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Prologue or Preface

I looked at the faded pink marks on my semi-tanned skin along my left arm with sadness and a little bit of awe; even though i am use to seeing this, they looked like they have been there for years instead of just hours ago. I still can't believe that my once loved attacked me because I love another, can't he not see what I have become? Can't he not see that I'm not prey but his enemy? Can't he not see that I'm no longer his but Sam's? Or is he foolishly blind by that much insanity and control he once thought had?

I don't know but one thing is for sure, Edward Cullen isn't the man I once thought knew. He lost his mind the day he left me behind the woods, and I hope just one day he can see clearly of the world again and look past his agony and wallowing to see that his mate is still out there.