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Mothers and Daughters

Chapter 1: Welcome Back

Veronica stands in the middle of the cafeteria on the Hearst campus holding a tray with two slices of pizza and bottle of water.

Veronica Voice Over: Here you are, Veronica. Your second first day of college. Things seem pretty normal at the moment. You'd never guess that Logan beat up a young member of Heart's secret fraternity to defend my honor even though we weren't together in this very spot just three months ago. Shake it off. That was the past. This is a new year and a new chance to start fresh.

Veronica spots Mac staring at her tentatively. She gives her a tight smile and wonders if trying to avoid having lunch with Mac makes her a bad friend. She decides it doesn't because Mac seems to be having the same dilemma. They both decide at the same time to suck it up and get this awkward confrontation over with.

Veronica Voice Over: You did not see your friend having sex. You did NOT see your friend having sex. This won't be awkward at all.

Veronica and Mac put their trays on the table that they ended up at and sat down slowly, still not saying a word.

Veronica Voice Over: Who am I kidding. This is gonna be awkward as hell.

Mac: Veronica! Hi. How are you?

Veronica: Good. I'm good. You?

Mac: Oh, you know. Fine. I see you got the pizza. Looks good.

Veronica: Yea. So does your...tofu garden burger sandwich...thing.

Veronica Voice Over:Gee, Veronica. Babble much?

Mac: Well, when you describe it like that, who wouldn't find it appetizing?

Veronica and Mac have both run out of safe things to say. After a full 60 seconds, Veronica can't take it anymore.

Veronica: Ok. This is ridiculous. We're friends.

Mac: Close friends.

Veronica: Who have been through a lot together. There's no reason why we should be awkward now just because....

Mac: Just because you walked into the suite and saw my bare ass in the air and heard Dick yell "Dude, if you're gonna stand there, be useful and hold a camera".

Veronica: Exactly. Of course, the fact that my shirt was mostly off and my hand was down Logan's pants at the time didn't help much.

Mac: What's up with that, by the way. Last I heard, you were with Piz and Logan was single.

Veronica: Oh no. You first. How exactly did we go from you, me, Wallace and Piz running into a drunk Dick and Logan on the beach in May to you doing a little freaky sneaky in the suite's living room three days ago?

Mac: Freaky sneaky?

Veronica: Go with it.

Mac: Fine. I'll tell you only if you promise to tell me why four months after you swore that you and Logan were over for good, you were using his boxers as hand warmers.

Veronica: You spill and so will I.

Mac: It all started almost a month after that day we saw he and Logan on the beach. On the anniversary of our graduation.

Veronica: The night that...

Mac: Yea. The night Cassidy stole my clothes after NOT taking my virginity, tried to kill you and then jumped off of the roof of the Neptune Grand. I went on the roof to...I don't know. Reflect, I guess. I was there for about 30 minutes when I heard a noise behind me. It was Dick.


Mac turns around quickly and her body tenses at the intrusion of her "Roof Reflection Time" as she'd dubbed it. She sees Dick shuffle uncertainly towards her and calms down...a little. They stare at each other for a few moments before Mac breaks the silence.

Mac: Gee, Dick. Two times in four weeks. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were stalking me.

Dick: (snorts) A hot chick accusing me of stalking. If I had a nickel...

Mac isn't sure if he's joking or serious, so instead of responding, she turns back to look at the view of the city.

Dick: You here to think about Beav?

Mac: No. I'm here to think about Cassidy.

Dick: Cassidy. That's right. He hated being called Beaver. He was always correcting people when they called him that. But they never stopped. Because of me.

Mac steals a glance over at Dick and can't help but notice him shudder as a few tears fall down his face.

Mac: I always called him Cassidy. But that didn't stop him from leaving me naked in a hotel room and almost killing my best friend. Not to mention that small incident of shoving a bus full of students off of a cliff.

Dick: Do you hate him?

Mac: Do you?

Dick: If I did, I'd have to hate myself. And my dad. And my mom. And all my friends who treated him like crap or laughed when I did.

Mac: So do you?

Dick: Sometimes.

Mac: And the rest of the time?

Dick: The rest of the time, I'm just sad. And sorry.

Mac: I don't know how I feel about him. How can I hate the first guy I fell for? The guy who made me laugh and who I felt pretty with and who I was comfortable being myself around? But then, how can I forgive the guy who killed over a dozen people and tried to kill my friend and her father over a secret?

Dick: So you don't love him and you don't hate him. Why are you here thinking about him?

Mac: To say good-bye. I have to finally let him go so I can move on.

Dick: Move on? Is that even possible?

Mac: It is if we let ourselves. I'm sorry he didn't get to live on. That his life was stolen from him when he was a kid, long before he killed himself. But that doesn't mean I want my life to end with him. And I don't think you want yours to end with him either.

Dick: That would be what's fair, don't you think?

Mac: You want to do something to make it up to your brother? Become the guy he would've looked up to. He's gotta be in there somewhere.

Dick: You think?

Mac: For the sake of Cassidy's memory...I hope so.

Without another word, Mac gently pats Dick's shoulder and leaves the roof.


Veronica: Huh. An inner Dick. Who would've guessed?

Mac: And after joking about him stalking me, who would've thought he'd actually start stalking me?

Veronica raises her hand.

Veronica: I totally could've guessed that. You give a guy like Dick an inch...

Mac: And he'll follow you for miles. I try to be nice and sensitive while we grieve together and somehow now, he thinks our rooftop meeting was destined or something.

Veronica: Maybe it was.

Mac: It definitely wasn't. I wanted to be alone but it turns out I needed someone after all. He was there and he fit the bill.

Veronica: You could've called me, you know. I wouldn't have let you go through that alone.

Mac: Come on, V. Really?

Veronica: What?

Mac: You really would've wanted to hear me talk about Cassidy? Do you think you would've been able to listen to me mourn the boy who tried to make you jump off of the roof? Who blew up a plane that you thought your father was on?

Veronica Voice Over: Who raped me and gave me the clap. Maybe she has a point.

Mac: I didn't want to put you through that. No matter how I was feeling, I knew it wasn't fair to expect that of you.

Veronica doesn't know what to say, so she remains silent. She has the feeling that Mac isn't finished getting her thoughts out anyway. She's right. Mac sighs and continues.

Mac: I spent all last year trying to reconcile the guy I knew to the guy who killed himself. I couldn't quit match up the guy who was willing to go to every pizza joint on the west coast with the guy who blew up a bus full of his classmates. I tried but just couldn't do it, so I gave up. And I dated Bronson and I dated Max. But he was always there. Mocking me or something. So I went on that roof because I had to let him go. I had to say "good-bye" to Cassidy and "screw you" to Beaver. And Dick, believe it or not, had to do it too. So we just did it together.

Veronica: Yeah you did.

Veronica nudges Mac with her elbow and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. Mac smirks and shakes her head. With the mood much lighter, she turns to Veronica.

Mac: So I guess now it's your turn.

Veronica: Oh, no you don't. You and Dick bonding on the roof of a hotel does not equal you and Dick bonding under the roof of the hotel. Spill.

Mac: Ugh. Fine. After our shared moment, I guess we clicked. At first, him following me around and wanting me hang out was annoying, but after awhile, it wasn't. Especially with everyone else gone. And since I was doing everything in my power to avoid the annual Mackenzie Camping Extravaganza, hanging out with Dick became my routine. He and I didn't bond under the roof of the hotel until a week ago. And that kinda just happened. One minute we were playing Halo and arguing about internet cheats and the next minute we were kissing. And the rest is history.

Veronica: So when Logan and I stumbled in, it was your....?

Mac: It was our second time. I swore it wouldn't happen again after the first time, but you and Logan got a very clear visual of my lack of resolve.

Veronica: Wow. So do you think it will happen a third time?

Mac: No. Absolutely not. I mean it this time. I don't care how determined he is to make me his...

Veronica: His what? Permanent booty call? His friend with benefits? His quick piece of tail?

Mac: His girlfriend.

Veronica: His girlfriend? He wants to make you his girlfriend?

Mac: I believe his exact words were, "You've sampled the Dickster. Now you're about to get the whole buffet".

Veronica turns her head and uses all of her strength to not laugh at Mac. She literally bites her tongue and refuses to say anything.

Mac: What? Say something. I know you want to.

Veronica: I was just wondering, when your last name becomes Casablancas, will we still get to call you Mac? Or should we give you a cool new last name-based nickname. Like Cas. Or Blancas. Oh, maybe Sabla.

Mac: Haha. Speaking of last name changes, why don't you share on you and Logan's position when you barged into the hotel suite. And while you're at it, explain why when you pulled your hand out of his pants, there was a diamond ring on your finger. Did you and Logan get engaged when I wasn't looking?

Veronica: Um no. Believe it or not we never got engaged. We went straight to the wedding.

Mac: WHAT?

Veronica: Logan and I got married.

Mac: Oh my. What the...When? Where? And how?

Veronica: Before I left for Virginia. In Las Vegas. And by a 6'2" licensed clergyman who moonlights as a bouncer.


After the fight with Gory and the apology to Piz, Logan dejectedly leavs the cafeteria. Veronica looks from Piz to the door that Logan had just walked through with tears in her eyes. She looks back at Piz, kisses him on the cheek.

Veronica: I'm sorry. I've got to go after him. I'll stop by your room when I'm done.

Piz: Don't go. Stay.

Veronica: What? I can't. I have to go after him.

Piz's eyes close in distress. When he opens them to look at Veronica, she sees resignation.

Piz: Fine. But if you go, we're done.

Veronica: What? Piz.

Piz: Who am I kidding? We're done either way.

Veronica: Piz!

Piz: You love him! You never stopped. And he never stopped loving you. And I'm sick of waiting for you to remember that and drop me to run back to him. So I'm putting myself out of my misery. Go back to him.

Veronica: This has nothing to do with me loving Logan. It's about his fight with Gory.

Piz: Oh, you mean the second person who's ass he's kicked defending your honor? I can't compete with that. And I don't want to pretend that I can. Not anymore. You're not mine, Veronica. I don't think you ever were.

Piz pulls her into a hug and then turns and walks away without looking back at her again. Veronica shakes her head and wipes the tears stinging her eyes. She casts one last look in the direction that Piz had just gone before she leaves the cafeteria in the opposite direction to find Logan. She jogs until she reaches the outside of the student center and looks all around for any sight of Logan. Not finding him, she heads to her car and makes a beeline for the Neptune Grand. She lets herself in with her room key and heads straight for his room. When she looks inside, he is throwing clothes in a duffel bag.

Veronica: Logan.

Logan's head snaps up at the sound of her voice. He stares at her without speaking for a few seconds, then goes back to his task of "packing".

Logan: What are you doing here?

Veronica: I had to see you.

Logan: Why?

Veronica: Because...I had to. What are you doing?

Logan: What does it look like? I'm packing.

Veronica can't stop herself from being snippy.

Veronica: I hope wherever it is you're going has an iron because your clothes are going to be wrinkled beyond recognition when you get there.

Logan: Well, I'll make sure "there" has an iron is listed as one of the amenities before I book the room. Good-bye, Veronica.

Veronica: Wait! You can't go yet. Don't you think we should talk first?

After zipping up his suitcase, Logan looks at Veronica in thought, then goes with his impulse.

Logan: We can talk on one condition.

Veronica: What's that?

Logan: We talk in the car.

Veronica: What?

Logan: Come with me.

Veronica: What?

Logan: That's the deal, Veronica. If you want to talk, then come with me. We'll talk in the car on the way there.

Veronica: Where is "there"?

Logan: Take it or leave it.

Veronica: I don't have any clothes.

Logan: I'll buy whatever you need when we get there.

Veronica looks down at the floor in deep thought, weighing her options. She looks up and stares Logan in the eyes.

Veronica: Fine. But we have to make a stop along the way. We have to vote.

Logan nods his understanding and somehow manages to keep the huge grin off of his face until Veronica turns around to leave the bedroom.

"There" ended up being the bright lights of Vegas. Logan explained to Veronica that after everything that had happened—Mercer being a rapist, their break-up, him mistakenly dating Parker, her breaking his heart by dating Piz, and him dying on the inside watching their nude make-out—he needed to lose himself for a few days.

Their first night in Vegas is surprisingly tame. After spending an hour at a small strip mall to buy Veronica clothes and necessities, they are too tired to do anything else but order room service and go to sleep. They are so exhausted because they had spent the entire car ride talking. And they talked about EVERYTHING. His recklessness, her pig-headedness, his drunken hook-up with Madison, her inability to trust him, Parker, Piz, Lilly, Duncan....EVERYTHING. They go to sleep on separate sides of the king sized bed feeling more at peace than either had felt in months.

Their second night in Vegas is not tame at all. Logan wants a wild night on the town and he is determined to drag Veronica along with him. It takes him all of dinner and two desserts to convince her to let herself go and just enjoy life with him for once. He rents a limo for the evening and buys her into a high-stakes poker game at the first casino they stop at to seal the deal. A few hours later, Logan has broken even at the blackjack table he had been playing at, but Veronica has done very well for herself in poker. High off of her win and a little tipsy off of the free drinks, she drags him to the next casino. He is more than willing to follow her. Three casinos later, they are both more than tipsy and scarfing down food at one of the all night buffets. The place is packed and they end up sharing a table with another young couple who is heading to an all night chapel to tie the knot. Feeling giddy and generous, Logan offers to take them in the limo and offers for he and Veronica to be their witnesses. Five hours later, Logan and Veronica had made their way back to their hotel room and spend the remainder of their second night on top of each other in the middle of their king sized bed.

The next morning, Veronica is the first to wake. The first thing she notices is her pounding headache. The second thing she notices is Logan spooned behind her and lightly snoring into the nape of her neck while his hand is planted firmly on her breast. The third thing she notices is that the breast under Logan's hand was nude, as was the rest of her. The last thing she notices was that the LEFT hand that is firmly planted on her nude breast has a gold ring on the fourth finger.

Veronica shoots up to a sitting position and yanks up the sheet to cover herself. The sudden movement causes Logan to rolls over on his back, but his had simply falls into her lap. Closing her eyes tightly, Veronica forcefully throws Logan's arm off of hers and onto him. The feeling of his own arm slapping his chest rouses Logan from his sleep. Logan opens his eyes, then shuts them again quickly to try to will away the pounding in his head.

Logan: Veronica?

Veronica is now staring at the ring that encases her own left hand. When she doesn't answer him, Logan opens his eyes and looks over at her and calls her name again, this time with worry in his voice.

Logan: Veronica? What's wrong?

Veronica: Look at your hand.

Confused, Logan lifted his right hand to inspect it.

Veronica: Your other hand.

Logan lifts his other hand, half expecting to see a tattoo or something equally stupid done in an inebriated state. The last thing he expects to see is a wedding band. He stares at it for a few moments, then busts out laughing. Veronica turns to him incredulously.

Veronica: You think this is funny?

Logan: You don't?

Veronica: A drunken marriage at an all night chapel in Vegas? Not only is this not funny, it's also cliché and I do NOT do cliché. We have to get this annulled. As soon as possible.

She looks over to Logan expecting to see him vehemently agreeing with her. Instead he looks thoughtful. He opens his mouth to say something, then changes his mind. He does this three more times before Veronica gets annoyed and tells him to spit out whatever it is he's trying to say.

Logan: I was just thinking...Would it really be such a bad thing? Us being married?

Veronica: I'm sorry, what?!? You want to be married? To me?

Logan: I decided a long time ago that if I was ever going to get married, the only person it would work with is you.

Veronica: That's hardly a reason to be bound to each other for life.

Logan: Fine. How about the fact that I still love you and always will. That's why I went all psycho on Piz after I saw that video of the two of you. That's why Parker broke up with me and I didn't stop her. There's no one else for me, Veronica. Just you. And I know you feel the same way about me. That's why you came on this trip with me. You don't trust people, but without knowing where we were going and for how long we'd be gone, you hopped in the car and came with me anyway. You love me. You trust me. It just scares you.

Veronica looks down at her feet, avoiding Logan's piercing gaze. She processes everything he's just said and doesn't bother denying the truth of his words. She knows he loves her and she knows she loves him too. And he's especially right about how much that scares her. She jumps a little when Logan grabs her hands in his. He waits until she meets his eyes to speak.

Logan: One summer. Give me one summer to prove to you that this is right. That we can be happy. If, by the end of August when school starts again, you want to get divorced, I won't contest it. But, if we're happy, we stay married. We stay together.

Veronica: We're only 19.

Logan: And we've lived the lives of people twice our age.

Veronica: Don't you think this is a little impulsive?

Logan: Probably. Doesn't change the way I feel.

Veronica: You really think we're ready for this? For marriage? For forever?

Logan: I know we are. And I want to spend the every day of the next three months proving that to you. Give me that chance. I swear, Veronica, I won't let you down. Three months. That's all I ask.

Logan drops her hands and lifts his to gently cup her face. She is unable to break away from his gaze, even as tears begin to well up in her eyes. He holds his breath and continues to look into her eyes as he waits for her answer. Veronica decides that if there's ever a time to take a shot, this is it.

Veronica: Okay.

A huge smile spreads over Logan's face at her one word answer. This was their chance. He had three months to convince her of what he already knew, what he had known for almost two years: They belonged together.

Logan and Veronica spend the rest of their trip being newlyweds; so much that the couple in the room next to them complains. Veronica jokes as they pack up their car that she feels like she's walking funny.

They spend the drive home making plans. First thing on the list is facing the wrath of Keith Mars. They play rock-paper-scissors to see who would be the unlucky soul who gets to share the news of their marriage with him. The second thing on the list is her 12 week internship at the FBI. Logan simply tells her that he is going to Virginia with her. Since Dick had canceled their surfing trip to spend time with his dad, Logan's summer is completely free to play homemaker while she fetches coffee and types memos at the FBI headquarters. After some nudging (or nagging as he called it) on her part, he even agrees to take a couple of summer classes at a local community college so he'll have something more to occupy his days while she is interning.


Mac: Wow. I can't believe it. I really can't.

Veronica: I can barely believe it myself some days.

Mac: I assume that since you're still married today that the three months went well?

Veronica: It did. We had a few bumps in the road, but we worked through it. It's amazing how much easier things can be when you trust someone and make an effort.

Mac: Imagine that.

Veronica: The last night we were in Virginia we were in bed after....

Mac winces, knowing what Veronica is about to say.

Veronica: know. I could tell he wanted to ask, but was scared. So I just turned to him and told him that I wanted a real wedding. One where my dad walks me down the aisle and I con you into wearing a girly dress of some sort an I throw flowers at someone. He smiled, kissed me, and that was it.

Mac: Speaking of daddy/daughter dances, how did Papa Mars take the news? Logan's alive, so things must've gone well.

Veronica: Oh, they went well...ish.


Veronica and Logan are holding hands over the center console as Logan drives them to her apartment to talk to Keith. Veronica notices that the closer they get their destination, the slower Logan drives. Veronica would tease Logan about being so scared to face her father, but she isn't sure she can speak about it without her voice conveying her own fear, so she holds her tongue. On second thought...

Veronica: Sooo...I know we haven't talk about this yet, but what are you thinking of offering my dad for the bride price?

Logan: Don't even start.

Veronica: What? This is important. Now, based on all of my wonderful qualities, the fact that I'm an only child and that my daddy really loves me, your offer should be high. I'm thinking....6 goats and a camel.

Logan: You can't even help yourself, can you?

Veronica: (as if he hadn't spoken) Of course, with the whole "destroying evidence and jeopardizing his campaign for sheriff" thing, he probably will be a little relieved to have me be "your problem" now. Maybe 5 goats and a llama. On the other hand, he still won the election, so make that two llamas.

Logan: Do you have to make a joke out of everything?

Veronica: That's almost ironic coming from you. I'm just trying to lighten the mood. You seem so tense.

Logan: I just eloped with the only daughter of the only man alive who scares the shit out of me. And he carries a gun. I'm fresh out of "breezy" at the moment.

Veronica: Well, at least you don't have to be the one to actually tell him.

Logan smirks, remembering their long game of rock-paper-scisssors.

Logan: True. And it only took you 17 rounds to concede.

Veronica: I didn't concede. I took pity on you and ended the game early to spare you from my dad's wrath.

Logan: Please. I was winning 11 to 6. We only stopped because your fingers started cramping up.

Veronica: AND because I figured that our happy news would sound better coming from me. (with false sweetness) I was only thinking of you, Logan.

Logan: Whatever you have to tell yourself.

Logan and Veronica settle back down as they near the apartment complex. Logan parks the car and takes a deep breath as he turns to Veronica.

Logan: you know what you're going to say?

Veronica: I was thinking something along the lines of "Hey dad, you know how people say guys won't buy the cow if he gets the milk for free? You can rest easy because Logan bought the cow!"

Logan laughs, despite the heavy situation.

Logan: Somehow, I don't think implying that I've been getting free milk for the past year will help the situation. Especially since I can no longer say the term "free milk" without thinking about you naked.

Veronica: Hmm. That is a problem. I guess I'll just have to wing it.

Logan: If you can wing it in a way that ensures that I'll still be in possession of my balls when we leave here, I'd appreciate it.

Veronica: I'll try my best.

Logan: Can't ask for more than that.

Logan and Veronica smile at each other. They are both more at ease than they were when they first started driving over to the Mars' apartment. Logan reaches over the center console and gently caresses Veronica's cheek, then pulls her into a soft kiss.

Logan: I love you.

Veronica smiles and takes a deep breath, internally pumping herself up to reply to Logan.

Veronica: I...I love you too, Logan.

A huge grin breaks out over Logan's face.

Logan: Let's do this.

The two exit the car and walk to the front door hand in hand. They enter the apartment and see Keith standing at the counter. He looks up and smiles at Veronica, then gives her a confused look when he notices Logan standing behind her.

Veronica: Hey dad! Did you nab that bail jumper?

Keith: Do you really have to ask? Did you have fun NOT sleeping in your room the whole time I was gone?

Logan and Veronica wear identical panicked looks.

Veronica: How did you...

Keith: I know all. I also assume that's what this visit is about. To tell me that you broke up with Piz and you and Logan are back together.

Veronica: (Voice still betraying her nerves) Yes. That's exactly it. Piz and I are over and Logan and I are...under. You don't look very surprised.

Keith: I knew it was only a matter of time. So, why don't you two come on over here and tell me all about it. We can have some of this pie that Alicia made for me.

Logan: (a little too chipper) Sounds good.

Logan and Veronica walk into the kitchen and sit at the table. Logan's hands are clenched so tightly that his knuckles are white. Veronica rubs hand with hers until she feels his fist loosen. Keith turns around with plates of pie and slides them over to the nervous couple. Keith can feel the tension and is a little confused by it. He turns sits down across from Logan at the table. Veronica is still standing as if she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Keith: Veronica, why don't you get us some glasses. Logan, would you like some milk?

Logan practically swallows the fork still in his mouth as he chokes on the bite of pie. Veronica rushes over to him and starts patting his back. When he catches his breath they both turn to Keith to find him staring strangely at them.

Keith: What's going on? You two are acting strange. Is this about the fact that Veronica obviously spent the last four days sleeping at the hotel instead of her own bed?

Veronica: Umm, something like that.

Keith: Something?

Keith looks back and forth between Veronica and Logan. Both seem reluctant to continue, which makes him nervous.

Keith: You two are scaring me. Somebody better start talking fast.

Veronica: Okay., Logan and I...

Keith: Oh my god, you're pregnant!

Veronica: What? No, we're not pregnant.

Keith sighs with relief.

Keith: Oh, well, no news is worse than that. Just spit out whatever you have to say.

Veronica: Logan and I got married in Vegas this weekend.

Keith stares open-mouthed at the wall in front of him.

Keith: I was wrong.

Veronica: Dad?

Keith doesn't say anything or look at her. He is straining to reign in his temper.

Logan: Mr. Mars?

Keith: Don't say a word, Logan. You took my baby girl to Las Vegas and got married without so much as a word to me? Don't say a word.

Veronica: Dad, Logan didn't kidnap me and drag me down the aisle and force me to marry him. It just sort of happened.

Keith: What, were the two of you drunk or something?

Veronica and Logan snap their mouths closed and Keith gets even angrier and turns the most murderous glare on Logan.

Keith: Logan, you need to leave.

Logan: With all due respect, sir, please let me say something.

Keith cools down a little bit after seeing the desperation in Logan's eyes.

Keith: Speak.

Logan: I love Veronica with everything in me. She is the most important thing in my life. I know we're young and we've been through a lot, but I swear I will do everything in my power to take care of her and make sure she's happy. She has goals for her life and I want her to reach them just as much as you do. I won't hold her back. I'll support her no matter what she does. I asked her to give me this summer to prove to her that I can make her happy. Please give me that same chance to prove to you that you can trust me with her. Please.


Mac: Say what you want about Logan Echolls, but the man has a way with words.

Veronica:Words are definitely his thing. And dad must've agreed because after a little more begging, pleading, and promising on both our ends, he gave us his blessing for three months. But we couldn't leave before he threatened Logan's life if he hurt me in any way.

Mac: Naturally.

Veronica looks up and spots Wallace walking into the cafeteria. She waves him over when their eyes meet.

Mac: Before he gets here, does he know?

Veronica: About me and Logan? Yea. We took him out to dinner the day after he got back from Africa to tell him. He took it marginally better than my dad. But every thing's cool now.

Wallace reaches the table with his own tray, sits down, and immediately starts digging into his food.

Veronica gives him a few minutes before she starts interrogating him.

Veronica: So, Wallace, how goes phase one of Operation Parent Trap?

Wallace: Do we really have to call it that?

Veronica: You don't like the name? It's perfect. I'm a little cute blond girl. You're a little cute blond girl…just darker, more masculine and a smidge bit taller.

Wallace: I don't even get to be the Lindsay Lohan version? No deal. We're calling it something else.

Veronica: We can go back to calling it Operation Wild Thang if you want.

Wallace: WE never called it that. YOU called it that and I almost threw up.

Mac: What's Operation Wild Thang?

Wallace glares at Veronica, then turns to Mac to answer her question.

Wallace: Operation Parent Trap is Veronica and I stepping in and giving our stubborn parents a little boost.

Mac: Meaning?

Veronica: Meaning my dad and his mom belong together. They really care about each other and they don't work with anyone else. So we're getting them back together.

Mac: Translation: You didn't like any of your dad's other girlfriends.

Veronica: That too. But it wasn't just me. Wallace didn't like the last guy Alicia dated.

Wallace: Carl. He kept calling me "Sport" and trying to give me nuggies. Who does that anymore?

Veronica: And after the disaster that Harmony was, I knew I had to do something. So Wallace and I put our heads together and the result is Operation Bow Chica Wow Wow!

Wallace gives Veronica a disgusted look, then glares at Mac when he realizes she's trying very hard to not laugh.

Wallace: Operation Parent Trap.

Veronica: If you're gonna get all whiny about it, then I guess we can call it Operation Parent Trap. If that's really what you want.

Wallace: Yea, yea, yea. And to answer the earlier question, phase one is completed. The guest house is tenant free.

Veronica: How did you get rid of her?

Wallace: She found a few well-placed rat traps around her apartment. Who knew girls were so squeamish about rodents? How about you? Did you do your part?

Veronica: Of course. I went to the rental office and picked up my dad's lease renewal paperwork. Then walked back to the apartment and calmly forged his signature declining the offer to renew his lease for another year.

Mac: Your dad is gonna figure out what you've done if you leave that paper trail.

Veronica: I know. But by then, the apartment will be rented out for the next tenant and he'll have to move. His only other options would be bunking up with Cliff, sleeping at the office, or renting a room at the Camelot until he finds something else. A nice, comfy guest house with a beautiful landlord wins hands down.

Mac: What if he's so mad at your duplicity that he refuses just to spite you.

Wallace: Then we go with Plan B.

Mac: And that is?

Veronica: My dad might be mad at us, but he still cares about Alicia. If he doesn't want to move in because he's mad, we pull the sympathy card. It will benefit Alicia to have the guest house rented out, especially this close to Christmas.

Mac: It's nowhere near Christmas.

Wallace: It's always near Christmas when you're my mother. She buys Christmas presents all year long.

Veronica: And if that doesn't work, we'll say she's being stalked or something. It'll tug at his white knight complex. There's no better way to keep the damsel safe than to have the local sheriff living 10 feet away.

Mac: Looks like you've thought of everything. Except…

Veronica: Except what? We've left no stone unturned here.

Mac: How are you gonna get your dad moved out of the apartment fast? Even with his new job, he won't have the money to pack and move in a matter of days. He'll have to hire movers and trucks, get storage, etc.

Veronica: And that's where drunkenly marrying a wealthy wayward teenager comes in handy. Logan's already agreed to let us borrow his Black Amex Card for moving expenses.

Logan: If you weren't being so stubborn and let me give you your own Black Amex Card, you could use that instead of "borrowing" mine.

Veronica is so caught up in revealing her plan to Mac that she doesn't see Logan walk up to the group and is surprised to hear his voice. Logan uses her surprise to his advantage and gives Veronica a long, lingering kiss. The kind of kiss she normally wouldn't give in public. The kind of kiss that promises wonderful things to come.

Wallace: Oh god. Would you two give it a rest? I'm trying to eat, here. Can't you do that in the backseat of one of your cars like a normal couple?

Logan: Sounds good to me. Let's go.

Logan grabs Veronica's hand to pull her out of her chair. The fog from the kiss finally clears out of Veronica's head, enabling her to think clearly. Coming to, she tugs her hand out of Logan's.

Veronica: We can't. You have your first class in… (Veronica stops to check her watch) …twelve minutes.

Logan: Twelve minutes is plenty of time.

Veronica: Not for me it's not. Go to your class like a good boy and I'll reward you properly for it later.

Logan fixes a lust-filled gaze on his wife.

Logan: Just so you know, I have every intention of holding you to that.

Veronica grabs his collar and yanks his ear to her mouth. She whispers to him exactly what she has every intention of holding, then places a soft kiss on his cheek. Wallace and Mac have a pretty good idea what Veronica whispered, mostly because of the way that Logan's eyes almost rolled into the back of his head when her mouth started moving. Logan turns his face towards Veronica and gives her another scorching kiss that tops his earlier one before grabbing his book and walking away. Wallace rolls his eyes and gags at the PDA. Mac has a different reaction.

Mac: Shit.

Veronica: What's the matter, Mac? Not a fan of affection being publicly displayed?

Mac: I don't have a problem with it, but I know someone who might.

Veronica: Who?

Mac: A certain blond ex-girlfriend of your husband who happens to be my roommate again.

Veronica and Wallace both whip their heads in the direction that Mac is looking and see Parker talking with a few girls by one of the food lines. Not wanting to have to deal with Parker just yet, Veronica looks down at her tray and curses Logan and his mind-numbing kisses.

Veronica: Do you think she saw us?

Mac: You mean you and Logan trying to swallow each other whole?

Veronica: Yea.

Mac: If I had to bet, I'd go with yes.

Veronica: Why's that?

Mac: Because she's headed this way now. And she doesn't look happy.

Wallace: And that's my cue to leave. You know I've got your back with just about everything, V. But this girly girl drama…not my thing. Call me if you need me to open a jar or take out the trash or something. I've got class.

With that, Wallace snatches up his empty tray and his books and leaves the table, avoiding the drama that is sure to occur in a matter of seconds. Parker reaches the table in time to see Wallace slip through the cafeteria doors.

Parker: Hey, Mac. Sorry I didn't get out of class in time to have lunch with you.

Mac: It's ok, Parker. I caught up with Veronica, so I wasn't by myself.

Parker: I see. How are you doing, Veronica?

Veronica: Fine. You?

Parker: Oh, I'm doing great. How was your summer? Did your internship go well?

Veronica: Um, sure. I liked it. I don't know that I'll go back, but we'll see.

Veronica gets an uneasy feeling. Even though Parker's words portray small talk, her tone and the look on her face portray something totally different.

Parker: So, I see you and Logan are back together.

Veronica: Um, yea we are. We talked things over this summer and...

Parker cuts her off mid-sentence. She puts her hand up as if it would physically stop the word from coming out of Veronica's mouth.

Parker: Please, stop. There really is no need to go into detail. I can't say I didn't see it coming. It is why I broke up with him after all. Still, it doesn't make it any easier to see you two trying to suck each others' faces off right in front of me.

Veronica closes her eyes and sighs She knew that she would have to talk to Parker and Piz at some point about her and Logan's reconciliation, but she really isn't in the mood to deal with it right now.

Veronica: Look, Parker. I think I can speak for Logan and myself when I say that we weren't trying to hurt you. We didn't know you were watching us and if we did, we definitely wouldn't have gotten so caught up like we did. We would never rub our relationship in your face like that. That being said, Logan and I are together and I hope that you can accept that. You and I share friends and it would be really weird and awkward for every one if we couldn't at least be friendly with each other. You and I were able to maintain a friendship when you and Logan started seeing each other and I hope we can do the same now that he and I are together again.

Parker shakes her head and lets out a brittle, bitter laugh.

Parker: Friends? Sure, Veronica. Why the hell not. Just do me a favor, friend, and try to keep the PDA to a minimum. There's only so much a girl can take.

Before Veronica can respond, Parker turns around and walks off. Mac and Veronica are both quiet for a few minutes, both unsure of what to say.

Veronica: Well, that went well.

Mac: Much better than I expected.

Veronica: You were expecting worse than that?

Mac: You weren't? I thought she'd have a full-blown seizure when she noticed that rock on your left hand. She must've missed it.

Veronica: That's what I was aiming for when I slipped my hand onto my lap. I think it was around the second eye-roll she threw my way that I decided that now isn't the best time to tell her that on top of getting back together, Logan and I got married.

Mac: She's gonna find out sooner or later.

Veronica: I'm shooting for later. Like when Junior takes his first step.

Mac: Junior?

Veronica is picking at her food still disgruntled about the Parker conversation. She doesn't even notice the shocked look on Mac's face or the conclusion she arrived at after hearing the word "Junior".

Veronica: What?

Mac: Are you...are you pregnant?

Veronica: WHAT? No!!! Where the hell did you get an idea like that?

Mac: You're one talking about having juniors. I just thought that maybe...

Veronica: I was joking. God, don't even jinx us like that. Can you imagine me as a mother? I can barely wrap my mind around the fact that I'm even somebody's wife.

Mac: What do you mean?

Veronica: Come on, Mac. Me? Married? I don't know about you, but I never thought I'd see the day.

Veronica can see that Mac is completely confused, so she explains.

Veronica: Years ago, I was all about the perfect life with a perfect husband, 2.5 kids and a dog. Then Lilly died. And those dreams sort of died with her. Everything around me changed and I changed too. All the things I've seen in the years after her death – rendez-vous at cheap motels, ugly divorces, child abuse and abandonment, alcoholism, drug problems – made me look at marriage very differently. I stopped seeing it as a happily ever after and started seeing it for what it usually turns out to be. A big, messy, complicated liability. And I never thought I'd take the risk.

Mac and Veronica both ponder her sad, disheartened words.

Mac: Then why did you? Take the risk, I mean.

Veronica think before she answers Mac.

Veronica: Because it's Logan. And as crazy and dysfunctional as it is, I'm happier with him than I am without him. And I knew, I just knew that if ever there was a time to take a chance and a person to take that chance with, it was then with him. And if, in ten or twenty years, we've somehow lose that lovin' feeling, you can bet those will have been the best ten or twenty years of my life.

The pair sit in silence again, thinking over the heavy epiphany Veronica experienced in the 25 seconds it took her to agree to stay married to Logan. Being them, though, they are unable to dwell on the serious stuff for too long. Mac is the first to crack.

Mac: Veronica?

Veronica: Yea?

Mac: I really hope those weren't your wedding vows.

Both girls laugh, happy that the mood has been lightened, even for the moment.

Mac: So, what are you gonna do about Parker?

Veronica: I don't know. I'll wait and see what she does and respond accordingly. I'll try to give her what I needed when she and Logan started dating: Time and space. Hopefully she'll come around. If not, it's gonna be one awkward year for you.

Mac: (rolling her eyes and chuckling) Gee, thanks, Veronica.

Veronica: No, seriously. I'll do everything in my power to keep this from affecting you too much.

Mac: I know you will. And I appreciate it.

Veronica Voice Over One disgruntled ex down, one to go.


Later that day, Veronica walks out of her last class shaking her head to wake herself up. She takes her cell phone out and speed dials Logan. She smiles to herself when she is reminded that she switched her father and Logan's speed dials. Logan is now number two and her dad was bumped down to number three. Logan picks up on the second ring.

Logan: Hey, babe.

Veronica: Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I'm on my way home.

Logan: Say it again.

Veronica smiles, despite herself.

Veronica: I'm on my way home.

Logan: I never get tired of hearing you say that. How was the rest of your day?

Veronica: Oh, you know. Fun. Went to class, checked my email, had an awkward conversation with an ex.

Logan: Piz?

Veronica: Parker.

Logan: Eww. How was that?

Veronica: About as fun as fun can be. Especially after she mentioned witnessing our hot lip lock before your class. I'm all 'funned' out. How was your day?

Logan: Same as yours, minus talking to Parker. I did do some shopping on my way home though. I had to pick up some supplies.

Veronica: Gee, that's not vague at all. Supplies for what?

Logan: For tonight. You making up for not giving me my twelve minutes earlier.

Veronica: You need supplies for that?

Logan: Well, you felt really really bad about it. And I plan on this taking awhile. The supplies are going to make sure we last.

Veronica: Wow. Should I start doing lunges and hamstring stretches now or can it wait until later.

Logan: That's up to you. Oh, before I thinking about what do you want for dinner. We're gonna have to order room service because I forgot to pick up food when I was out.

Veronica: Let me get this straight. You got supplies for an all-night sexathon but forgot to get food? Don't you think your priorities are a little backward.

Logan: No. See you soon. I love you.

Veronica: Love you too.

Veronica sighs as she hangs up the phone. In the first month of their life as a married couple, Veronica was a little freaked out by how lovey-dovey they could be at times. After awhile, she just embraced it. Having been surrounded by broken relationships or years, she figured that if her and Logan having super-sweet moments were the worst of their problems, they'd be ok. Her heart rate picked up a little in anticipation as she opened the door to the suite and stepped inside.


Veronica arrives at the Grand weary but cheerful.

Veronica: Honey, I'm home. I had a rough day, but I'm counting on you and your "supplies" to make sure it ends on the right note.

Veronica enters the suite fully and is surprised to see Cliff standing next to an amused Logan with a pained look on his face.

Cliff: Please, V. Don't finish that thought. I may not be your dad, but I still have to look him in the eye after I leave here.

Veronica: Cliff! What are you doing here?

Logan: He got here about five minutes ago saying he needed to talk to you. Wouldn't say why, though.

Veronica: That sounds dire. What do you need, Cliffy? Did the gals down at The Seventh Veil get themselves in a bind with the sheriff's department again?

Cliff: Funny, V. This isn't about one of my girls, it's about one of yours.

Veronica: My girl?

Cliff: Your mother, specifically.

Both Veronica and Logan's heads snap up at the word "mother".

Veronica: What about my mo...Lianne?

Cliff: She's here and she says she needs to see you. Apparently, she needs your help.

Logan: Help with what?

Cliff: According to her, someone's trying to kill her.

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