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Summary: After having a horrible summer with his relatives Harry begins to notice things are happening to him. Features loveable godfathers, Harry the merman. Ron, Hermoine, Dumbledore bashing.

Warnings: will be slash in the future, far future but im just giving you warning. Pairing undecided as of yet.

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Unexpected changes

Chapter 1: And so the story begins.

Harry sighed and stretched, his back cracking painfully in a few places. He'd been weeding his aunt's gardens for the last two hours, and the sun bearing down on him was driving him mad. Harry grabbed at a small weed and tore it out; he frowned as bits of earth flew into his face and hair. He hated Mondays, for some reason chores seemed worse then normal. He shook his head to clear his black messy hair loose of dirt. Harry batted a piece of his hair from his eyes and froze thinking, what if he grew his hair longer? Maybe that would finally tame it? Harry smiled thinking of his godfather Sirius, his hair was long and it looked fine. With a nod to no one in particular he made up his mind, he would let it grow out.

"Potter! Hurry up and get inside and start dinner! "Harry winced as his aunt's shrill voice pierced his eardrums.

Harry didn't see why his aunt had to scream like a banshee every time she talked to him, didn't she have a normal voice at all?

Pulling himself painfully to his feet Harry swore softly, he was sure from the burning sensations he was feeling on various parts of his body that he no doubt had sunburn. What a lovely Monday.

"Boy, don't make me come out there to get your lazy arse!" Oh great, thought Harry, his uncle was home early.

He ran into the house as fast as he could, making sure to remove his dirty shoes before he went into the kitchen. The last thing he needed was his uncle getting angry at him, the bruises from last week still hadn't faded.


Later on that evening after he had finished dinner his aunt had sent him to his room. Apparently he didn't do a good enough job of the gardening to warrant food. With a grin he got down on his hands and knees and pulled up the lose floor bored. Thankfully Mrs Weasly had sent him some homemade mince pies yesterday, after grabbing the food and absentmindedly scratching his lightly burning arm he moved to sit cross-legged on his bed. He slowly ate his way through five pies, making sure to give one to Hedwig as well. Once he was done he moved over to his desk and sat down, it was time to write to his friends. After grabbing some muggle paper and a pen, he still hadn't mastered the quill yet; he set about his task.

Dear Hermione,

How's your summer going so far? The Dursleys are being the same. I spent most of the day outside, which wasn't so bad but I think I have sunburn now, I can't seem to stop rubbing at it.


He frowned when he realised how short the letter was, but really did he have anything else to say? Harry sighed and set the letter aside and moved on.


How are things going? Are you looking forward to the OWLs? I bet Hermoine is. Can you say thanks to your mum for me? Those mince pies were a lifesaver.


Harry looked over the letter with narrowed eyes; shouldn't he have more to say to his friends? Then again it was three weeks into their school holidays and they still hadn't written him. His birthday was only a couple of weeks away. As he grabbed the last bit of paper he smiled, he always loved writing to Sirius and Remus who seemed to have shacked up together in some unplottable home, they had been writing to him every few days.

Dear Padfoot and Moony,

I wish I could come live with you guys. I know Dumbledore said my aunt's is the safest place for me since Voldemort is back, but what about safe from muggles? I wrote to him last week after my beating, he told me not to tell lies and if im having family problems to sort them out myself. I know I shouldn't complain, because a few slaps aren't really that bad, right? I just miss you guys, write back soon, okay? I've got to go raid the bathroom to find something to put on my sunburn.



After finishing up his letter he gave all three to Hedwig.

"Go to Padfoot first okay, girl?" With a soft hoot Hedwig took off out the window and into the night. Harry smiled softly, he was so lucky to have such a smart feathered friend; he was pretty sure without her he would have gone mad by now.

Once he had put everything away again, he changed into his pyjamas and crawled into bed. Once he was comfortably under his blankets, well as comfortable as he could be on a lumpy mattress with thin sheets, he pulls out his potions book from last year. As he had finished his homework already it stood to reason that rereading his schoolbooks wouldn't hurt, and it helped pass the time.

After a few hours had passed, Harry looked at his clock and saw that the time was 11:13pm. He placed his book on the bedside table and snuggled down into his bed. Turning to face the window he looked out into the sky; looking at the night sky always helped him fall to sleep. Something about the calm beauty, he liked to think that his parents were up there watching over him. He sighed softly and clutched the blanket tightly in his hands. He would do anything to be able to be with his family right now; even though he hadn't known Sirius and Remus to long they had been getting to know each other though letters. And right now they were the closest thing he had to parents. Harry closed his eyes and relaxed wondering what they were doing right now, wondering if they were missing him as much as he was missing them.


Five hours later, Harry, in his sleep, rubbed at a little patch of red skin on his left elbow. As he turned over to get more comfortable he failed to notice that a small piece of skin had come off and in its place was a small silver scale.

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