This is the sequel to my first gundam seed story But We Just Met, so if you haven't read that one yet I would suggest that you at least go over and take a small look at it.

Now then I might as well tell you this from the begining, but I'm not really a big fan of Shinn Asuka, truth be told I see him more as a villain then anything else.

I think the whole hero role lies more with Kira and Athrun.

Another thing if you are one of those people who read my first story, you would already know that Mayu is still alive. But seeing as none of us are really told all that much about her personality, I'll try my best to make a original and likeable character out of her, I hope I don't disappoint in that task.

One more small thing I think you guys should know about.

The piloting roster on both the Archangel and the Minerva are going to be a bit different, I will however not tell you what those changes are going to be yet. But I am pretty sure you will be able to figure it out after reading a bit.

Last thing I don't own anything gundam seed related.

We Meet Two Years Ago

Chapter 1

It had been about two years since the first Bloody Valentine war had ended.

But even though peace had finally returned to the world, there was still some people that had chosen to joined the military, and some of them where at this very moment making their way back to Armory One, where the new Zaft ship Minerva was waiting for them.

Two of them laughing loudly at the third person that was walking just ahead of them.

"I can't believe that you where lucky enough to get a good feel of that blond girl we meet not long ago, she was a real looker!" Yolant said in a loud tone, just as Shinn send him a small angry glare.

But he really didn't do that for long before the green hair teen that was beside Yolant asked him a question that made his face almost completely red.

"Yeah she was cute, how big was she compare to Luna and Meyrin?" Nicol Amalfi asked doing his best not to show the others that he was just joking around, it was just so damn entertain messing around with Shinn like this he always got so angry.

Hearing Nicol ask him that, the Impulse pilot quickly turned around, with a truly angry look in both of his red eyes.

"SHUT THE HELL UP BOTH OF YOU, HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW!" he yelled out so loud that it could properly be heard through half of the colony.

Not that he cared if anybody did hear him, the only thing on his mind right now was getting those two morons to keep their mouths shut.

But even with all of his yelling Nicol and Yolant just kept laughing loudly at him, which made him glare at them a bit longer before he turned around and walked of with an angry frown on his face, not hearing what else his two friends had to say.

"Sometimes I actually wonder what goes through his mind. I can understand why he doesn't know about Meyrin with her uniform on, yet one look at Lunamaria in her space suit, should be more then enough for him to tell if she got a bigger rag, then that blonde girl he grabbed!" Nicol said in a thoughtful tone, while removing some of his long green hair from his eyes.

Yolant however just took a small look over at him before he nodded a single time in agreement, while thinking about how the red hair girl looked in her space suit, she truly did look hot in that thing.

Yet after just standing there for a few minutes, far away in his own thoughts, he slowly shook his head a single time before he turned his attention back over at the green hair pilot.

"We better hurry and get back to the Minerva, we really don't have much time left!" the mechanic said just before he took of again heading back to where the grey space ship was suppose to be.

Looking a bit after him Nicol hurried picked up his back pack and took of after his friend, that hadn't have the time to get that far away, so it didn't really take all that long before he caught up to him and together the two young men walked beside each other the rest of the way back to the Minerva.


At the same time not that far away Gilbert Durandal was showing a certain blond Chief Representative and her blue hair bodyguard around Armory One, he kinda like the somewhat angry look that was on the girl's face.

It made it quite clear for him, that she did not like the sight of all of these different types of mobile suits, that was around them right now.

"Are all of those things really necessary when we are at peace?" Cagalli asked in a loud tone, while looking at a three ZAKUs that was standing a bit away from all the other mobile suits.

But as she was doing that she did not see the small smile that came over the man's lips, as he stood there watching the blond girl, she really did say some interesting things.

But after looking at her a bit more, he slowly turned his head and looked over at the ZAKUs, thinking his own thoughts about the mobile suits.

"I wouldn't really say they are necessary princess, but there will always be people in this world that wants conflict, and we all need to show such people that we have power, and that we are not afraid of them!" the man said while again looking over at the girl.

Hearing him say that Cagalli turned her attention away from the ZAKUs and back at him. "I can understand that, but having to much power could be seen by some people as a threat!" the blond girl said in a hard tone.

She seriously did not like being here, all of those damn weapons did make her feel a bit jumpy, it had after all not been all that long since she was fighting for her life against such machines.

Getting a somewhat thoughtful expression on his face, Gilbert smiled a bit at the girl. "Hmm you may be right about that princess, but even if we didn't have power, some people will see us as a threat no matter what, many people will always do that no matter who they are!" the man explained, while taking a brief glance over at the blue hair boy that did everything he could to stay near the girl.

For some reason, he couldn't help but find the young man a bit interesting, he seemed like one that had a great deal of potential, something Gilbert truly thought the boy was wasting in looking after this blond naive girl.

Feeling the man looking at him Athrun turned and looked away from Cagalli and over at the Chairman, where the man gave him a kind smile before he again began talking with Cagalli.

Blinking a few times in confusion, Athrun didn't understand why the man was suddenly smiling at him.

It was not like he had anything to do with what his girlfriend and the Chairman was talking about, he was only here to protect Cagalli, and he was determined to do that no matter what.

So while still thinking about that, he quietly took a small look around himself trying to see if there was anything nearby that could be a threat to any of them, but even with all the mobile suits around them, everything seemed pretty calm and down to earth right now.

And it wasn't long before they all began walking again, Cagalli and the Chairman still talking about what kind of influence having to many weapons could have.

But as the two of them where talking like that Athrun couldn't help but take a look up at one of the ZAKUs, even true he wasn't planing on piloting a mobile suit any time soon, a small part of him did find the new Zaft machine interesting.

It just seemed so much more powerful then the old GINN, and he really wonder how it would be using a mobile suit like that in combat.

It had after all been two years since he last tried something like that, not that he missed it one bit, he truly did prefer living a peaceful life then fighting every single day.

Yet as he was standing there in his own thoughts, Cagalli suddenly called out to him that he should hurry up, and that they didn't have time to wait while he was busy looking around.

Realizing that the person he was suppose to look after had gotten a bit away from him, he hurried rushed full speed over next to her, where he gave her a slightly guilty look.

"I'm sorry about that miss Athha, I was just looking at one of the mobile suit" Athrun explained, not really happy that he had been so easily distracted from what he was suppose to do.

Hearing him call her that Cagalli gave him a somewhat angry glare, she truly hated when he was talking to her in such a polite tone, she liked it much better when the people she cared about talked to her like she was a normal person.

Unfortunately this wasn't the best place to tell Athrun that, especially not when the Chairman was listening to everything they said.

"Just be sure to keep up Alex!" she said in a loud tone, thinking a few seconds about how strange it felt calling her boyfriend by that name.

It just seemed so unusual, she did however not think about that for long, before she again turned her attention back towards the man, that had been watching the two of them quietly for the last few minutes.

And when he realized that the girl was ready to continue their conversation.

It did not take long before the two of them, where once again far away in their discoursing about the Plants and all the weapons they had.


At the same time in one of the hangars that was around them.

Three teenagers was following a man in a green Zaft uniform, none of them said a thing to each other, it was only when the man stopped and looked back at them that one of the two boys had something to say.

"So are they in there?" Sting asked in a serious tone, not once taking his eyes away from the Zaft soldier.

He however just nodded a single time, while smiling a bit at them.

"Yep all three of them are in there and ready to go, the only thing they are missing are somebody to pilot them, but before you ran of you better take a few weapons with you, I'm not really sure how tight the security is in there!" the man explained, as he opened up the suitcase he had carried with him in there.

Seeing all the nice weapons it did not take long before the three teens was fully armed and ready for combat.

"Good, you where are great help in getting us in here, and Neo did asked me to tell you that once we get back to earth, he will make sure that you get the rest of your money, but now you better hurry up and get out of here, we are going to start the party, at any minute now!" Sting said smiling a bit at the man, that had made sure that he and his two friends got all the way in here.

"Ok please tell Mr Roanoke that it was a pleasure doing business with him!" the man said just before he turned around and left the hangar, as quickly as possible.

Leaving the three teens to look after him.

Once he was gone Auel turned and looked back at his two friends, where he gave them both a somewhat angry look.

He really didn't like the man they had just talked with, he kinda want to put a nice little hole right through the mans forehead.

"We should have shoot him when we had the chance!" Auel said, while checking if the gun was loaded and ready to use, but seeing as the little black weapon was ready it didn't take long before he again was looking at his two friends.

Sting on the other hand just smiled a bit at him, before he began talking in a quiet tone.

"I get what you are saying Auel, I really didn't like that guy either, but you do remember that Neo told us to leave that guy alive, he said that it was a good way for someone else to take the blame for all of this!" the boy said, while he too took a small look at his own weapons.

Before he asked the boy and the girl in front of him if they where ready for this, but once he saw both of them nod slowly the three of them immediately left their hiding place and ran full speed towards what they had came all this way to get.

And not even a minute later the entire hangar was filled by the sounds of combat and people getting killed by the three Earth Forces pilots, that spare no one that got in their way, every person that tried to stop them where either shot or cut down.

"I can't believe that they don't have more security then this, it's almost like they are asking us to empty out this place!" Auel said while shooting down two Zaft soldiers that tried their best to stop them, not that they had much luck with that.

"Hmmm maybe they didn't expect anybody would take those machines at a place like this!" Sting said, while throwing a hand grenade in between four idiots that was hiding out behind a crate that was standing in the middle of the room.

But when the little thing land next to them, they tried to get away but was shoot down, by the very same person that had thrown the grenade in the first place.

While he was doing that Stella was jamming a very long scary looking combat knife in to the throat of a Zaft soldier, then quickly pulled it out and throw it straight at another enemy that was coming running full speed towards her.

Yet once the knife hit him in the chest he fell to the floor, blood slowly running out from the wound the blond girl had just given him.

Not that she cared much about that, she just throw her last knife down on the floor, and looked over at her two friends.

That had just finished taking out the rest of the Zaft soldiers in there. "Well then, now that there is no more party crashes, around here lets get to work!" Sting said in a loud tone, just as the two others gave a small nod to his words.

With that, they hurried turned around, and took of towards the three mobile suits, that was being stored at the back of the hangar.

And not ever a minute later, they where inside the machine powering them up.

"Everything looks fine over here, what about you guys?" Sting asked a bit worried that they had to leave one of the mobile suit behind if there was still something that needed to be done on it.

But it didn't take long before he realized that he really didn't have anything to be concerned about.

"This guy are ready to kick the ass of everybody getting in our way, just let me at them!" Auel said in a complete confident, he was already looking forward to show Zaft just how much damage he could do to them in one of their own mobile suits.

This was just going to be so great, he was going to make sure that they where gone regret not looking better after this nasty little machine.

But he did not get much time to think about everything he was going to do, when someone else began talking in a somewhat calm tone, that made him wonder just how Stella could stay so calm even under these circumstance.

"Mine is ready to so lets hurry up and get out of here, I don't really feel like staying in here much longer it's way to dark" the girl said while getting the Gaia gundam up on it's feet, where she immediately activated the Phase Shift armor.

While the two boys did the same, after that the three of them began heading slowly towards the exit of the hangar.

Once there Auel began chuckling softly inside the Abyss' cockpit. "Now then lets see if we can't liven things up a bit out there. I'm sure that a few of them doesn't have much to do right now, and are really just waiting for us to get all the fun and games started!" the blue hair teen said.

With a somewhat wicked smile on his face, just before he fired of all the gundams weapons in to the door blowing it completely apart.


Meanwhile just outside Cagalli was just about to say something else to the Chairman.

When suddenly a giant explosion could be heard all over the base, which was more then enough for Athrun to throw himself forward and knock Cagalli to the ground, holding her tightly while a few piece of the now destroyed hangar door flew around them.

It was only when he heard some ask loudly what the hell was going on that he looked up again, where he immediately noticed two no three mobile suits coming out of the fire they them self had made when they blasted their way through the hangar door.

It was just about the same time that he heard a unknown soldier call out the names of the three mobile suits, and ask the one question that was most likely going thought every bodies mind right now.

"Chaos, Gaia, Abyss, what the heck are they doing?!" He asked loudly.

Just as the black one of the mobile suits transformed in to something that looked very much like a BuCUE and ran off full speed, shooting of the three beam weapons it now had in to another hangar where a few GINNs was being made ready to leave.

Yet none of the pilots in there even got the chance to try and stop the three gundams.

That was when another eksplosion caught his and Cagalli's attention.

And they both looked over at the blue mobile suit just as it pulled it's lance out from the chest of a ZAKU, that fell to the ground where it blow up, but as the two of them where watching this Durandal came over beside them.

"Can you two get up? You are not hurt anywhere?" He asked sounding somewhat concerned.

While taking a brief glance away from them, and over at the Abyss just as it jumped in to the air, and fired of all it's beam weapons down at the Zaft mobile suits on the ground, taking a great deal of them out.

Hearing the man asked them that Athrun quickly helped Cagalli back up on her feet, then turned and looked over at the man just as a few minor explosions could be heard all over the base.

"We are all right sir, but what are those things?!" Athrun asked loudly even true he already knew the answer.

He himself had after all pilot both the Aegis and the Justice, so he knew a gundam when he saw one, and there was just no doubt about what these machines where.

Looking a few seconds at the young man, Gilbert knew that the blue hair teen had already found the answer to his question.

"I will tell you about it later, but now I think it's much more important that the two of you get out of here!" he said, just before he turned and looked over at a soldier that was standing just a bit away from him, where he immediately yelled out for him to get them to safety.

Those few words was enough for the man to step over next to Athrun and Cagalli. "Ok come with me I will get you to the shelter!" he said in a loud tone, just as he turned around and ran off with the two teens following closely behind him.

Once they where out of sight Gilbert turned and took a small glance around at the people gather around him.

"WE are getting those machines back no matter what, so hurry up and call the Minerva for some back up, I want as many of our best pilots out here as possible!" the black hair man yelled, seeing a few soldiers began working on filling out his orders.

After that he turned and saw two DINNs attacking the Chaos, but the green mobile suit had no trouble at all taking the two of them out.

Seeing that a deep frown ran over his forehead, and he just couldn't help but mutter a small curse, he truly hated the idea of such powerful weapons as those three gundams in the hands of somebody skilled enough to get all the way in here without being seen.

And he knew that getting the three mobile suits back intact would be a very hard thing to do.

But that did not mean he was just going to stand and watch, while those guys waltz of with something Zaft had used so much time and money to build.

It was just about the same time that one of the soldiers told him that it was properly best that they too got away from there.

Looking a bit at the man Gilbert slowly nodded a single time, just as they all turned and ran of hoping to get a bit more distance between them self and the fighting mobile suits.


Not that far away Athrun and Cagalli was still running after the man that was suppose to lead them to the shelter.

When suddenly the black BuCUE like gundam drop down almost in front of them where it began shooting of it's weapons, taking down a few GAZuOOT that was shooting at it.

Once those where destroyed, it got back in to it's mobile suit mode, and walked of firing it's beam rifle at everything it got close.

Seeing that happening Athrun tighten his grip on Cagalli's hand and pull her along with him, they had both lost sight of the man when the black gundam had shown up so they didn't have many other options then try and find a safe place on their own.

But they hadn't really been running for long before they saw the green gundam slamming it's saber in to the cockpit of a GINN.

Seeing that Athrun quickly chance direction pulling Cagalli with him behind a few already destroyed mobile suits.

Once back there he hugged her as tightly as possible just as the GINN exploded behind them, feeling the wind and a few parts from the Zaft machine fly over their heads.

Athrun couldn't help but curse loudly as he stood there still holding on to Cagalli, doing everything he could to protect the one he loved.

"DAMN IT ALL!" he yelled, just as they saw the Gaia jump over the place where they where hiding out.

Seeing the black mobile suit continue on it's rampage, Cagalli asked the one thing she truly want to know.

"Why is this happening, why did something like that had to be here?!" the blond girl asked, as she watched the Gaia take down two DINNs that was attacking it, making both of them fall straight to the ground.

Seeing that Cagalli hurried trusted her face in to Athrun's chest not wanting to see the two pilots getting killed.

But while she did that, the first DINN crashing full speed in to a ZAKU that had was just about to attack the Gaia.

The other DINN tried to stay in the air, but in the end one of it's wings broke of and it smash right through the roof of a nearby building, where it didn't even take a second before it blow up.

Which was more then enough to make the last ZAKU that just happened to be in there to fall over and crash down, not that far away from where Cagalli and Athrun was hiding out.

When that happened both of them immediately turned their attention over on the green mobile suit, and just seeing how close they where to the thing was enough to make a determined look ran over Athrun's face, as he again took a hold on Cagalli's hand, pulling her with him over to the ZAKU, while keeping a close eye on the black mobile suit that was still busy shooting at everything it was close.

And just one look at the machine, was enough to show the two of them that the pilot inside the gundam, didn't care much about how many people got killed in this.

And just seeing whoever was in there fight so mercilessly made the young couple run even faster towards their destination.

Once there, Athrun didn't even waste a second in helping Cagalli up on the green mobile suit, where she looked at him with a somewhat confused expression on her face.

"Athrun what are we doing up here?!" She asked loudly just as both of them heard yet another explosion coming from the Gaia's direction.

Hearing her asked that Athrun took a quick glance back at her, before he reached out to open up the cockpit. "Hurry and get in before it gettes back here!" the blue hair man said, while taking another look over at the Gaia.

Where he saw it slam it's beam saber in to the side of a white GuAIZ, that immediately blow up, after that the Gaia turned and looked around for a new target.

But once it notice that the other Zaft force, was busy trying to stop the Chaos and the Abyss, it gave the rest of the GuAIZ a hard kick, making it's head fly away from the body.

After that it didn't take long before the black mobile suit was walking slowly through all the destruction it had made.

Seeing that it was coming right at them, Athrun hurried picked up Cagalli bridal style and jumped in to the cockpit, where he immediately began powering up the machine.

"Athrun are you sure this is a good idea? It has been some time since you last piloted a mobile suit!" Cagalli said in a loud tone, clearly not happy about having to use something like this.

But she knew just as well as Athrun that staying outside at a time like this, would no doubt be complete suicide.

Either they would be stepped on by one of the machine, or caught up between the three gundams and the Zaft force, that was still trying their best to stop them.

Those few words immediately made Athrun take a small glance down at the girl on his lab, before he continued working on the control.

"I don't really have much of a choice at this point, and there is just no way I'm going to let you die at a place like this, Kira, Lacus and Mayu would never forgive me if anything happened to you!" Athrun said still with that determined look in both of his eyes, while thinking a few seconds about all their friends down on earth.

He did however not think about them for long before he gave a his head a quick shook, getting all of his concentration back on getting the ZAKU up on it's feet.

Which was actually much hard then he had first thought, one small look down at the mobile suits controls, was more then enough to tell him what exactly the problem was.

And just seeing what was wrong made the young man narrow his eyes a bit.

"Damn you, get up you stupid piece of junk!" Athrun yelling forcing the green mobile suit to stand up even with all the damage on the left leg.

But after a few short seconds he finally succeed in getting the Zaft machine up on it's two feet, but as he did that both he and Cagalli saw the Gaia turn and look over at them.

The almost black gundam actually looking a bit like it was wondering why they suddenly had began moving around.

And after watching them for a bit the gundam lifted it's beam rifle and fired a single shoot at them.

Apparently thinking that the one shot was enough to take them out, but just before the beam could hit them, Athrun got the ZAKU moving and flew straight over the beam, making it hit an old building instead.

Not that Athrun cared much about that, all of his attention was turned towards getting the mobile suit back down on the ground without falling over.

He knew that if he didn't land just right, there was a very big chance that they would fall over, with the bad condition the left leg was in.

And even as both feet hit the ground, the leg gave a somewhat loud metallic sound, that made it clear that it would be a good idea to get the leg repaired soon.

"Damn it, I can't fight properly with the left leg like this!" Athrun yelled jumping to the side, just nearly avoiding getting hit by another shot from the Gaia, this time he did however have a bit more trouble with the landing.

But thanks to a few attacking DINNs he still succeed in getting the ZAKU securely down on the ground, once more hearing the metal on the damage leg scream loudly under the pressure.

Which again made him curse loudly as he pulled out the beam tomahawk, and got the green mobile suit in to a combat stand, with the tomahawk up and ready to fight the black gundam.


Meanwhile over in the Gaia, Stella had just finished taking down the last of the DINNs that had been attacking her.

So once she had made sure that there was nothing else that could interrupted her, in trying to blast the irritating ZAKU to pieces.

She slowly turned and looked over at the green mobile suit, where the first thing she noticed was that it had it's beam tomahawk out, and that it was ready to use it.

Seeing that a small smile ran over her lips, however was inside that machine was good.

And as much as she liked taking down all those fools that had tried to stop her up until now, she did like the idea of fighting someone that could give her the chance to really test the black mobile suit out.

So after looking at it for a bit she put the beam rifle away and pulled out the right beam saber.

"Ready or not here I come!" She yelled loudly just before she jumped in to the air, heading straight over towards the ZAKU.

Once close enough she hurried slammed the weapon out after the Zaft machine, that defend itself with it's shield, while quickly trying to hit her with it's own close combat weapon.

But the blonde girl made sure to get her own shield up to counter the tomahawk, before it could do any serious damage to the Gaia.

The two mobile suits continued struggle like that for a few minor seconds until the ZAKU pulled back and jumped just a bit away from her, looking after it for a bit the girl was just about to take off after the machine.

When she noticed the somewhat bizarre about way it was moving, there was clearly something wrong with the left leg, that made it much hard for the person in there to control the mobile suit.

Realizing that this guy thought he could take her out with a damaged mobile suit a deep angry frown ran over her face.

For some reason she truly felt a bit like this guy was mocking her, by fighting in something like that, and she did not like that at all.

"You bastard, how dare you fight me in something like that!" she yelled just before she pulled out her beam rifle and once again began using the green mobile suit as target practice.

It was however not that surprising it did everything possible to evade every single beam she fired of after it.

Yet that only served to make Stella feel all the more determined to take this guy out.


At the same time on the Minerva, Nicol was running full speed towards his sun yellow GOUF, dressed in a normal Zaft space suit in the same colours, once inside the machine he hurried called up the bridge.

"Miss Gladys! I'm ready to head out now!" he told the brown hair woman, while slowly getting his mobile suit over on the catapult, waiting for Meyrin to tell him that he could leave.

But it was only after the Core Splendor and all the parts of the Impulse had left that he got permission to leave the ship.

Once outside he watched as the Impulse was put together, and even true this was not the first time he got to see this, it was still a very impressive sight, that made a small smile ran over his face.

And once he saw the Sword Silhouette land on the mobile suits back, the two of them flew of full speed towards the ground, where they land beside each other.

Both of them looking out over all the damage the three mobile suits had made to this place. "Damn you bastards, you are going to pay for this!" Shinn yelled in a very loud angry tone.

Just as he put the two beam swords together swing it around a few times over his head before he activated the weapon, he did however not get much time to show of like that before the Chaos came flying right at them shooting of it's beam rifle.

Seeing that Shinn hurried jumped up over the shoot and slammed the weapon out after the green gundam, that defend itself with it's shield.

Which Shinn hurried tried to push away, so he could get to the cockpit.

But unfortunately the person inside the stolen mobile suit was to good to fall for a simple trick like that, he hurried backed away from him, and fired of his beam rifle at him.

Seeing that Shinn hurried maneuvered over the green beam and pulled the two swords apart, throwing the left one of them with as much force as possible straight at the Chaos, that quickly knocked it away with the shield.

Not that Shinn cared much about that, he was already charging full speed at the green mobile suit, with the other sword ready to strike.

He did however not even get close to the other gundam when a big red beam came flying straight at him.

Seeing that he hurried got to a hold and evade the beam, only to throw himself to the side a second later, just as rain of green beams was shoot of after him from the Abyss.

Noticing that he now had two stolen gundams to do battle with he, took a small look around wondering slightly what had happened to Nicol, but it didn't really take long before he saw his friends yellow mobile suit flying full speed towards the Gaia.

Obviously trying to help out a single lonely ZAKU that had been fighting with the black gundam for some time now.

Noticing that there was no help from the other boy Shinn again looked back at the other gundams.

"Looks like I have to beat the two of you up on my own!" he said making it sound like he wasn't going to have any trouble at all taking care of the two gundams.

But he didn't get much time to think about that before the Chaos fired a few shoots at him, then ran full speed towards him with it's beam saber out.

And it didn't even take a second before he and the Chaos meet, both of them slamming their beam weapons out at each other, they did however not stayed locked together for long before Shinn was forced to back away to avoid another attack from the Abyss.

Once he got a little distance between them he hurried pulled out his own beam rifle, and fired a few shoots at the blue mobile suit trying to hit the cockpit, not that he had much luck with that.


While the red gundam was shooting at him like that, Auel used one of the fins to take the first two beams, before he quickly duck down under the third shoot that was heading right for him.

After that he hurried jumped away, before it could fire any more beams at him.

Once he was sure that the unknown mobile suit had all of it's attention turned over towards Sting, that was at this moment trying to hit the machine with his own rifle.

Auel shoot of the chest cannon right at the sword swing mobile suit trying to take off both of it's legs, that way they could most likely get that machine too.

But just as the red beam was about to make contact, the red gundam jumped away so the shoot flew in and hit the ground instead, but as Auel look after the enemy machine, it shoot of both the machine guns it had in it's chest.

So after avoiding the minor attack, from the other gundam the blue hair teenager could not help but ask the one question that had been running through his mind ever since that red mobile suit had show up.

"What is that damn thing? I thought that there was only suppose to be three new models!" the boy said, clearly angry that they had to fight something like this.

Neo did tell them before they got in here that the only thing they should worry about was getting their hands on the three gundams.

He hadn't said one a single thing about there being more then just the three of them.

It was just about that time the Sting began talking in a very loud tone.

"How the heck should I know what it is? I mean it's clearly a gundam, but I have no idea about what the hell that thing is called, and it's not like it has anything to do with our mission, so lets just hurry up and take care of it, I really don't want to stay in here much longer!" the green hair teen yelled, while again shooting of the beam rifle at the annoying red mobile suit.

"Fine with me, it's head would make one hell of a souvenir!" Auel yelled loudly just as he charged of full speed at the enemy machine, the lance up and ready to strike.

But he didn't even get near it before it pulled out a beam boomerang and throw it straight at him, forcing him to get out of the way in a hurry, just as the weapon was about to hit him, after that Auel again shoot of the chest cannon.


While those three gundams was busy fighting each other Nicol was flying full speed at the Gaia, where he gave it a very hard kick in it's side just as it was about to shoot one more time after the damage ZAKU that was having a very tough time avoiding all of it's attacks.

Once he was sure that it was out for a bit, the green hair boy hurried got in contact with the ZAKU.

"Hurry up and get out of here, I'll take care of this guy!" Nicol yelled loudly before cutting of the communication to the green mobile suit.

Once he had delivered that small message, he didn't waste anytime in pulling out the beam sword and began shooting at the Gaia with the beam gun.

Yet just as the beams was about to hit the machine it transformed in to it's four legged mode and ran straight at him.

Seeing that Nicol quickly slammed the whip out after the Gaia but it just jumped over the weapon, while still heading right for him.

But before it could get any closer the green hair boy jumped right over the black gundam, but while he was doing that, he turned and once again tried hitting the Gaia with the whip, but it once again succeed in avoiding the electric weapon.

But that the not stop Nicol from shooting of the beam gun after the black machine, just as it land on a destroyed building and took of directly at him.

It did however not get far before a white ZAKU land beside the GOUF where it immediately began shooting of it's beam rifle at the Gaia.

"Are you all right over there Nicol?" Rey asked a bit concerned about his friend over in the GOUF.

Nicol however just took a small glance over at the ZAKU before he again throw out the whip after the black gundam. "Yeah I'm all right, but I'm sick of this damn thing, so if you can help me take it out I will pay neck time we order a pizza or something like that!" Nicol said in a loud tone, just as the two of them jumped over the Gaia, each of them shooting of their beam weapons after the fast running mobile suit.

That quickly jumped to the side to evade the beams before it again ran full speed at them, forcing the two boys to get out of the way in a hurry before the two beam blades could get near them.

Yet as the two elite Zaft pilots fought with the Gaia, Nicol suddenly realized that one of them where missing and took a small look around before he again turned his attention back towards the four legged mobile suit.

That did however not stop the boy from asking the one thing he really want to know. "What is Luna doing right now, we could really use her help?!" Nicol called out again throwing the whip after the Gaia, that quickly jumped over the weapon and ran straight him.

Only to be cut of by a few shoots from the white ZAKU forcing the person inside the Gaia to change direction, making all three beams hit the ground instead.

"She had a little trouble getting her ZAKU started, some mechanics should be repairing it as we speak, but for now we have to handle things without her!" Rey said, as he again began opening fire after the Gaia, once again forcing the black gundam to chance course.

But this time it was the only thing it chance now it was coming right at him, seeing that Rey immediately got ready to take on the gundam in close combat.

But it didn't even get near him before Nicol flew in and gave the Gaia a very hard kick in it's side making it smash in to a already destroyed building.

After that Nicol got the beam sword ready and was just about to put the weapon through the Gaia's cockpit.

Yet unfortunately before he could do that, a few beams flew down at him making him evade to the side, before the attacks from the Chaos could get him killed.

It was just about the same time that the Impulse land beside them, both swords out and ready to fight. "I'm sorry but that bastard got away from me!" Shinn said in a truly angry tone, that made it obvious to everybody that knew the boy that he was running very short on patience.

And that could only mean he was just about ready to kill all three of the pilots inside the stolen gundams, and the only reason he was holding back was because he had been order to bring all three gundams back.

"I'm going to slaughter all three of them!" Shinn growled just before he took of towards the Chaos, truly determined to make the moron inside the green mobile suit, regret that he had ever thought about piloting a mobile suit in the first place.

And it didn't take long before the two gundams meet, both of them slamming their beam weapons together.

Seeing Shinn fight so hard the two other Zaft pilots took a small glance over at each other before they too left the ground and flew full speed towards the battle, both of them anxious to help out their friend against the three different coloured gundams.

Which meant that it did not takr long before the six mobile suits was once more far away in their intense battle.


At the same time a certain bad walking ZAKU was looking for a place where the two passengers could get of, the two of them had been pretty quiet since the yellow mobile suit had told them to get away from the black gundam.

And it was quite obvious that the two of them where far away in their own thoughts.

But finally after a few very long minutes, a deep sigh could be heard from Cagalli.

"That was Nicol wasn't it?" The blond hair girl asked in a somewhat quiet tone, while thinking back to the last time they had seen the green hair boy, that had been shortly after the Archangel had gotten back to earth after the last battle at Jachin Due.

But he didn't really stay down there for long before he had told them all that he was going home, and that he missed his parents.

After that, none of them had heard a thing from him, even true Athrun had tried more then a few times to get in contact with his green hair friend.

But every time he did that he would never get an answer back, it was almost like the green hair boy had forgotten they existed, something that had made both Athrun and Dearka very sad.

Hearing Cagalli ask that Athrun took a look down at her with a sad look in both of his eyes.

He too thinking about Nicol and the last time he had seen him, back then he had seemed so depressed, not that anybody could blame him with Mayura gone.

And if somebody back then had told Athrun that Nicol was going to piloted a mobile suit again, he would properly have laugh in their face.

He seriously didn't think Nicol would ever get in to such a machine ever again, so after sitting there a few minutes just looking at Cagalli and thinking about his old friend, Athrun slowly let out a small breath.

"Yes it was, he did sound a bit different but I can recognize that voice everywhere, but I just don't understand why he is here, I didn't think he would ever fight again after what happened in the last war!" Athrun said, truly sadden that Nicol had to go through the pain of losing Mayura like that.

Looking a few seconds at her boyfriend Cagalli nodded slowly in agreement.

"Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but maybe once all of this is over we might finally get the chance to talk with him again!" the blond hair girl said, truly hoping that they could have a nice long conversation with their old friend.

Hearing those few words made Athrun take another short glance down at the girl on his lab. "Yeah I hope so too, I would be lying if I said that I haven't miss him, ever since he left, and I know Dearka and Miriallia would also like to have a talk with him!" Athrun said in a somewhat quiet voice.

While thinking back to how quiet and depressed his two other friends had seemed, the last time they had been talking about the former Blitz pilot.

Thinking a few second about what her boyfriend had just told her Cagalli nodded slowly a single time, just as she noticed a red ZAKU walking just ahead of them.

It was obvious for the blond girl that the other Zaft mobile suit that it was in the same kind of condition as the machine she and Athrun was in right now.

So after looking at it a bit longer she again opened her mouth where she immediately began to talk in a somewhat thoughtful tone.

"Lets hurry after that red mobile suit Athrun, I mean it's obviously damage, so it's most likely going to a place where it can be repaired!" Cagalli said not once taking her eyes away from the ZAKU that continued walking slowly in front of them.

Those few words made Athrun look up again and out at the red mobile suit, where he immediately noticed that Cagalli was right about the ZAKU being damage.

So without saying a word he hurried took of after the other machine determined not to let it get to far away, but after walking after it for a few minutes he began wondering where exactly the red ZAKU was going.

But he did not get much time to think about that before an enormous explosion shook the entire colony, that really did seem like it was going to last forever, but after a little while the colony finally stopped shaking again.

Which immediately made Cagalli ask what the hell was happening now, and even true she did sound a bit angry, Athrun could still sense a bit of fear in her voice, not that he could blame her.

He too somewhat worried, that this would turn out just like Heliopolis.

But it did seemed like the explosions had stopped at least for now, so after think a bit more about it, he told her the answer to her question, while again taking another look out after the red ZAKU.

"We are being attacked from the outside!" he said just as he saw the ZAKU entered what looked like a hangar of a big grey space ship, seeing that he stopped and just stood there a few minutes, thinking about if it was a wise move to follow the red mobile suit in there.

But when another explosion could be heard from the outside, he got a determined expression on his face.

As he once more got the ZAKU they where in moving, and walked in to the hangar of the obvious the giant war ship.

To be continued.

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