Snake Eyes lunged for his one-time brother.

Storm Shadow turned out of the way.

Holding contests to see who could jump highest.

Snake Eyes spun and punched.

Storm Shadow grabbed his arm and twisted it, flipping Snake Eyes.

Arm wrestling in the cafeteria.

Snake Eyes' katana flashed through the air.

Blood seeped through Storm Shadow's shirt.

Sword practice with the Hard Master

.Snake Eyes pulled back and spun his sword.

Storm Shadow attached his two katanas.

Fighting with staffs out doors.

Katanas clash. More blood - Storm Shadow's blood.

Throwing stars spin through the air, piercing flesh.

Snowball fights in winter.

Snake Eyes lashes out at his opponent.

Storm Shadow flips out of the way.

Acrobatics during training.

Snake Eyes dodges another slice and thrusts, catching Storm Shadow in the side.

Storm Shadow rips his shirt and mask off of his torn body.

Sweaty bear hugs in the gym.

Snake Eyes moves towards Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow flips Snake Eyes' katana away from him.

Wrestling in the grass.

Snake Eyes stops and stands still.

Storm Shadow raises his blades.

Bike races through the base.

Snake Eyes moves forward, twin blades slice low through the air.

Storm Shadow feels his legs sliced open as blood pours down them.

Snake Eyes winning a fight, Thomas laughing.

Snake Eyes thrusts forward. Tears are hidden.

Storm Shadow looks up, his face a mask of disbelief.

I will never leave you, brother.

Storm Shadow stumbles backwards towards the edge.

Snake Eyes feels his heart stop.

Face torn apart, scarred. Vision and hearing impaired.

Snake Eyes watches through half-blind eyes.

Storm Shadow looks at his brother one last time as he leaves the ledge.

I am no longer Thomas Arashikage, brother. I am Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow hit's the icy waters.

Snake Eyes sinks to his knees. Breath comes in gasps.

Thomas telling Snake Eyes it hurts, a breaking heart. But wounds heal.

Storm Shadow's last thought.

I wish I had told you, brother… some wounds never heal.