Author's Note: Since many of you have demanded a sequel, here it is! I considered several ways to do it and I might eventually go into what happens in the fairy colony... but for now I'm skipping well past that, past even their eventual death and going on to their rebirth. Updates will likely be slow as I'm not as inspired as I was by the original. Enjoy!

Axel sat on a fake branch and sang a sweet duet with his Roxas.

Axel was vaguely aware that he'd had a life before this one. If he concentrated hard, he could remember being human and owning Roxas as a pet. He'd have thought that was insane but Roxas had confided in him that he could remember it too. And he had many wonderful but hazy memories of living together in a fairy colony. He wasn't certain how it had ended, but it finally had. And they had been reborn.

By some miracle they'd been born together at Mrs. Felicities Fairies. As fairy breeding operations went, this one was okay. Axel was sure there were better ones out there. He could distinctly remember the time the owners had let the water dispenser run out and all the fairies had needed to put up a fuss to get it filled up. And the male fairies were all strictly separated from the females except for breeding, but the cage enclosures let them see and speak to each other. That was rather hard on them. Roxas' friend, Sora, was carrying a torch for a lovely little female named Kairi. There was no chance he'd be allowed to touch her though. She was a very high bred Little Garnet and a perfect example of her breeding.

They were all perfect examples of their breeding, which was why they were still here. Axel was a Fire Lily/Sweet Apple cross with the Fire Lily looks but the excellent voice and bright green wings of a really high bred Sweet Apple. Roxas was a Powderpuff while Sora was a Royal Blue. Really good breeding operations usually kept some of the more neutral lines like Royal Blue and Fire Lily to freshen the stock.

"Axel!" Axel stopped his song and smiled, looking down into brilliant blue eyes and a cute little face. The little male Tawny Port swarmed into his arms and Axel hugged him gently, letting the boy nestle against his chest. He was less than a year old and had just been taken from his mother and put in the male enclosure. He was very needy for love and the male fairies were all doing their best to be kind to him. Roxas smiled and reached over to gently pet the babies soft, tawny hair, making him giggle.

Axel's main fear in life was that he might be sold and taken away from Roxas. But he almost three now and that worry grew fainter over time. He was beginning to think it was more likely he'd be used to sire Sweet Apple crosses for pet stores. Mrs. Felicities Fairies specialized in singing fairies, producing both pedigreed darlings and very nice pet quality fairies. The pet quality ones were usually designer crosses and his Fire Lily half could safely be ignored. As long as the voices were good enough, the results would be billed as Sweet Apple crosses. Axel hated the thought of being whored out that way but the only alternative was being sold. One way or another, they all had to earn their keep.

The boy in his arms began singing and they joined him again. The song was slightly melancholy and soon all the singing fairies joined in, creating a beautiful rendition of an ancient dirge. Sora and a few of the other base types joined in as well, although their voices weren't as fine. The song came to a natural end and Axel sighed as he patted the baby on the head.

"Want something to eat, kiddo?" He nodded and Axel flitted over to the feeder. They only had basic nut mix and Axel could vaguely remember that the world had much better things to eat. Like tomatoes. Would it really have killed the owners to give them some tomatoes? Axel shook the thought away as the little Tawny Port grabbed some nut blend. Roxas grinned and grabbed some as well and Axel was enchanted all over again by how beautiful he was.

"You're so good with kids Axel." His lover said and Axel blushed, glancing down at the little boy beside him. His name was Merry. Sort of a strange name for a boy, but that was what his mother had picked.

"Thanks Roxas. I like 'em." Axel smiled, a touch melancholy as he considered the likelihood that he'd be playing with his own offspring someday. He didn't want anyone but Roxas but the time would be coming. When humans wanted something, they got it.

Life in the fairy enclosures was governed by the cycles of day and night. They could see the days going by from the two windows in the room, one in the male enclosure and the other in the female. There were often little fights over who got to perch on the windowsill and look out at the forest. A deep part of Axel longed to fly free in that forest, but he didn't want to risk Roxas safety even if they could manage to escape. There were too many things that could kill a fairy, starvation being the simplest and most horrible.

As soon as the sun set, every fairy curled up in the hutches and beds to sleep until sunrise. Fairies were naturally daytime creatures, although they could see fairly well at night. Axel yawned and curled up with Roxas in the bed they shared. There were too many beds and hutches at the moment, but a bunch of children had just been sold. That would probably change soon if any of the new batch were boys.

They would just have to see.

"Woof!" Axel grunted as he had to dive for the ball. He managed to catch it, eliciting hoots of approval from the other male fairies.

The owner of Mrs. Felicities Fairies didn't give them much in the way of mental stimulation, so the bored fairies had found things to do. They'd made themselves a ball and started creating games to go with it. They'd nicknamed this one Foozeball for no real reason and the rules didn't make a lot of sense. They also tended to change at the whim of Dale, a Dusk and the self-appointed Foozeball King. The other males tolerated it cheerfully, mainly because the game was a rollicking good time.

There was a cry of pain and the game stopped as everyone turned to look. Merry was crying and gripping his arm. Axel swore as he saw what had happened. The house was old and some hutches had been put up and taken down. That had left rough patches in the wood and while most had been sanded down, a few hadn't. Merry had just found one of those spots. Even worse, a young female Tawny Port was flitting in a panicky way along the edge of the female enclosure. Axel was sure that was Merry's mother and her fear for her son could turn a minor incident into a full on fit.

"It's okay kiddo." Axel dropped the ball in favor of soothing Merry and began examining his arm. "Aw, you caught it on that spike. Let me see…" He used his shirt to clean away the blood and could soon see the problem. "You've got a splinter. Hold still kiddo, I need to get this out. Roxas." Axel whispered to his friend as he worked. "Go tell his mom to stop freaking, she's scaring him."

"Right." Roxas went to take care of that as Merry whimpered. It was a bit painful but soon Axel had the splinter out and the cut bandaged. Merry would be fine as long as he didn't get an infection and those were rare for fairies. Axel paused by the edge of the male enclosure, struck by the way Merry's mother was holding onto the bars and staring longingly at her son.

"He's going to be fine." He assured her and she glanced at him with a faint smile.

"Thank you." Finally giving up, she flitted away. Axel felt sorry for her. For all the females, really. It was hard having their male children so close yet so out of reach.

The next day, though, the one he was feeling sorry for was himself.

"Ow!" Axel knew better than to struggle when the humans got him out of his cage. It was futile anyway, the people here knew exactly how to handle an unwilling fairy. But he might have tried anyway if he'd known he was about to get jabbed with a needle. "What in hell? I'm up on my shots." Axel squirmed as the human holding him laughed.

"It's not for that. You're about to have a fun time." The young man holding him snickered and Axel was tempted to ask how getting stuck with something pointy was supposed to be fun. But then he was shoved into a much smaller enclosure and the question answered itself.

"…Oh." Axel paled as he saw the single bed and a shivering Kairi, curled up in a corner of the enclosure. He'd known from the other males that this was how mating usually went. The cage had special rations, sweet nectar and fruit blends. Along with the hormones they'd just been given, Kairi was certain to go into heat and Axel would have no choice but to respond. The fact that they didn't want it didn't matter. This kind of induced heat wasn't really natural and could last as long as a week. Self-control was not going to hold out that long. "Kairi, um…" Axel wracked his brain trying to think of what to say. Sorry, I don't want to but it looks like we're going to hump? That didn't quite work.

"I don't want this. I want Sora!" Kairi's voice was full of tears and Axel sighed, walking over and kneeling down beside her. She tried to scoot away but he didn't try to get any closer.

"I know and I'm really sorry Kai. But there was no way they were going to let you guys mate. You know that." Kairi sobbed but nodded. A Little Garnet/Royal Blue cross would only be good to breed designer crosses and there was one already, a pretty female. Why would they need another? They clearly wanted a Sweet Apple/Little Garnet cross. The two breeds went together very well and if his Fire Lily half showed up, it would compliment them both. Axel watched her sadly then scooted closer so he could gently hug her. They weren't feeling the heat yet anyway.

By the next day they were. Kairi was starting to look like the sexiest thing he'd seen in his life and from the look on her face, she was feeling the same about him. Axel decided to take things slowly and began gently preening her wings. Cleaning each others wings was something fairies did all the time, but if you took it slowly it could become a sensual dance.

"Axel… I've never…" Kairi sounded nervous and Axel blinked as he realized she was a virgin. That could be a problem.

"I've never with a girl." He admitted. Axel's experience was limited to Roxas, who was a touch older. "Can you help me out, tell me what feels good?" Kairi blinked but nodded. "Okay." The fact that they didn't really want each other only made him feel more solicitous. He didn't want to hurt her.

They made love and by the end of it, Kairi was calling Sora's name as she climaxed. Axel didn't mind, the name he was whispering in her ear wasn't hers either. They relaxed together afterwards, grateful the humans here gave them privacy at times like this.

"How is Merry? His mother, Lovely, is really worried about him." Kairi suddenly asked and Axel knew she was taking her mind off the heat. He went along with it easily. He preferred not to think about it too much either.

"He's a great little kid and he's doing fine. Everyone likes him." Axel reassured her. "He's got a great voice too, even as a baby. He'll probably go for a good price." That was a bit cold to say, maybe, but it was the only real protection they had. Fairies were expensive, exotic pets which could make them hard to sell but it was also their shield against bad treatment. Little Merry would go for a lot more than his and Kairi's child, but he'd take a lot longer to sell. The demand for pedigreed Tawny Ports wasn't as lively as the market for designer crosses.

They were left in the cage for a full week and by the end of it, Axel was sick to death of sweet nectar. The fruit treats were still nice though and he grabbed a couple handfuls of it as the humans unlocked the door and took them out. Axel squirmed a little at the grip on his wings then gave up, just holding onto the fruit. He'd share it with the other males when he got back to his own enclosure. Kairi called a goodbye and Axel smiled, waving at her as she was placed back into the female cage.

"Hey guys! Treats!" Axel called and soon the male fairies were swarming around him. They shared the treats very fairly and everyone savored their tiny taste of something exotic and sweet. Merry had never tried fruit before in his life and looked amazed as he chewed on a piece of strawberry. Axel noticed Sora staring at him, distinctly unfriendly, and wasn't at all surprised. How could it be otherwise?

Then a human came into the room, one of the younger women who worked here. At first the fairies just ignored her but then she began putting down towels on the floor and that easily caught their attention. They clustered around the bars eagerly, waiting to be let out.

"Girls first!" She said brightly and the male fairies groaned, going back to their games as she pulled out a basin and filled it with hot water. Then she let out all the female fairies, who had already stripped. They descended on the water, vastly enjoying their bath and many of the male fairies watched, entertained by the nude females at play. They did this about twice a week and it was always a pleasure for the fairies. When the water began to get cold they piled out and romped in the towels to dry themselves. Then the basin was emptied, the towels changed and the male fairies got their chance.

"Ow!" Axel winced as someone tugged on his wing, hard. "Stop it Sora." The Royal Blue was using the commotion as a chance to bother him. The look the brunette gave him was almost hateful before Roxas slapped him upside the back of his head.

"Yes, stop it! You know neither one of them had any choice." Roxas said sharply as Sora looked away, anger and jealousy painfully evident on his face. "I'm Axel's boyfriend! How do you think I feel about this?" That got Sora out of his internal world a bit and he winced.

"Sorry Roxas." He muttered, looking down. "Sorry Axel."

"It's okay." That reminded Axel and he slipped over beside Roxas, slipping an arm around the blonde as they perched against the bars. "You okay?" Roxas smiled at him and cuddled up, running a hand through his spiky hair.

"I'm fine. I made peace with it a long time ago. If they sold you, I'd just die." Roxas and Axel cuddled until the door opened and the male fairies piled out. Axel caught Merry as the baby fairy bumbled out, carrying him down safely. The little fairy could fly fairly well but not in this kind of jostling, excited crowd.

And they were very excited. There was splashing and rough-housing as the male fairies enjoyed their swim. The contrast between the boys and girls could not have been more striking and Axel vastly enjoyed contributing to it. The human girl finally had to shoo them out of the water and they only went reluctantly, not bothering to dry themselves on the towels. They were hopelessly soaked anyway.

"Brrr!" Axel shook off his wings and began to gently preen Roxas' for him. The downy softness of a Powderpuff needed more care than a lot of fairies. Roxas sighed in pleasure and leaned into the attention, enjoying the feeling of Axel's hands on his sensitive wings.

"Oh, Axel…" Roxas murmured and Axel glanced down, seeing his friend and lover was half-erect. It was the middle of the day but there was no reason not to play. Axel smiled as he reached down to gently cup Roxas' balls, lightly stroking the sensitive skin and sending him into full arousal. "Mmm… right now?" Roxas blinked. There was a lot more chance someone would stumble over them during daylight. Axel laughed softly, nuzzling his throat.

"Right now. Let's do it." That edge of danger was actually rather hot. Roxas nodded and knelt in front of Axel so he could begin to gently open him up. Axel licked his own fingers for a moment before carefully stretching Roxas. He wished they had some lube, but there was no reason for the humans to provide them with any. "Ngh!" Roxas grunted at the familiar sting then moaned as Axel found his pleasure point. Axel smiled, kneeling behind Roxas and using his other hand to slowly stroke his hot, throbbing length.

"Love you Roxy." Axel whispered in his ear and Roxas gasped, pushing against Axel's hands. Then they were gone and Axel was slowly pushing inside, filling him far more fully than his fingers ever could. "Love you so much, ah!" To Axel, Roxas felt like the best thing in the world. So hot, tight and perfect underneath him. Slowly thrusting into that glorious heat, he reached under the blonde and found his length again, pumping Roxas with every thrust.

"Axel!" Roxas moaned his name as the redhead hit his prostate and gave him a squeeze. "Ah!" Roxas was aware that the other fairies could probably hear them but didn't care. It just felt too good. It was always wonderful, making love to Axel. "H-Harder… ah…" Axel speeded his pace and Roxas could feel himself getting close to the edge, the heat and tension coiling in his stomach and penis… "AH!" Roxas released with a loud cry, his seed spilling on the floor of the hutch. Axel followed a moment later, burying his face in Roxas' blonde spikes as he released in a rush of pleasure.

"Mmm, so good… erk." Axel looked up to see what had prompted that choked, horrified sound and saw that Merry was perched at the entrance to their hutch. The baby fairy was looking at them in puzzlement.

"What are you doing?" Axel sniggered as Roxas tried to think of an answer to the innocent question.

"Making babies." He finally said and Merry wrinkled his nose, confused.

"But you're both boys." That didn't make much sense to the little fairy. Roxas was stumped but Axel grinned as he came up with an answer.

"We're practicing making babies. We won't make real babies until we're mated with a female." That satisfied Merry but it looked like he was going to ask more questions. Axel decided he needed to cut this off. "And now we're going to sleep. Go ask Sora if you want to know more." Merry flitted off and Roxas laughed.

"That was mean Axel." He said sleepily as they both climbed into the bed. They could clean up the floor of the hutch tomorrow.

"Eh, he deserves it." They dozed off for a while then. There was no reason they shouldn't sleep during the day, really. Their lives were very simple at Mrs. Felicities Fairies.

Not necessarily fulfilling, but simple.