Axel sighed to himself as he carried a boxed set of videos up to the cashier.

They weren't exactly porn, but they were very close. Extremely close. Well… actually, they were porn. Animated porn with a smattering of a storyline that mostly involved big guns and explosions as well as a touch of romance, then… porn. Normally he wouldn't have been caught dead buying porn but it had been a long time. Axel had broken up with his last lover, Larxene, on very bad terms and it seemed like all the people he was remotely interested in were already taken. Even his luck at finding one night stands had been poor and after almost three months, Axel was resigned to getting intimately acquainted with his palm for at least one night. But he'd decided he needed a bit of wank off material and the magazines Larxene had left in the house just weren't cutting it. And if anyone asked him about these, he could always claim he'd bought them for the storyline. Really. The guy ringing up his purchase looked at it closely then glared at him.

"Have fun." He said almost nastily, and Axel blinked. This place had porn a ton nastier than this, what was this guys' problem? "It's too good for you." Axel frowned, about to take offense but the person behind him was clearly impatient so he just left, shaking his head.

"Too good for me?" Axel muttered to himself. That was a really weird comment. Stuffing his purchases into his motorcycle's saddlebags, Axel got on the bike and set about going home. It took almost a half hour to get home, winding through the traffic in the core, but Axel finally fetched up at his home.

It wasn't much to look at. An older house in the lower-middle class part of town, it creaked with every step and desperately needed a coat of paint. But the roof was sound, the plumbing worked and best of all, it was completely paid off. It had belonged to his mother before she'd died of lung cancer. That had finally gotten Axel to kick his cigarette habit, although he sometimes still wished for them. Axel fixed himself a quick supper, a grilled cheese sandwich with a pickle and a slice of tomato. Nibbling the food, he opened the package to inspect his purchases.

And very nearly spat out his sandwich.

"What the fuck?" Axel exclaimed, lifting out the contents of the box. Instead of the DVD's he'd been expecting, there was a great deal of careful packing surrounding a… vial? As he lifted it out, a card fluttered out and Axel picked it up, reading it.

Congratulations! You are the special winner of one of our new, improved Fairy pets! Axel almost swallowed his tongue. A fairy? He didn't want any kind of pet, let alone a fairy! This extremely expensive, exclusive pet is yours, free! We wish you all the best with your new Fairy pet. If you have any concerns, please call us at 1-888-SEX-PETS.

"Wait. SEX pets?" Axel felt completely baffled. Fairies were tiny! Looking into the vial he could see only glittering mist so something odd had clearly been done to this one, but still. Fairies were, at the largest, the size of his hand. How could one be a sex pet? And that was a disturbing thought all by itself. There was good reason for fairies being pets, but they were almost as smart as people. Making them into sexual pets just didn't seem right. Carefully setting the vial on the table, Axel shoved aside the packing and pulled out a few other things in the box.

"An instruction manual and… super deluxe pet food? Oh nice." Axel felt a little disgruntled. He'd have to feed this thing now. "I bet it costs a fortune. Hmm, I wonder if this was what the cashier meant?" If this thing really was expensive, that was probably it. Axel leafed through the manual, skimming it

You may be asking yourself, how can a fairy be a sexual pet? It was like the manual was reading his mind. This is a most unusual fairy. While all fairies are natural shapeshifters, this one has been specially enhanced for your pleasure. Fairy magics have been combined with succubi energies to create a miraculous whole! Axel frowned. Succubi and incubi had all kinds of unpleasant instincts and they were dangerous as hell to keep as pets. But never fear. This pet is completely safe and ready to help you in your pursuit of pleasure. You will find that your pet is a touch telepath and will respond with you during intimate moments.

"Premature ejaculators of the world, rejoice." Axel muttered, then glanced at the vial, shaking his head. He flipped to the section entitled "Getting Started".

Remove your pet from its packaging. Axel rolled his eyes at the unnecessary instruction and kept reading. Open your pets vial by breaking the seal with the copper pick attached to the vial. Stare at your pet as it forms and it will assume the form of your deepest desire. However, if you want a surprise, look away while your pet is forming and it will take its natural fairy form. If this form does not please you, just ask the pet to change to your desire and it will do so. Axel frowned, rubbing his head for a moment. He'd seen fairies before, they were all extremely cute. A full sized one would have to be pretty as hell… yeah, he wanted to see that. Carefully breaking the seal, Axel averted his gaze as the mist flowed out. He heard a sharp breath being drawn and looked up.

Into incredibly blue eyes. Axel stared, caught in those beautiful orbs and it took him a moment to register the rest of the fairy. Glancing it… no, him over, Axel saw that it was a beautiful boy fairy. He had lovely blond hair in a spiky mess that made Axel want to touch it. Soft skin was beautifully displayed by an outfit that seemed to be just filmy harem pants and behind the fairy were glorious butterfly wings, shining a deep, vibrant blue. Axel drew in a deep breath, blinking, and suddenly realized the fairy was afraid. He was trembling and waiting for Axel to do something.

"Uh, hey." How did you greet a sexual pet, the living equivalent of a blow up doll? Yeah, he had no idea. "What's your name?" It was probably good to start with basics. The fairy blinked, licking his lips for a moment.

"Roxas." He whispered, then seemed to remember something, kneeling down and bowing his head. "I am here to serve your pleasure." Axel frowned down at the blonde head. That sounded rehearsed. What exactly did they do to train these things? Probably not something he wanted to know.

"Hey, don't do that." He quickly made the decision that he was going to treat Roxas like a normal human being, mostly. "Sit beside me." The fairy perched on the sofa beside him. "My name's Axel." He picked up a bag and examined it. "A teaspoon? Oh, you eat in your natural size?" It occurred to him that just questioning Roxas would have to be easier than reading the whole instruction manual, although he'd do that too. He hadn't asked for a fairy but if he had one, Axel was going to take the responsibility seriously.

"Yes Master." Roxas whispered and Axel looked up with a frown.

"Really, call me Axel." He poked the fairy in the knee, making him blink. "Are you hungry? Thirsty?" He doubted Roxas had suffered at all as a mist in the bottle, but he still might like something to drink. Roxas nodded and Axel fished through the box, finding a water bottle. "Pure spring water from… oh please." Shaking his head in disgust, he used the two tiny saucers that came with the kit to pour out a bit of food and water for Roxas. Axel watched, interested, as the fairy shrank down to his real size and picked up one saucer, drinking from it. "Hey, with the way you can shift between sizes you could feed yourself, couldn't you?" That would be very useful. Axel vaguely remembered seeing special food and water dispensers on sale at the pet store, but Roxas wouldn't need those. The fairy just nodded, taking a bit of the nut blend and eating it dutifully. He didn't seem to enjoy it much and Axel made a mental note to visit the pet store and get some other things. Fairies needed very pure food and water but that didn't mean it had to be boring.

"Yes M – Axel." Roxas stumbled for a moment before remembering to call him by name and Axel smiled. That was really rather cute.

"So Roxy, have you ever watched TV before?" The fairy hesitated then shook his head. "Well, lets see if I can find something easy to understand…" Axel flipped through the channels. "Fox, fuck Fox, right-wing nutbars… Friends, eww, even worse… What in FUCK was that? No, I don't want to know…" Roxas watched uncomprehendingly as Axel surfed through his cable TV, muttering to himself and finally settled on one particular show. "This'll do. Wipeout is always so hilarious." Roxas quickly ate one last handful of the food before fluttering back to the couch and changing back to human size. Axel looked over at him with a smile but the fairy was looking at the TV intently.

"Axel? What are they doing?" He asked tentatively. Axel laughed.

"The rest of us are trying to figure that out… no, hah. Actually, they're competing for money. It's not a lot of money but being on this show is probably some fun." Axel leaned back, lacing his fingers behind his head as he watched a woman fall off a ball. "Ohhh, that must have hurt." Roxas giggled then blushed as he saw Axel smile at him.

They watched contestant after contestant get knocked down by padded arms, fall off balls and end up in the drink. Axel put an arm around his little fairy pet and felt Roxas stiffen for a moment before curling up against him.

Touch telepath… He mused to himself. That meant Roxas would respond to his sexual desires, but did it mean the blonde could tell what he was feeling in general? Axel rested a hand on the blonde's arm and concentrated on how much he simply liked the fairy. They'd just met and it didn't mean much, maybe, but Axel was feeling better about having a fairy pet all the time. Sure, he might be expensive to care for but how could the cute blonde not be worth it? Even if he hadn't meant to get a fairy.

"Master… if you didn't mean to get a fairy pet, how did you end up with me…?" Roxas asked softly, his blue eyes soft and vulnerable as he looked at Axel.

"Axel, Roxas. Wait, did you hear me thinking that?" Axel was a bit taken aback. He hadn't said that, could Roxas actually read thoughts? The blonde nodded, a touch frightened.

"I mostly feel emotions but sometimes I can catch thoughts." He whispered and Axel patted him soothingly on the shoulder.

"Oh. Well, okay." That was a bit odd and slightly uncomfortable, but Axel was an open sort of person. He was sure he could get used to it. "Well, Roxy, it's like this." Axel picked up the little slip of paper that the fairy had come with and gave it to him. Roxas just looked at it sadly before handing it back.

"I can't read." He said simply and Axel stared for a moment before blinking.

"Oh. Of course, you probably read fairy." Roxas opened his mouth to correct Axel then stopped as the redhead started reading off the little blurb. That made the fairy blink.

"I – I was a giveaway…?" Roxas suddenly shivered and Axel gave him a curious look. "Just w-worried about my brother." Axel frowned, not understanding as Roxas rubbed his eyes. "Th-they told us in training that we'd be ex-expensive toys and valued but if they just gave us away then… then…" Axel winced as he understood what Roxas meant. He wished he could say he was wrong to worry, but he knew Roxas was right. People valued things they spent a lot for, but free items were often treated cavalierly. And what if his brother ended up with someone who really didn't want a fairy?

"I'm sure he's fine. If someone doesn't want him, they can always return him for a refund." That reassured Roxas a little, and Axel smiled, flipping off the TV. "So, Roxas. I have to be blunt here. I thought I was buying some videos and I got you instead, so I'm sadly lacking for wank off material." He leaned over, pinning the fairy against the couch a bit and making Roxas swallow nervously. "And I haven't gotten laid in ages." He gently kissed the fairy's cheek, hearing Roxas gasp. He was sure the blonde could feel his lust.

"Your wish is my command, master." Roxas said softly, and for once Axel didn't object to the title. The thought of the blonde calling him master while getting his brains balled out was kind of erotic, actually. And Axel most definitely wanted to screw the fairy into the floor.

"Well, let's take this to the bedroom." Gently picking Roxas up, Axel carried the fairy to the bedroom, smiling. He seemed to weigh almost nothing, although… "Say. Those wings of yours… is missionary comfortable or would you prefer something else?" Axel somehow doubted that lying on his back was at all comfortable for Roxas. The fairy blinked, then smiled shyly.

"Doggie is best for me." Axel laughed at the thought of fairies doing it doggie style, but it did make sense. The wings would be able to move freely, even flap for the one behind. Maybe he'd let Roxas be on top sometime, if the fairy wanted… but not tonight. No, tonight he wanted to ravish the little fairy and Roxas seemed to be catching his mood, resting his cheek on Axel's shoulder and looking at him adoringly. That had to be at least partly feigned, but Axel found he didn't care. Setting the fairy on the bed, Axel stripped off his own clothes and caught Roxas looking at him. The fairy smiled, a touch nervous but gaining confidence as the redhead slid onto the bed beside him. Axel smiled and hooked his fingers under Roxas' waistband, pulling down the harem pants. To his mild surprise, the fairy was already half-erect, but then Axel remembered. Touch telepath, Roxas was mimicking his own arousal. Laughing softly, Axel leaned down to pant a kiss on Roxas' tip before taking the little fairy in his mouth. From the way his legs parted and the soft moan that escaped him, Roxas definitely enjoyed it. Fingers tangled in red spikes as Roxas gasped, eyes wide as Axel pleasured him. He'd mostly been taught how to give this kind of pleasure, not receive it.

"Axel." The needy note in Roxas' voice was incredibly arousing, but Axel found himself a bit distracted. Roxas tasted interesting, not quite like a human. There was something almost sweet, and he smelled very fresh, an almost minty smell. "Master, please, I'm going to… going to…" Roxas moaned, struggling to hold back his release. He didn't want to anger Axel. But the redhead suddenly deep throated him and Roxas tensed, blue eyes going wide. "Ah!" Roxas released with a cry of ecstasy, arching and tensing in pleasure. Axel swallowed it easily, a bit surprised at the taste, which was slightly sweetish. Pulling back, he wiped away a bit of liquid from his lips and caught Roxas staring at him, blue eyes wide.

"Fun, hmm?" Axel said playfully and Roxas blushed and nodded. "Now…" Axel reached over to his nightstand, grabbing a bottle of lube and hoping it wouldn't bother Roxas. But it shouldn't, it was meant to go sensitive places after all. Roxas saw what he was doing and obligingly went onto all fours, his wings fluttering as Axel began to slowly stretch him out. Between the stimulation and the touch telepathy, it didn't take long for the blonde to be hard and erect again. Roxas gasped softly, shutting his eyes as Axel placed the tip of his throbbing cock at the blonde's entrance, then slowly began easing his way inside.

Axel gasped, feeling like his mind was shutting down as Roxas' insides clamped down on him, hard. He was so hot and tight in there, and it didn't feel quite human but that didn't matter a bit. Axel groaned in pleasure as he imbedded just his tip into that heat, hearing Roxas gasping raggedly at the feeling… then thrust all the way in in a single smooth move, making the fairy cry out in mingled pain and pleasure. Axel knew he should wait, let Roxas adjust, but his body had demands and he quickly started thrusting in and out, taking the fairy in a quick rhythm.

Roxas trembled under him, reacting to every move he made with cute little moans and gasps. Axel felt himself getting close just from that but pulled it back. He wanted to make this last. And it seemed to go on almost forever, the wonderful flex and heat, the way his thrusts smoothed out as they learned each other until it all just seemed to flow. Sweat was beading on the fairies' sweet, creamy skin and Axel licked it away from the back of Roxas neck, feeling the soft wings fluttering against his chest. Roxas was rolling his hips with every thrust now, and gasped as Axel nuzzled the back of his neck, kissing the warm skin there.

"Master, please." Roxas gasped out, feeling his own release so close, yet out of reach. The touch telepathy tied him to Axel and it was incredibly uplifting, feeling the human inside him and in his mind, the intense pleasure and need from the other. But he couldn't release until Axel did, and unlike most of his trainers Axel was stretching it out. Almost too much, and Roxas didn't have to look down to know his penis was weeping, yearning for completion. "Axel, please, I need it!" Roxas clenched around the redhead, hoping he would understand and was rewarded with a rich groan.

"Roxas, god." Axel speeded his thrusts suddenly and Roxas cried out in pleasure as he felt Axel nearing his release. "Roxas!" Axel suddenly let go, filling the little blonde with his seed. Roxas came at the same moment, wings stiffening as he released powerfully onto the bed beneath him. Axel relaxed against the blonde, gently kissing him before pulling away. "Was that good?" Axel's tone was a bit teasing. He knew it had been good. Roxas blushed and nodded, then suddenly resumed his normal size, to Axel's surprise and disappointment. "Uh… I was hoping we could cuddle, sleep together." But Roxas shook his head.

"I can only keep that size for an hour or two a day, Master. It's very draining." Axel blinked, surprised, but he hadn't had time to look through the instruction manual thoroughly. There was probably something about that in there.

"Oh. Well, okay." He frowned as Roxas settled on one of his pillows. "But you don't want to be on the bed then. I'm a really active sleeper and I bet it would hurt if I rolled over onto you. Here." Axel took the pillow, with Roxas still on it, and moved it over to the desk he had in the corner. "How about here? It'll be a lot safer." Roxas nodded, looking up at him with a tired smile.

"Thank you, Master." He said softly and Axel shook his head with a smile.

"Axel, Roxas." He gently petted the fairies hair with one finger, making him laugh softly.

"Axel." Roxas curled on him pillow, reflecting that this might be a good place to be before he dropped off to sleep…