. In short she had everything she ever wanted, so why was she so unsettled. It didn't make sense, she had ended war and poverty, everyone was happy under her wise rule, the world was perfect.

So what was the problem?

"Mother, you look upset. Is something wrong?" Said her son, Prince Caleb as he entered the throne room.

Her face softened at the sight of her child. "It's nothing my son. The world is as it should be. Maybe I've been fighting so long that it seems almost too good to be true."

"Your need to relax more. I was planning on taking a trip to Meridian to ride the Littin Steeds across the Meridian plain. You should come, the sunsets are gorgeous this time of year." The thought did sound lovely. A small trip with her son seemed like a nice idea. She'd been looking for a way to get to know her son better and she should check up on her other kingdoms anyway.

"Alright then, let me get my cloak."


She was glade she did this, she needed some time alone with her son. While she was always watching over him, keeping him safe from a distance, she had missed being able to be a mother to him. She missed seeing his first steps, hearing his first words, and growing up in a world constantly at war, they both had missed his childhood.

"You're looking much better Mother. I told you the sunsets here were gorgeous." She smiled back at her child.

"I'm just happy we got to spend some time together Caleb. We should do this more often." Caleb brightened.

"That's a great idea, maybe we could set aside some special time once a month, just the two of us."

"Just once a month? It doesn't need to be a grand outing like this every time. Even a simple lunch or dinner once or twice a week would be-" But she stopped short as she gazed upon the sky.

This was wrong. The colors were beautiful but the cloud formations looked almost like they were cut. Seeing his Mother's distress Caleb stopped his horse as well. "Mother, what's wrong?"

"The clouds…" she said almost to herself. "It's like I'm looking at a paining that's been slashed, or cracked…" Suddenly she remember exactly where she had seen that crack shaped pattern before. It was just before the end of the war when she had escaped the Heart of Meridi- "No!" she exclaimed realizing that was exactly what she had been staring at. It was all an illusion, all a lie. And as she realized this, the world around her started to fade. The illusion that she believed to be her paradise was disappearing before her eyes.

"Mother what's happening?" To her horror her son Caleb was vanishing like her kingdom of lies.

"No!" She cried out trying to grab his hand. "Not my son as well!" but her hand went right through his as everything faded around her leaving to face reality. Now once again she was trapped inside her jeweled prison but this time without the comfort of the illusion.

One minute I held the keyNext the walls were closed on meAnd I discovered that my castles standUpon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

As she gazed down at her decrepit hands she clenched them into a fist of rage. How dare they! How dare they play with her emotions like that. Had she not seen the crack in the sky she might have lived the rest of her life happily in her prison. But knowing it was all a deception only angered her more. But after a few hours of venting her anger she calmed herself down.

"They should know by now that I always have a backup plan." After taking some time to focus what little energy was left in the jewel, she used her own magic to find out just where she was. It seems that the Passling Jeek had stolen the Heart and was wearing it around his neck. Perfect. It was a simple task to enthrall him, his greed was easily the chink in the armored of his soul. And now that she had a body to take her where she needed to go, she just needed to find a way back to Earth. There she would locate her last loyal servant and the power that she had hidden within him.

It was a small contingency plan she had laid out in the off chance her master plan didn't work out. While he served her she had hidden a large amount of power within Shagon without him knowing. That was the reason she didn't finish off the boy when she drained Shagon of his power when she had regained her former Guardian powers. She had chosen the boy thinking he had a connection to the heart of Earth. She was surprised however when it turned out he didn't seem to have any power what so ever. She was sure he was the boy in the book of prophesy. It was only after she had discarded him that he became a regent of Earth gaining the power that she thought he didn't have. This told her one valuable lesson. No one could change fate. She could use it to her advantage, twist it to fit her needs, but she could not break it. She wouldn't make that mistake again.

"I'm coming for you…Dear Heart. And this time I don't plan to let you go…"

At that very same moment Mathew Olsen bolted awake from a deep sleep. He gasped as he tried to quiet his racing heart. What had caused him to just awaken so suddenly like that? He didn't understand but deep within his sub-consciousness, where he could not see or hear, something was stirring. The demon snickered from deep with in his prison. He had felt it and so had the boy even if he didn't know what it meant. His Mistress was coming for him, and things will be very different this time around.

To be continued…

Next Time: A moment of jealously, a little mistake, a misunderstanding. A few little things that all add up an unforgivable tragedy. They couldn't see it coming but Will knew something was wrong. It was just…"Something in the Wind..."