Hi guys, so I have recently discovered that my story The Legend of the White Wolf has been plagiarized.

I posted it on 10-17-09 - .net/s/5448071/1/The_Legend_of_the_White_Wolf that's my story on FF.

And the person who had posted it pretty much word for word posted on June 27th 2011 and called it Bella Swan the Transformer… She has posted it word for word but broke up the chapters.

www{DOT}wattpad{DOT}com/1646534-bella-swan-the-transformer-samxbella-wattyawards/intro that's the link to her story.

http:/www{DOT}wattpad{DOT}com/user/-HiAva-?messages – is if you wish to message her.

If you can help to inform them that they have plagiarized my story it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to contact the publisher/admin of the site here http:/www{DOT}wattpad{DOT}com/feedback