Chapter 12

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Last chapter: "Just give them a little time to calm down a bit, ok?" Mariko added.

"Yeah, ok. Thanks guy, for supporting us through this. We really appreciate it." Shuji said, smiling.

"Kon-kon!" Akira agreed.

"That's what friends are for." Nobuta said.

--- ---

The rehearsals for the play continued as planned. Shuji and Mariko did a practise of their kissing scene and when they kissed, Shuji could hear Akira make a choking noise behind him. He smiled and turned around to look at Akira and laughed after the kiss.

Nobuta was right; everyone did support their relationship; besides the two that left on that day of rehearsals. Their roles were taken up by other people, and no one missed them being there. Everyone kept asking questions about Shuji and Akira's relationship, such as how they got together, how they knew they were in love and such. After a little while Shuji became used to the questions and attention he received.

On the day of the festival, everything was ready for the play. The costumes looked great and the set was up and ready. The class were all very nervous before hand, but once they started, they all took on their roles spectacularly. The play was a huge success, with a standing ovation.

After their final bow for their audience, Shuji and Akira met up back stage with their friends.

"Well Done Shuji!" One of their classmates said as he went over to Akira.

"Fantastic!" Another added.

"Thanks!" Finally he reached Akira and took him in his arms, giving him a huge kiss. Without even noticing, people were watching and clapped and whistled when they broke apart. Shuji blushed and Akira just smiled.

--- ---

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