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Chapter 1

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"Shu-u-ji-kun! Shu-u-ji-kun!"

"What?" Shuji looked up from his work, annoyed at Akira who wouldn't stop singing his name.

"Give me a kiss."

"No." Shuji went back down to his work. It had been three months since the two had started going out. They were currently working on a project for the school festival. It was just the two of them in the classroom, designing the costumes they could use in the play that their class was putting on.

"Why not?" Akira whined.

"Because we are at school, so someone could see us."

"Shuu-uuu-jii-kuuun!!" Akira whined even louder than before. Shuji sighed, knowing there was only one way for him to stop Akira.

"Fine. One short kiss, only if you stop whining." Shuji said, standing up and facing Akira. Akira nodded and stepped closer, closing the space between them. Their lips met in a sweet and innocent kiss, their arms slowly wrapping around each other. Caught in the moment, Shuji seemed to forget that he said only a short kiss. Akira tasted like soy milk and his lips moved softly against the others.

Suddenly the door opened, and the two sprang apart, mostly by Shuji pushing Akira away.

"Oh, it's only you, Nobuta." He sighed, letting Akira place his arm around him.

"You two should be careful if you don't want people finding out. Someone other than me could have walked in." She said slowly, placing the box of fabric in her hands down on the table. While Akira and Shuji had moved to Hokkaido, they shortly moved back to Tokyo again as Shuji's father had been relocated back to Tokyo with his job.

"It's Akira's fault. He insisted on a kiss and he wouldn't shut up." Shuji said, trying to be angry, however the feeling wasn't conveyed. Nobuta and Akira smiled, knowing their friend.

"Nobuta, where should I put these fabrics?" Mariko came into the room, carrying a box just like Nobuta's.

"Over there please." She said, pointing to another table. Shuji shrugged Akira's arm off of him and went back to work.

"Are you sure about this, Nobuta?" Shuji asked her, walking over to where she had placed all the material to make the costumes out of. She nodded her head.

"I think it's a really good idea." Mariko said, "Plus we already discussed it with the class. It has already been decided."

"Making a play is so much hard work." Shuji said, "And we only have two weeks."

"Parts are already assigned, we have the script, so all we need to do is practise and make props and costumes and sets." Mariko told him.

"It will be fun! Kon!" Akira yelled out, placing his arm around Shuji again. Shuji left it there for a second before he shrugged it off again.

"Shuji, I want to do this." Nobuta said. Shuji nodded in reply.

Their class was doing Romeo and Juliet. Nobuta was directing, Mariko was Juliet, Akira was playing Romeo's friend. Shuji was pressured into playing Romeo, but he didn't want to do it, and not only because he didn't want to kiss Mariko.

But it was Nobuta's idea, and everyone listened. Nobuta had finally become the person she wanted to be, so he wouldn't take this away from her.

"Shuji," Mariko started, "I know you don't want to play Romeo, but please give it a try."

Shuji and Mariko had become friends once again ever since Nobuta befriended her. However, it was still awkward around the two sometimes. Shuji looked at her. She was determined, so he should be too.


"You will enjoy it, Shuji. We will be together practising every day. Once we get the costumes organised, others can also help so it is not only us doing all the work." Nobuta said, going through the drawings of costume designs.

"Fun Shuji! Fun!" Akira danced around the room, waving his arms around. Suddenly he walked into the corner of a table, holding his leg as he then hopped around the room. Everyone laughed at him.

The group went back to work, trying to do their best.

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