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A figure stepped out of the shadows and smiled sinisterly with a hand-held recorder in her hands.

"Dana?" Logan asked, stepping closer as if testing to see if she was actually there.

"No, it's Brad Pitt. Of course it's me, jackass!" Dana said sarcastically, and a little more than pissed off.

"Alright, why on Earth are you doing this?" Quinn asked, one of her hands moving to her zap watch.

"Why? Okay, I'll tell you why. Logan and I were in love!" Dana exclaimed.

"No, we weren't." Logan was quick to say.

"More than just in love, we had a connection." Dana went on.

"We never even went out." Logan stated.

"It was magical." Dana said.

"Uh…maybe if you're talking about the kind of cheap magic tricks that are written on little cards and put into potato chip bags for kids to butcher." Logan said matter-of-factly.

"Anyways, the point is you can't go out with her!" Dana said, pointing at Quinn.

"What are you talking about?" Logan said at the same time Quinn asked, outraged, "What do you mean her?"

"Okay, no offense…wait no, I mean offense. You're kind of a geek." Dana said, frowning.

"We know that already. And Logan is an arrogant, rich jerk. And no offense, honey, but you're not the smartest neutron in the atom. Why do you think we're hiding this?" Quinn asked, waving her arms.

"Hey!" Logan said in protest. "You forgot devastatingly handsome."

Quinn raised her eyebrows.

"Sorry, sorry!" Logan put his hands up and started backing away.

Dana shook her head and muttered something under her breath that sounded suspiciously like "Whipped".

"Okay, back onto the important issues! What exactly do you want?" Quinn asked, exasperatedly.

"Revenge." Dana smirked.

"What does that exactly entail?" Quinn asked wearily.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure yet, but I'll leave you two with the fact that I have very incriminating evidence in my hands." Dana smirked and as cool as can be, walked out of the door.

"Well, crap." Logan said.

The next couple of days were torture for Quinn and Logan. Wherever they went, Dana was somehow always there. All she had to do was wave her tape around and Quinn and Logan immediately did whatever Dana had asked them to. Worse, Zoey and Michael had rekindled what odd friendship they had once had so Dana was constantly around their friends too.

After a particularly brutal lunch where Dana had made Quinn pay for her lunch, wipe up the orange juice she had "accidentally on purpose" spilled, and eat a grape off of the floor (The last one was especially hard since Quinn knew exactly how many germs had been feeding on the fallen grape), the gang had all gathered around the lounge playing a game of "Would you Rather?"

"Okay, Logan. Would you rather read your entire history textbook and do a two-hundred page essay or bite your own finger off?" Lola said, popping a grape in her mouth. Quinn cringed.

"Definitely the finger, do you even have to ask?" Logan said, chuckling.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot how completely stupid you were." Lola said dryly.

"Woah, below the belt, Martinez." Logan said, putting his hands in the air.

Everyone cracked up at Logan and Lola's playful banter.

"Okay, Quinn, this one's for you." Zoey said, gesturing to Quinn.

"Shoot." Quinn said.

"Alright, if you were going out with someone secretly, for whatever reason, would you keep on sneaking around or just tell everyone about it?" Zoey said, smiling as if her question hadn't made Quinn's heart rate pick up.

"Um, well…that's a pretty good question. What about the rest of you guys?" Quinn said, thinking quickly.

"Oh, definitely the latter. I mean, if you really loved that guy, you would want to tell everyone in the world. It's a no-brainer." Lola said quickly.

Quinn started to panic. Was it possible Dana had told everyone despite she and Logan doing everything- And she meant EVERYTHING- she had told them to.

Quinn looked at Logan really fast and then let her gaze settle on Dana. Dana just smiled in her direction and said, "Oh, yeah. I totally agree with you, Lola. If you're going out with somebody secretly, it just means you're ashamed of them. Isn't that right, Quinn?"

"Uh…yeah, I guess." Quinn stuttered hesitantly.

"Good answer, okay next question!" Zoey clapped her hands enthusiastically, inching herself away from James subconsciously.

Quinn and Logan exchanged a brief look where they communicated only through their eyes. It was a skill they had recently perfected through countless weeks of secretly dating. They usually used it when they were in a large group of people and needed to get away. Most of their conversations seemed to go something like this:

Hey, baby. Want to go make out?

Of course.

And then Quinn would create some kind of distraction and they would race out. But sometimes they had deeper conversations. Occasionally. But eye communication could only go so far. Longer sentences were harder to do. Usually those conversations would go like this:

Logan, I need to get out of here! I just got a text saying my great-grandfather died!

You had a dream about a dancing banana? That's weird.

So, yeah. That usually didn't work out so well. This time the conversation went like this:

Do you think they know?

I don't know. It's a possibility!

Want to go make out?

Logan, not the time! Maybe later.

"Quinn! Did you hear me?" Zoey was waving a hand in her face.

"Oh, yeah. Sure, I'm tired too. Let's go." Quinn recovered quickly, standing up and gathering her stuff.

"Hey, Dana. What room are you staying in?" Lola questioned.

"Ugh, with Stacy. She built me a necklace out of cotton swabs and then tried to sing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' while using a jumbo cotton swab she has specially ordered as a microphone." Dana groaned.

"Oh, that sucks. Have you asked for a transfer yet? Maybe you can stay with us for a while. I have an air mattress you can sleep on." Zoey said, empathetically.

Quinn's eyes widened and tried to send a frantic message to her friend telepathically trying to get her to withdraw her offer.

"Yeah, that would be great! We could stay up all night and have a slumber party!" Lola said, excitedly.

Apparently they had NOT mastered the skill of eye communication.

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