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The stories name Anurilea and it's about two men who play an MMORPG to take a break from real life every now and then. Aaron Paxton is a 19 year old college student majoring in Forensic Psychology. Hadrian Black is a 24 year old man who happens to be teaching that class.

The two soon find a break in their lives as a new game called Anurilea hits the market and instantly becomes a big hit. Being able to choose between an angel and a demon, these two men eventually fall for one another in game. However, what happens at their inevitable meeting?

Enough randomness onwards to the story! It's super duper short sadly; think of it as more the end of last chap then a new chap

It didn't take Harry long to make his way into a compartment that was far from where he, Ron, and Hermione normally sat. He wanted to avoid them for a little longer because he really wasn't sure what to say to them, and he wasn't totally sure he wanted to hear what they had to say to him anyway. At least not yet.

Once inside a random empty compartment, Harry shut the door making sure Sora was inside and with a tired groan he flopped down on the old worn red seat. He then patted his pocket a few times just to make sure that his trunk hadn't fallen out along the way.

"I'm both looking forward and dreading this year," said Harry turning to look at Sora, who had jumped up next to him and was in the process of cleaning himself.

"I'm sure things will be fine fish boy. After all I'm here, aren't I?" Sora replied.

"Yeah you are. Thanks Sora." Harry reached out and scratched his familiar behind the ears. "Having you here does help a lot."

"Of course it does. I am awesome after all," Sora replied smugly as he began to purr; Harry's fingers were magic. Suddenly a loud shrill voice broke the pleasant silence.

"Mum! Come on or we'll be late!" Came a voice from the station.

Harry turned his head towards the window looking out at the station platform; families of all ages and sizes were starting to arrive to send their children off. Out of the corner of his eye Harry saw a blur of orange; it seemed the massive Weasley horde had arrived as well. Harry bit his lip thinking, he didn't hold anything against most of the Weasley's but he was really hurt over Ron's lack of letters.

He slouched down a little further in his seat and pulled the blinds close so no one could see him. He knew he was being a little childish but he just couldn't help it. He would see them at Hogwarts, but until then he wanted to relax a little with just Sora as company.

With that thought in mind Harry pulled out his wand and flicked it at the door saying a minor locking spell. He didn't want them barging in, and on another note it would keep Malfoy from making his yearly visit as well.

"Soooo what are we going to do on this trip anyway fish boy?" Sora asked, who had decided to lay down, with his head on his paws and eyes closed. Though his tail was lazily swishing around and his ears seemed to flicker at the smallest sounds.

"Errr not too sure truthfully. Normally I have other people to talk to or play games with…." replied Harry drifting off.

But before Harry could fully make his mind up there was a knock on the door. With a blink Harry stood up and walked over to it, he pulled back the door blind a little, just enough to see who it was.

It was Neville. Harry tilted his head side from side thinking, should he open the door? He had never had a problem with Neville, and he was always good to get along with.

Making his mind up Harry unlocked the door and opened it.

"Err hi. Can I sit here please? Everywhere else is rather crowed," asked Neville nervously.

Harry blinked and stepped away from the door, which allowed Neville to slide into the compartment with him. He shut the door again once Neville was sitting down opposite Sora. Harry could tell that Neville was trying hard not to stare at the odd looking sleeping cat.

Flopping back on his seat, Harry took a good look at his year mate. Neville it seemed had pretty much grown out of his baby fat stage now, in fact blinking a little more Harry was sure Neville had actually bulked up.

"So are you looking forward to your first year at Hogwarts?" Asked Neville who was rummaging through his small backpack.

"Eh? First year? What are you on about Neville?" Asked Harry baffled.

"How do you know my name?" Said Neville looking a little perplexed towards Harry. "Do I know you?" Neville squinted a little to look at his travelling companion. "Bloody hell, is that you Harry?"

Harry nodded and laughed slightly. "Yeah it's me Neville, I don't really look that different do I?" Asked Harry as he wriggled in his seat to get more comfortable. He didn't think he had changed all that much over the summer holidays. Then again he wasn't really human any more. That probably had something to do with it.

Not to mention for the first time in years he had actually been given 3 square meals a day. He himself was still rather shocked at the difference enough food gave him. He always seemed to have more energy now not to mention he found learning things a little easier as well.

Neville run a nervous hand through his hair and gave a small laugh. "I'm really sorry Harry, it's just you look so different, well not too much when I think about it. But with your longer hair and no glasses you really can pass for someone else at first glance. And sorry about mistaking you as a first year Harry." Neville said.

Harry sighed and smiled at Neville to put him at ease. "It's okay Neville. I'm well aware that I still haven't had a growth spurt." Harry sighed again and looked out the window at the passing countryside, most of which was nothing but a green blur as the train hurled itself down the tracks. "Sometimes I think I'll never get any taller."

"That's not true Harry I'm sure you'll get taller one day," said Neville trying to reinsure Harry.

Harry smiled at Neville again. "Thanks Neville."


"Yes Neville?"

"Can I ask you something?"


Neville leaned forward in his seat a little and turned to look at Sora, he fiddled with his hands in his lap. "What kind of cat is that? And where's Hedwig?"

Harry bit his lower lip and thought about it. How should he answer Neville? Should he tell him the truth about who and what Sora was? Or should he just claim it as a weird magical cat of his that he was given for Christmas? Neville had also been trust worthy now he thought about it, certainly more than Ron had.

Harry bit his lower lip harder than before and winced as he drew blood. He would tell Neville; even if things didn't go over well he would know what he should or should not tell the rest of the population of Hogwarts. And he was sure that Neville wouldn't mention anything if he asked nicely.

Harry gave a little cough as thought on best how to start. He glanced over to Neville to see that his classmate was watching him curiously. Unfortunately for Harry he was beaten to the punch.

"What's with all this noise fish boy? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" muttered a cranky Sora, who clearly had been woken up by Harry and Neville's talking.

"Ahhh! It talks!" yelled a shocked Neville, who upon hearing the voice of a third person had looked around the compartment. Only to see the cat finish the sentence.

Sora yawned and opened his eyes. He gave the new human an annoyed glare before his turned his nose up into the air and began cleaning himself again. After all it was a hard job keeping clean as a cat. And it was a far more important task then talking to another Human that wasn't his.

"Harry is that a familiar?" asked Neville who had calmed down rather quickly and was now looking between Harry and Sora curiously.

"Umm yea… How did you know?" asked Harry.

"Well as magical as animals can be, cats don't normally talk Harry. Does your familiar talk to other people often?" asked Neville looking a little closer at Sora.

"Yeah he does. Sirius told me that was very uncommon, even though I did ask him not to talk in front of others, he seems to have forgotten," said Harry with a sigh. He sent a fond glare towards Sora, who at least had the decently to look a little bit ashamed at having blown his cover so soon.

Neville smiled and looked Harry over again. "There's something really different about you Harry. I just can't put my finger on it." Neville noticing Harry's face pale waved his hands apologetically. "It's nothing bad Harry! And I'm sure if you wanted to tell me you would."

Harry gave Neville a nervous smile and turned back to look out the window. While he did trust Neville he wasn't ready to come clean about not being fully human. At least not yet.

Both boys spent the remainder of the train ride occupied with their own thoughts, the only noise a lightly snoring blue cat.