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"I'm bored!" Alice chimed, throwing her magazine down. My head shot up, that was never a good sign. Alice and boredom lead to me being a Barbie. "Bella?" Alice said sweetly. Edward chuckled. "What are some fun human games?" She said. Oh. Surprise.

"Um…charades?" I said, the first thing coming to mind. Emmett suddenly appeared, his face in mine. "Whoa buddy!" I shouted. "Charades?! What's that! Sounds fun!" He said excitedly. Rosalie waltzed in picking a leaf from her hair and scoffed.

"Emmett really. Don't eat any more drugged animals. Making menacing noises behind animal catchers to eat the grizzly bear is not funny. It makes you hyper." She said, sitting gracefully on the couch picking up Alice's discarded magazine.

"Isn't charades like being a mime?" Edward asked. I nodded. "People have to guess what you are too. The one who guesses the most wins." I said. Alice's eyes sparkled and she called the family down.

"Yay! Games! I like games! And cookies! Well maybe. I haven't had cookies in a while. Are cookies still good? I think they should be. Cookies are by definition amazing right?" Emmett buzzed, grinning cheerily.

"You really are high aren't you?" Jasper said amused as he came down the staircase to sit beside Alice. Emmett beamed. "SHOW TIME!" He cried pushing Esme and Carlisle into a chair. "MY TURN!" He screamed.

I just watched with wide amused eyes. "Bella explain the rules." Carlisle said politely, holding a hand up to a pouting Emmett. "He's just got to act as something with saying a word and we guess. We have two minutes to guess." I said. Easy peasy really.

"Alright. Sounds simple. No cheating Edward. Go Emmett." Carlisle said. Emmett grinned and stuck his tongue out at Emmett. "Immature." Edward said. "HEY! I WASN'T STARTED YET! CHEATER!" Emmett growled.

I snorted. Emmett glared before taking a deep breath and collapsing to the ground, lying absolutely still without blinking. I stared in confusion at him for a while while the Cullens shot off answers.


"A corpse!"

"That's the same thing stupid!"




"He's not moving! He could be wood!"

"That's stupid. He's obviously carpet!"


"Carpet! Or my jeans! Yes! Jeans!"

"I…really….don't know…"


"YAY!" Emmett yelled popping up and began dancing, his arms going in circles. "I WIN! I WIN! I WIN!" he said.

"What were you son?" Esme asked quietly staring at her son. Emmett just grinned evilly.


A/N: OBVIOUSLY I'M BORED TOO! Only, I've got no high Emmetts or Cullens or anything. Sadly. I've got posters though! They aren't as entertaining though.