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Chapter 91

Following the Akatsuki through the Archangel's open hanger hatch, Kira paid little attention to where Mu packed the golden mobile suit, instead he stepped over, and carefully laid the already powered down Justice on the floor. Knowing that by doing that, it would be much easier for them to help, Athrun get out of the gundam, then without bothering to even power down the Freedom, Kira hurried opened the hatch and quickly lowered himself down to the floor, where he could see Murdoch and a few other mechanics crawling up onto the Justice.

Swiftly getting the cockpit opened, Murdoch looked down at the blue haired youngster, who was just sitting there with a pained expression covering his entire face, breathing deeply while looking up at him. "God, you stupid dumbass, you look like shit! Here, let me help you out!" The chief engineer yelled, reaching down into the cockpit to carefully unstrap the beat up pilot. Once that task was over and done with, he looked up at one of the other mechanic, telling him to lean him a hand, so they could get Athrun out of there without injuring him even further.

Once they succeed in getting the only half-conscious Athrun out of the Justice's cockpit, both Murdoch and the other mechanic quickly took a hold on his arms and put them over their shoulders, tightly holding on to him, to keep him from stumbling over, each one of them knowing that if he were to fall down from all the way up there in his condition, it could very well be fatal.

"Hey Athruun! Try to stay awake till we down on ground! I still own you are good beating, for going out into combat in the first place!" Murdoch yelled into Athrun's ear at the top of his lungs, in an attempt to keep the blue haired pilot from completely losing consciousness.

Seeing them guide the wobbly Athrun down from the Justice, the worried frown on Kira's face grew even deeper, he did not even notice it when Mayu stepped over beside him, it was only when the girl took a hold on his hand and gave it a light comforting squeeze, that Kira looked down at her. One look at the expression on her round face, made it totally clear to him, that she was just as concerned about Athrun well-being as he was. Gently squeezing her small hand back, Kira once again turned his serious purple gaze towards Murdoch and the other mechanic, presently helping out his best friend. "How is he, Mr Murdoch?!" He yelled up out to the chief engineer.

Tightening his hold on Athrun even further, as he and his fellow mechanic started carefully leading the blue haired youngster down the Justice's left arm, Murdoch looked down at Kira. "I am sorry, kid, I got no idea! I am a mechanic, not a doctor! The only thing I can tell you for sure, is that he is pretty beat up, and is going to need some medical attention!" The large man said, mentally promising himself that once this war was over, and he had time for it, he was going to retake the first aid course, it might not be of much use during the present situation, but in Murdoch's eyes, it was always wise to know about such things, one never knew when it could be useful.

Finally, reaching the floor, Murdoch breath a sigh of relief, as Kira along with Mayu immediately rushed over to them, each of them calling out to the barely conscious Athrun, that slowly raised his head and looked up at them with a small smile, that was clearly meant to lessen their worries, but since both Kira and Mayu knew how much Athrun preferred to hide his pain, and pretend that he was alright, no matter what, it had the complete opposite effect.

"Please don't worry so much you two, I'll be just fine after a bit of... A bit of... Res...t..." that was all Athrun manage to get out, before the dizziness and intense pain he felt, finally overcame him, his green eyes fell slowly shut, and he pasted out right then and there.

"Atthhhrruuuun!" Kira yelled in concern. Immediately followed by Mayu screaming out big brother, the eleven-year-old girl, seriously fearing that her older sibling, had gone and died, right there in front of them. It was only thanks to Kira tightly holding onto her tiny hand, that Mayu Ramius was able to keep the tears threatening to leave her eyes, at bay.

Cursing angrily over him passing out like that. "Ahh geez, you reckless fool! Couldn't you have waited with that, until we have gotten you to the med-bay?!" Murdoch growled displeased, the look in his eyes showing that even though he did act and sounded quite a bit pissed off by Athrun's pure and utter stupidity, he was genuinely concerned about him.

"Someone, bring a stretcher and to call the medics!" Kira ordered over the sound of the Yami entering the hangar and touching down, in what could only be described as Dearka's usual spot. It had been that exact same spot where he had kept both the Buster and his blue Murasame. Noticing what was happening down on the floor, Dearka quickly kneel down and place the chopped off left arm directly in front of the Yami, before standing up straight again. Then, while pretty much following Kira's example, Dearka did not even bother powering down the Yami, before hastily crawling out of the cockpit, grabbing the cable, the blond haired pilot began lowing himself towards the ground, yet even as Dearka did that, he called out and loudly asked Kira if Athrun was all right.

Glancing briefly up at the rapid descending Dearka. "We don't know, they are bringing him to the medical bay right now to check on him!" Kira yelled up to his friend, before he once again turned his attention towards the two medical staff members, that with extreme care place the unconscious Athrun on the stretcher, then with a small nod to each other, they stood up straight at the exact same time, carrying him hastily, but still carefully out of the hangar, with Mayu and Kira following closely behind them.

Finally, reaching the floor, Dearka just stood there for a few short seconds stretching and cracking his aching neck and back, before he with a tired sigh hurried raced off in the direction of the medical bay, hoping to catch up with his two friends and little sister, before they could get too far ahead, which he of course easily succeed in doing, since the medical staff carrying Athrun, wasn't really walking all that fast.

Even with the somewhat slow pace, it did not take them long to reach the medical bay, where the doctor loudly told them to wait outside while she looked Athrun over. Leaning tiredly against the wall just across from the medical bay, the exhaust Kira reached up to rub some of the sleep out of his purple eyes, he could scarcely remember the last time he had felt this worn out. All he wanted to do right now was take a long hot shower, then crawl into bed together with Lacus and just hold her for the rest of the night, but before doing that, he needed to know if Athrun was going to be alright, Kira knew that there was no way he could sleep calmly, if he did not know that first.

Sitting down on the floor beside Mayu, Dearka looked up at Kira. "You know Kira, this battle was pure and utter shit, it seriously didn't seem like ZAFT was overly interested in finding Djibril, all they did out there was cause a boatload of destruction and chaos, and when Djibril finally did appear, the nincompoop in the Providence lookalike actually helped the bastard escape. Why the hell would he do that?!" The Yami pilot asked loudly, simply unable to fathom, why that guy had gotten in his way.

Slowly shaking his head. "I don't know, Dearka, I really don't. Perhaps when Athrun wakes up and is feeling better, he can shed a bit of light on that guy's actions" Kira said in a low tone, rapidly shaking away the few images of Rau Le Creuset's face flashing through his tired mind, Athrun had already told him during the battle that the guy in the Legend, was not Le Creuset, so why the hell was he having such a difficult time believing that. Swallowing loudly a single time, Kira seriously wished that he had something to drink right about now, his throat felt as dry as sandpaper. As if knowing what was going through his mind, Lacus' silhouette suddenly appeared from the right side of the long hallway, along with Miriallia and Meyrin. Neither the husband nor the wife said anything to each other, as Lacus handed him a bottle of cold water, which Kira quickly got open and took a huge mouthful of.

Once Kira was done satisfying his deep immense thirst and had screwed the red cap back onto the bottle, Lacus leaned in, resting her head against his broad shoulder. But even though the feeling of Kira wrapping his arm around her, did make Lacus snuggle a bit closer in towards him, the pink haired girl's blue gaze did not waver from Mayu's face. While the deep exhaustion the eleven-year-old obviously felt, did a good job of hiding it, Lacus could still tell, that there was something bothering the girl immensely, but she reluctantly realized that now was neither the time nor the place for them to talk about whatever it was.

A deep sigh from Dearka, brought Lacus out of her concerned thoughts about Mayu. "Thank you, Mir, I really needed that" he said, using the back of his left hand to wipe away some of the dry sweat covering his forehead, while handing the now empty water bottle back to his girlfriend.

Taking the bottle, Miriallia sat down beside him, reaching over she took a hold on his hand. "Don't mention it, I figured that you were thirsty" she said, simply unable to keep the tiredness she felt, out of her voice. Today seriously had been just one hectic mess after another. Miriallia was so ready to crawl into hers and Dearka's bed, and sleep the rest of the night away, preferably using her boyfriend's strong chest as her pillow.

After that a deep calm silence fell over all of them, unfortunately that did not last for very long, when a happy familiar voice, could be heard from down the long hallway.

"Lacus! Laaacus! Hello! Heeello!" Haro rattled on none stop, as he came bouncing full speed down the hall, with Birdy following closely behind him, yet once the green and yellow robotic bird saw it's owner, it flapped around a bit before landing on Kira's shoulder.

Haro, on the other hand, was to the annoyance of everyone else there, far from done making noise, he kept on jumping around, loudly calling out Lacus' name. Waiting for just the right moment, the pink haired woman quickly reached out and caught the small round robot in midair, slowly turning him around, so she could look into his tiny eyes.

"Shhh, please be quiet, Pinky dear. Go to sleep now" Lacus told her small robot, in an almost motherly tone.

"Lacus! Lacus! Ok! Damn it!" Those words were the only response Haro gave, before he, much to all of their relief, went to sleep for the night. With him now quiet, Lacus cautiously threw him down to Mayu, who caught the small round robot with no trouble at all.

While Meyrin did quite frankly enjoy the silence like the rest of them, the red haired girl still had something she needed to get off her chest. So it was with a bit of hesitation, that she clear her throat and started talking in a meek tone, while staring intensely down at the floor.

"Umm Kira, thank you so much for not hurting Lunamaria. While I don't think she will ever forgive me for betraying ZAFT, by helping Athrun get away from Gibraltar. I am still, so relieved that she was not injured, when you and her fought".

Studying Meyrin's slightly depressed face, for a few short seconds, Kira smiled reassuringly at. "While she did react pretty harshly to me telling her, that you were still alive, Meyrin. Calling me a lier and quite a few other nasty things, it also made it abundantly clear, to me at least, that your sister still cares a lot about you, and that she misses you dearly. So I am absolutely certain, that once you and Lunamaria talk things out, she will definitely forgive you, Meyrin".

Looking up from the floor and over at him. "You think so, Kira?" Meyrin asked, a bit more lively than before.

Nodding slowly. "Yeah I do Meyrin, Athrun on the other hand might be in for a good smack or two, since she was pretty pissed off at him, for 'kidnapping' you in the first place. But I guess people wanting to beat up Athrun, is a pretty common occurrence these days, I still owe him one for getting my sister pregnant" Kira said, his eyes now stuck on the door to the medical bay, he really didn't understand why it was taking the doctor so damn long to examine Athrun.

It was then they all heard a light, concerned chuckle from Lacus, who was still resting against Kira. "Heh yeah, even Mr Murdoch wants to beat him up for being reckless".

Those words instantly made Dearka look up at the pink haired girl. "Well if Athrun being reckless, is an excuse to beat him up, then I own him one too, he has done a looot of idiotic things over the years" the Yami piloted growled displeased, mentally going over all the stupid harebrained things Athrun Zala had done both during the last war and this one, especially blowing up the first Justice gundam to destroy Genesis, was something that stuck in Dearka's mind. The mere fact, that Athrun was even alive to become a father, was seriously mind-blowing, which made it all the more important that they hurried the hell up and put a stop to Durandal's crazy scheme, so Cagalli and Athrun can raise their kids in peace, or as much peace one could get with newborn twins.

'Once those two little ones are born I really do hope that they are going to like their big brother Dearka' he thought, gently squeezing Miriallia's soft hand, it was no big secret to the people who knew him, but Dearka could behave quite a bit childishly at times, so he was really looking forward to playing with the twins and helping them get on their parents nerves, by buying them a lot of noisy toys, he had already found a blue toy plane on the web that made noise every time it was moved around, he was certain that thing would drive both Cagalli and Athrun up the walls. Yet as much as Dearka enjoyed the notion of messing with the two new parents like that, he was pulled back to reality by Meyrin's slightly anxious voice.

"I do hope that once Lunamaria and I talk again, I can convince her not to hurt Athrun, he really doesn't deserve it, since I was the one who insisted on going with him" the redhead said.

Reaching over, Lacus place a hand on Meyrin's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze in an attempt to cheer the low-spirited girl up a bit. "If your sister is as kind-hearted and friendly as you are, Meyrin, I am certain you can easily convince her not to hurt him" Lacus said in a reassuring tone.

Feeling a bit embarrassed about getting praised like that, especially by her idol, Meyrin blushed slightly. What not many people knew, except Luna, was that the younger Hawke sister had always been a bit of a fan of Miss Lacus' music, particularly the original versions of her songs, not the once the fake Miss Lacus was singing, they were simply put way too noisy for her taste.

"Thank you Miss Lacus...Umm, if you don't mind can I... Can I get your autograph later?" The redhead asked, now again staring at the floor.

Pleasantly surprised by that request, the pink haired woman smiled softly while nodding slowly a single time. "Of course Meyrin, I still got a few copies of my first CD lying around, you can get one of those" Lacus said, figuring that was the least she could do to show Meyrin Hawke just how much she and everybody else here on the Archangel appreciated all the help she had provided them so far.

Beaming slightly at the offer. "Yes that would be great Miss Lacus, Luna is going to be so jealous, I can not wait to rub it in her face" Meyrin half cheered, before she turned her attention towards the door to the medical bay, asking softly how much longer the others through this was going to take.

Those words had barely left Meyrin's mouth, when the door to the medical bay flew open, and the doctor stepped outside, where she spent a short moment, stretching and loudly cracking her neck. Before, she looked straight at Kira, with a deeply serious expression on her face.

"If he stays put in bed and doesn't do anything else stupid the next couple of weeks, he should be all right. However, the fact that he was dumb and crazy enough to pull a stunt like this in the first place, seriously pisses me off. The only reason why he did not aggravate his injuries even further, is because he is a Coordinator, but that does not mean that his body can keep going infinitely, sooner or later it is going to break down if he keeps this up. So if that dumbass as much as tries to leave that bed, I will have him strapped down. Now, If there is nothing else, I am going to the deck for a cigarette!" The female doctor said, then walked of while grumbling angrily about why the hell all mobile suit pilots had to be so reckless, and unbelievable stupid.

While, Meyrin was honestly quite a bit astonished by the fact that one of the Archangel's doctors was a smoker. She never thought someone with a medical education would have a filthy habit, like that, she always figured that they should know better than anybody else, how unhealthy smoking was, but even though she was kinda curious and want to ask about it, she simply put did not have the energy for it.

"Guess we can't blame Sara for being stressed out. But it truly is a shame that she always ends up smoking when that happens" Miriallia mumbled softly, knowing that the female doctor, was seriously trying to quit that disgusting habit, but would always end up with a cigarette hanging from her lips, when the pressure of her job became too much for her.

"Yeah, she really does have a tough job at times, we should buy her some flowers once things settles down to show her, how much we appreciate all of her hard work. Now let's pay Athrun a small visit, then go get some rest ourselves" Lacus said in a gentle tone.

Stepping first into the medical bay, Kira immediately noticed that both of Athrun's tried green eyes, were slightly open. "I thought for sure that you would be out for the count" the Freedom pilot softly told his best friend.

Slowly turning his somewhat unfocused gaze away from the ceiling, Athrun looked over at Kira. "Just after I was brought here, Miss Sara used some smelling salts on me to wake me up, and falling asleep during one of her examination is pretty much impossible, it did not much that she was...scolding me the entire timmeeee..." Athrun said, pretty much in a whisper, before he drifted off back to sleep.

"Damn, have to admit I am a bit jealous here, I wish I could fall asleep so fast" Dearka said, from his location by the door.

Upon hearing those words, Miriallia glance over at her boyfriend. "Well considering how often you fall asleep while we are watching TV, I do not think you of all people, Dearka Elsman, should complain too loudly about others falling asleep fast".

Sending her a small apologetic look. "Well what can I say Mir, the couch back home was pretty comfy, before it was completely wrecked by those ZAFT mobile suits, that destroyed our home. We definitely need to get a new one of those once our house is rebuild, perhaps in black or red this time"

"I wholeheartedly agree with you Dearka, that couch was pretty great, I miss playing video games on it. You can be absolutely sure, big bro, that I am going to be doing my utmost, to pester mom about getting a new one of those. As for it's color, it needs to be either brown or blue" a crossed armed Mayu said in a tone, that all but dare Dearka to disagree with her.

Of course more than willing to do just that, the tired Dearka took a deep breath, when Lacus' calm collect voice cut him off. "While I agree that it is important that we discuss what new furnitures we want for our home, once it's finished, with Athrun needing to rest, this is not the best place for that discussing, you two, we should hurry up and leave so Athrun can sleep in peace".

The realization that they might be disturbing Athrun's well deserved rest with their bickering about the color of that couch, instantly made Dearka and Mayu look over at the blue haired man. Upon seeing that he was still out like a light, each one of them let out a sigh of relief.

"Guess you got a point Lacus, it's not like we are about to race off to the furniture store right here and now. But know this my dear little sister, this is far from over" Dearka said, sending Mayu a challenging look.

Narrowing her light purple eyes slightly. "You took the words right out of my mouth, big bro. I say we play Poker over it, the one who wins gets to decide the color of that couch" Mayu said, with a huge confident smirk covering her entire face, having been taught by the Archangel's very best Poker player, Miriallia Haw, how to play the game, Mayu was absolutely certain that it would not be all that hard to beat Dearka, who was frankly not overly good at Poker.

Immediately upon hearing how Mayu wanted to settle this matter, Dearka was just about to say yes to that challenge, when he realized what a major mistake that would be on his part. "No we are not playing Poker over it Mayu, that would give you an unfair advantage. Hmm, how about a video gam... Oww!"

"That's enough children. You both heard what Lacus said, Athrun needs peace so he can sleep, so let's hurry up and get out of here" Miriallia said in a bossy tone, leading Mayu by the shoulder and Dearka by the ear, out of the room, with a smirking Meyrin following closely behind them.

"Ahh Mir for Pete's sake, you do not have to treat me like a small child I am nineteen years old" Dearka protested painfully, as he was dragged out of the room by the ear.

"Yeah but despite that Dearka, you still at times behave so childishly" the brunette said with a hint of frustration in her voice, even though Miriallia knew that her boyfriend's childish behavior, was one of those things she found endearing about him, not that she didn't love his more mature sides and romantic sides. Miriallia had however not seen much of the last one these last few months, not that she blamed Dearka for that, she knew that being romantic in the middle of a war and on a spaceship could be rather difficult, but she kinda missed it, he most definitely owned her quite a few dinner dates and trips to the movies, once all of this was over, and their lives returned to normal.

With the door flying back shut after the four of them, Lacus and Kira was left alone with the softly snoring Athrun. "We should call Cagalli later to tell her, that Athrun is going to be alright, even with all the work she still needs to do, I am certain that she is still concerned about him" Lacus said in a low tone, seeing her husband nod tiredly in agreement, then quickly use his hand to cover up the huge yawn, that left his mouth only a second later.

Considering how unbelievable hectic this whole day had been, since the two of them left the Eternal so many hours ago, Lacus could of course easily understand why, the one she loved was so worn out, reaching down she took a hold on Kira's hand, gently pulling him along with her towards the door. "Kira, I know both of us needs to get some rest, but before we do that, we should get some dinner first. Besides a quick breakfast, all the two of us have gotten to eat today, was those badly tasting chocolate bars we got, before leaving the Eternal. I don't know about you, Kira, but I am totally famished".

At just the mere mention of the word dinner, Kira's stomach immediately growled loudly, thereby making it totally clear to Lacus just how hungry her husband truly was from all the day's hardships. "Those 'chocolate bars' Lacus, was actually ration bars, they are not really supposed to taste good".

Frowning slightly at that. "Somebody seriously needs to start working on fixing that, how in the world can they expect anyone to eat something so disgusting?" Lacus asked, just as the two of them exited the medical bay.

"I think that is one of those questions Lacus, many soldiers, has pondered about over the years, whenever they are forced to eat them. I even got a few stashed away in the Freedom, so if the two of us crash on a deserted island somewhere, we at least have something to eat" Kira said, unable to deny, that there was a part of him, that was quite a bit tempted to replace all the ration bars in the Freedom, with actual chocolate bars.

However, before Kira Yamato had much time to seriously consider that idea or his adorable wife had time to think overly much about the two of them alone on a deserted island, which Lacus honestly thought sounded quite a bit romantic, if only they could bring some better food with them instead of ration bars, and she could buy a new bikini first. The young pink haired woman, was still a bit disappointed over never being able to show her husband the sexy green one she had gotten, shortly before their house had been destroyed by those stupid ZAFT mobile suits. Dearka's loud, excited voice, interrupted both of their thoughts.

"Ohh food talk, that reminds me, I am kinda hungry over here!" The Yami pilot yelled, his stomach roaring loudly a second later, as if to hammer home that statement, as they all start making their way to the mess hall.

"Heh, what else is new" both Miriallia and Mayu said with a roll of their eyes at the exact same time, it was a well known fact around the Archangel, that Dearka Elsman had a very healthy appetite, he especially liked dishes with meat in them, pretty much the only food the blond haired man did not like, was spicy food, he just couldn't handle that.

"Arr, come on girls, with all the ass kicking I have been doing today. You can not blame a fellow for being a bit peckish" Dearka said with a small grin, as his stomach once more made a bit of noise.

Not at all appreciating getting her daydream about her and Kira, all alone together on a deserted island somewhere, doing all kinda of things like sunbathing, swimming and... Umm, other stuff, Lacus was the one who gave Dearka a response.

"In all the time I have known you Dearka, I have never seen you just a bit 'peckish', you are always wolfing down your food, like it's the last meal you are ever going to get" the pink haired woman said.

Upon hearing that, a deep frown appeared on Dearka's face. "It's not that bad Lacus, I do have proper table manners, unlike certain other people I could mention" he said, taking a short glance in Mayu's direction, who of course was sharp enough to immediately notice him doing that.

Knowing that her big brother was right about her always having a bit of trouble sitting still at the dinner table, when they were all eating together, Mayu stuck her tongue out after him. "Well, at least I can use chopsticks whenever we get Chinese food, unlike you".

Easy able to sense that this would lead to another round of quarreling between the two family members, and in no mood to listen to any more of that today, Meyrin with a bit of hesitation in her voice, broke into their slightly heated conversation, curiously asking the two of them, what their favorite dish was.

"Pizza!" Dearka yelled almost immediately, while seriously wondering if his favorite Pizza bar was still standing after the attack, since he frequent the place every Tuesday after work, Dearka would say that he was kinda friends with the owners, so he seriously hoped for good old Kensuke and his wife's sake, that the place was still standing, nobody deserved to lose their livelihood like that.

Mayu however, needed a bit more time to think about the response to that question, which she showed by thoughtfully rubbing her chin. Yet finally, after a few minutes, she turned her head and looked straight into her red haired sister's blue eyes.

"I think my favorite dish is mom's homecooked stew, especially if it got a bit of a kick to it" the girl said with a happy smile.

"Yeah, I totally agree with you Mayu, that dish is definitely pretty great. I just prefer it less spicy than you. I always feel a little embarrassed by the fact that Miss Murrue always has to make two pots of stew, because I can't handle the spicy stuff" Dearka said, while intensely staring down at the floor, he seriously did not like the fact that Miss Murrue had to do so much extra work for his sake.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about Dearka, I do not like the spicy version of that dish either, as far as I know the only ones who actually eat that spice stew, is Miss Murrue herself, Mayu, and Mr Waltfeld" Lacus said, from where she was walking beside her husband.

Looking over at her. "Really? I wonder why I never noticed that" Dearka said, somewhat bewildered by that.

Giggling softly at her boyfriend's cluelessness. "That's not really much of a mystery Dearka honey, usually when dinner time is approaching, you are always in close proximity of the dining room, helping out with minor stuff like sitting the table. Because of that, Dearka, you are typically one of the first once who gets served. And in your eagerness to start eating, you do not pay all that much attention to what everyone else gets" Miriallia explained.

Needing a short moment or two to reflect on what his girlfriend had just said to him, Dearka finally nodded slowly a couple of times. "I see your point Mir, but the thing is I kinda like getting first, we do occasionally run out of food".

It was at that point Kira decided to chime in, and share his two cents about the subject. "That only happened in the beginning Dearka, when the seven of us started living together. Figuring out just how much food we needed back then, to feed all of us, was a bit of a challenge. Especially if Cagalli and Athrun decide to drop by unannounced. Perhaps you should consider helping out a bit more in the kitchen, once our house is rebuilt" Kira said with a small grin, of course already knowing what a disaster that would be.

Reaching up, Dearka softly rubbed the back of his neck. "I really do hope that was a joke Kira, you should know by now just how shitty the food I put together is, I am almost totally certain, that some of it, would give a professional chef a major heart attack".

While that did sound like a bit of an exaggeration, it was honestly not all that far from the truth, Dearka's 'skills' in a kitchen was pretty much none existing, he always ended up making a much bigger mess than what was necessary for whatever dish he was trying to make. It did not help all that much that his 'food' was barely eatable, if not downright sicking. So there had been times, when they were cooking a huge meal like for Christmas or a birthday, that Murrue, Lacus and Miriallia had outright denied him access to the kitchen, and told him to go do something else instead, like cleaning, which he was at least a little better at, especially yard work was something Dearka kinda excel at and frankly enjoyed. Especially if it was just a bit windy, so he could hear the sea in the distance, if not that, Kira or Andrew was usually close by helping out, so he had somebody to talk and joke around with. After a crappy day like this, Dearka was sincerely starting to miss, those more peaceful days, with the people he considered to be family.

Dearka was still reminiscing about those quiet, peaceful days, when the six of them entered the mess hall, where freshly cooked food was already waiting for them.


At the same time down in the Archangel's hangar, Mu was sitting on the floor in front of the Akatsuki staring intensely down at the purple and black helmet Dearka had handed to him, when they had change into their space suits, it was definitely something he had seen before, but it was yet another one of those things he just couldn't remember.

Finally, the tired The Hawk of Endymion let out a deep sigh, as he put the helmet aside, then just sat there staring quietly off into space, listening to the sound of a legless Murasame entering the hangar, and Murdoch shouting loudly to the pilot to bring it down carefully, which Ikeya did with a loud screeching metal sound that could be heard all over the hangar.

Immediately reaching up, Mu rubbed his aching head. "Damn. I hope you know buddy that making noise like that, is not going to help much on my headache" he mumbled, even though he was honestly a bit impressed. The Akatsuki pilot knew that landing a mobile suit with no legs, was no easy task, it took a considerable amount of skills to do that.

Once the damage, Murasame was thoroughly secured by a couple of thick cables, so it wouldn't suddenly topple over before it could be repaired. Mu watched the cockpit fly open and the pilot get down to the ground, where he immediately pulled of his helmet, hurling it with full force down into the floor, angrily cursing at the top of his lungs, which made it clear to all of them, that he had lost one of his friends in the battle, and as another Orb soldier stepped over to him and wrapped his arms around him, Ikeya started crying like his very heart and soul had been torn apart.

"Damn it, we lost a lot of good people in this fight" Mu mumbled softly to himself, then as he watched the Orb soldier led his weeping comrade out of the hangar.

The blond man soon found himself thinking about Stella and Auel, at times he really missed those two kids, and sincerely wished that he could have given them a better life. Neither one of them, had deserved to go through all the crap, the people at the Lodonia Laboratory had done to them, then being forced to fight a totally meaningless war, that they, now that he about it, probably did not even understand the reason for. Hell at this point, he did NOT understand it either, but trying to make sense of it now, was seriously not something he was in the mood for.

'Djibril you bastard, if ZAFT does not find you first, I am so going to kill you for ruining not just Stella and Auel's lives, but also all those other innocent kids you and your people forced into LOGOS' Mu mentally promised himself, then reached over and picked up his helmet again, so he had something to play and mess around with, while he was just sitting there.

Yet just when Mu start continuously opening and closing the visor on the helmet, he suddenly heard a loud booming voice call out to him, asking him if he was alright. Forcing his somewhat unfocused gaze away from what he was presently doing, Mu looked up at the chief engineer, just as the large man threw a can of orange soda to him, which he caught with no trouble at all.

"I'm alright. Just tired and kinda frustrated with everything that happened out there. I'm telling you Murdoch, this battle was a real nightmare, I saw some fellow soldier die, who I should have been able to save. And it does not really help all that much on my mood, that I have NO idea what to do with myself now. I know that I need to have a serious talk with our beautiful Captain, but what the hell am I suppose to say to her, I know in my heart that I am in-love with her, but my stupid mind is just such a mess, I still don't remember how I met her for the first time! How the hell does that even make sense?!" Mu cried out in despair, not even noticing the many tears running down his face. Ever since he had captured by the Archangel, and he had come to realize that he knew and cared a lot about most of the people on this ship.

Mu had wondered how in the world he had lost his memories in the first place. Yet in the end it had not been overly difficult to figure out, LOGOS those dumb bastards, had used their damn brainwashed machine on him, which had led him to spend two long years away from the woman he loved, and all the other people who were so important to him. Who during that time had all had thought he was dead, the sheer knowledge of how much grief and sorrow LOGOS had put his loved ones through, just served as one more reason WHY, Mu La Flaga, Neo Roanoke, or whoever the hell he was, felt like strangling Djibril.

Silently studying his old friend's face, as he reached over and opened the can of soda, then took a long mouthful of the cold liquid inside, Murdoch felt deeply unsure about what he was supposed to say. He wanted to help him out, but he had less than no idea about how the hell he was supposed to do that. It was not like he had overly much knowledge about how the brain function, pretty much the only thing the mechanic could come up with that might help cure Mu's memory loss, was a hard hit on the head with his good old pipe wrench or some other tool he had nearby. But that might very well end up doing more harm than good, and that was the last thing Murdoch wanted to happen.

"I could always tell you about your first meeting with Captain, Mu. But I guess that's not how you want to remember that moment. So pretty much all I can do to help you out, is spout some idiotic bullshit about you needing to be patient and that I am sure that your memories will return, if you just keep on spending time with all us, especially the Captain. But you know all of these things already, don't you, old friend?" Murdoch quietly asked.

Nodding slowly, a single. "Yeah I do Murdoch, but I just can't help but be impatient, I already kept the Captain waiting for two whole years, I do not want to keep her waiting any further, while I argue with my stupid brain over which memories are truly mine, and which are just useless shit LOGOS dumped in there, when they found me, after I got shot down by the Dominion. I know, I want nothing else, than spend the rest of my life together with Murrue Ramius, but I can not help but feel like it's unfair to her, that I only remember bits and pieces of our past relationship. Like how, I at some point got an engagement ring for her. But I have no idea about what happened to it" Mu melancholy explained, then took another sip of the can of soda.

"You... You gave it to Kira for safekeeping, he then gave it to me shortly after the last war ended. I... I got right here" a likewise melancholy voice said, just as Murrue Ramius stepped out from her hiding spot behind the Akatsuki's left leg, where she had been listening in on their conversation for the last few minutes, holding out her necklace, so Mu could get a good clear look at the sparkling diamond engagement ring hanging from it.

Quickly pushing himself up from the floor, Mu took a couple of steps towards Murrue. "Yeah that's the one, I'm glad to see that it ended up in your hands, Murrue" the blond man said quietly, feeling slightly annoyed by the fact that they had a bit of an audience now, since quite a few of the mechanics had stopped what they were doing, to watch what was going on between the two of them.

"That it is, that's the one you got for me. I've been keeping it close these last two years, when you died...emm disappeared it was the only thing I had left, that still made me feel close to you. My... My feelings for you have not changed these last two years Mu, I am still in-love with you. So even if you do not remember everything, please don't use that as an excuse to distance yourself from me, I still want to be with you!" Murrue yelled out in despair, with more and more tears running down her face.

Those words, those pained grief stricken words combine with the sight of her face covered by so many heart-wrenching tears, made Mu's own heart ache so badly, he knew that all he wanted to do in life was make Murrue smile, and most particularly being the reason why she smiled. Yet now he was doing the exact opposite.

"Murrue, I'm... I'm so sorry, I'll stop being stupid now. I just thought it would be so much easier for YOU, if I hurried the hell up and get my memories back, I did not want to make you suffer any more than you already had" Mu cried, not caring one bit about what their audience thought of him crying just as much as Murrue.

"Then stop running away from me, you stupid fool! I need you, I need you to stay here with me!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Nodding slowly a single time, Mu stepped over and gently wrapped both of his arms around the Captain, embracing and holding her tightly as she wept loudly into his shoulder. "I'll be right here, Murrue, I will not run anymore. I am sorry for being such a coward during all of this" he said with a loud sob running through his body.

With that, nothing else needed to be said between the two of them. Yet as they stood there tightly hugging on another, Murdoch, along with the rest of the mechanics cheered and clapped loudly, yelling out congratulations, good job Mu, and last but not least, way to go Captain.

Feeling herself growing more and more embarrassed by the mechanics loud comments and applauding, Murrue reluctantly broke hers and Mu's tender embrace, taking a hold on his hand. "Knowing you, I'm sure that you are hungry after such a tough battle, Mu, let's go get something to eat!" She hastily said, before pulling him along with her towards the exit of the hangar.

Finding Murrue's embarrassed reaction somewhat amusing, Mu chuckled softly, as he looked back at the still rowdy mechanics. "Ahh knock it off already you noisy dimwits! The show is over, don't you have something better to do, like repair the Yami?! I am relatively certain that we are going to need that mobile suit sooner or later!" The blond man playfully called back to them. That however had the complete opposite effect, instead of them actually shutting the hell up, the mechanics cheered and yelled even louder, it was only once the two of them left the hangar, that the upbeat mechanics finally start to simmer down.

With the door flying shut after the two of them, Justin turned and looked back at Murdoch. "That was great!" The Archangel's youngish mechanic yelled out excitingly.

Nodding slowly in agreement. "Yeah it was, those two really do deserve each other and all the happiness they can get. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was kinda worried that the two of them would never be able to reconcile their relationship. Now then ladies, enough chitchat about those two, let's start repairing the Yami" Murdoch said, as he started making his way towards the black colored gundam.

"Umm boss not to be a spoilsport, but you do know that it is long past working hours, and that all of us are running on fumes here" Justin called out after him, through a loud drawn out yawn.

That instantly made Murdoch stop in his tracks, and look back at him and the other mechanics, quite a few of them looked utterly exhaustion, while the rest was sending him a 'you have got to be kidding' look, upon seeing that, Murdoch let out a deep breath.

"Fine, fine there is no need to twist my arm guys, let's get the hell out of here. BUT we are starting the repairs on the Yami tomorrow morning, so make sure you get plenty of rest tonight!" The chief engineer ordered in a loud grumpy tone, that did little to hide that he much rather start working on the Yami immediately, then postpone the task until tomorrow, but as displeased as Murdoch was with the whole situation, he could not blame the other mechanics for being worn out, from all the days hardships.

So it was with a deep tired sigh that Murdoch turned and started heading towards the exit of the hangar too, determined to head up onto the deck, so he could smoke one of his cigars and drink of cup of scalding hot coffee, it really was a damn shame, that Andrew was not around, so he could make it for him. The Desert Tiger's coffee, was after all a hundred times better, than any of the shitty sludge the vending machine could spit out.


Immediately upon entering the mess hall, Murrue heard a loud excited voice call out to her. "Mom, MOOOOM! I am so happy that you are alright!" Mayu yelled, as she bounced up from her seat and rushed over to her mother, wrapping both arms around her waist, hugging her tightly.

Placing her free right hand on top of her daughter's small head, Murrue gently rubbed her soft brown hair. "It's good to see you too, sweetie" she said, placing a light affectionate kiss on her daughter's forehead.

Beaming up at her, Mayu enjoyed her mother's embrace and attention a few seconds longer, before glancing over at the blond man her mother was holding hands with, the eleven-year-old child still had a few issues with this guy from him making her mother cry, after they had found him in Berlin. But on the other hand, if he made her mother happy, Mayu guessed that she could accept him.

"I guess it's good to see you too... Umm... Mu" Mayu said not really sure what in the world she was supposed to call him, even if her mother and him was starting to slowly repair their relationship, the girl was nowhere NEAR ready to start calling him, dad, father or papa, and calling him big brother, uncle or grandpa just sounded downright weird with him dating her mother. So for now at least, until she could come up with something better, Mayu decide that she had no other choice but to addressee him by his name, whenever she talked to him.

Smiling slightly down at the girl. "Thank you, kiddo" Mu said, trying not to show that a small part of him, was a bit glum about the fact, that Mayu was still so wary of him. But knowing how bad a first impression he had made on the troublemaker, by making her dear mother cry, when he had been first woken up here on the Archangel, so he could not really blame her for feeling uneasy around him. But Mu sincerely hoped that he would at some point be able to build a better relationship with Mayu, since she was so important to Murrue.

It was at that point, Lacus silently got up from her seat and moved over to them. "I am so happy to see you again Mu, Kira and I have really missed you" the pink haired woman said in a soft-spoken tone, before she moved in and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Pleasantly surprised by her doing that, Mu stared long and hard at the young woman. She was definitely familiar, she was another one of those people he knew in his heart, that he would fight with all of his strength to protect and keep safe, and as his glance swifted slowly from her face, to her long pink locks, he understood now why, whenever he heard the name Lacus, the words Pink Princess, would always enter his mind, it made SO much sense now.

"Happy to see you too, Pink Princess, especially after hearing about your ship being attacked by ZAFT. Having heard a bit about how vicious their attack was, I kinda wish I could have been there, to help kick the bastards' ass" he said back, with a crack of his knuckles.

While there were occasionally others, who would referred to her by using that name, particularly Dearka. Lacus found it to be somewhat pleasant to be called Pink Princess again, by the very person who had come up with that title for her, in the first place. So it was, with a genuinely happy smile, that she thank the Hawk of Endymion.

"It's good to see that despite your memory problems Mu, your protective nature remains the same. It's comforting to know that you are on our side in this awful war" Lacus softly told him.

Yet before the Akatsuki pilot had a chance to come up with a response to that, Dearka's loud childish voice chimed into their conversation with a witty remark. "Heh, yeah now that you mention it Lacus! Good old Mu here is kinda like an angry mother hen looking after her chicks, or maybe it should be mother hawk instead!?".

But while that comment did make a few amused chuckles run through the mess hall, all Mu did was glare slightly at the Yami pilot. "Oh, put a sock in it Dearka, and eat your food".

"Yes Sir!" The smirking Dearka answered quickly with a short playful salute, before he once more turned his attention towards the food on his plate, using his fork to pick up a small piece of cabbage, which he looked at with pure and utter disgust, clearly hoping that along would be enough to make the healthy food disappear into thin air, so he would not have to go through the horror of consuming it.

"Just hurry up and eat it already, it's not like a bit of cabbage it's going to kill you" Miriallia said from where she was sitting beside him.

Tearing his narrowed gaze away from the 'poisonous' food, Dearka glance over at his girlfriend. "You don't know that Mir, I know from a reliable sources that cabbage is actually very dangerous" he said, with a deeply serious look in his eyes.

Blinking rapidly a couple of times, Miriallia tilted her head slightly to the right. "What reliable sources?" She curiously asked.

"Konosuba! The damn cabbage bounce around all over the place in that anime, and do not get me started on the lettuce My Lady, that cheap crap does not give overly much experience points or money, so they are not even worth going after" he said.

Sighing loudly and rolling her tired eyes a single time, Miriallia seriously felt like slamming her head down into the table. "I know that the two of us watched Konosuba together Dearka, but when you reference it or any other anime for that matter, I can not help but think that you watch WAY too much anime".

"Why? Just consider all the useful knowledge I gained from it, Mir. Like how cabbage and lettuce are dangerous, and that men can survive getting hit and send through the stratosphere by a totally pissed off woman, just look at Keitaro from Love Hina" Dearka said, the grin on his face making it abundantly clear, just how much he was enjoying this conversation.

"While I do not always think that poor Keitaro deserves the beatings he receives from Naru or Motoko, you are getting dangerously close to the point where you are" Miriallia threatened somewhat playfully.

"OK, ok I'll just shut up and eat my cabbage" the Yami pilot hastily said back, then while pinching his nose tightly shut, he stuffed the green food into his mouth with a gagging sound.

Watching his friend swallow the healthy food like it was the worst thing ever, made Kira chuckle softly. "Don't you think you are overreacting a bit, Dearka? Cabbage, it's not that bad. By the way, there is something I need to talk with you about, but considering how tired all of us are, it can wait until tomorrow, it's not really all that important".

Taking a huge mouthful of water in an attempt to get rid of the taste of the cabbage, Dearka put the glass down on the table, then looked straight at Kira. "Kira buddy, I already made it perfectly clear just how dangerous cabbage is, but since I am a bit worried that my dear Miriallia, is going to make me sleep down in the hangar or some place else tonight, if I keep talking about it. So since I still got plenty of well cooked meat left on my plate, tell me what's on your mind, buddy"

Staring intensely down at the table, Kira let out a deep breath. "Do... Do you know a guy called Akuto Tsuwabuki?".

Upon hearing Kira ask about that man, Dearka almost choked on his next bite of food, coughing loudly, he immediately reached out and grabbed the nearest glass of water, which just so happened to be Miriallia's. Once he had emptied the glass and regained his breath, Dearka reached up and used the right sleeve on his space suit, to rub away the bit of sweat on his forehead.

"Yzak's evil bastard of an uncle, yeah I know him, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I know some things about him, I have only had the misfortune of meeting the crazy son of a bitch once during my graduation from the academy. He asked both Yzak and me if we wanted to join his team instead of The Le Creuset Team, but with Yzak instantly saying no to him, I did the same thing, it was only afterwards that Yzak told me about how he would kill every single Natural he came across, even women and children who had noway to defend themselves, the guy is a real monster Kira, even Yzak did not like him. So let me guess, he was the one leading the attack on the Eternal" Dearka said, now using his fork to play around with a small piece of meat.

Swiftly going over everything Dearka had just told him about the Commander of the Shinigami, Kira finally nodded slowly a single time in understanding. "Yeah he was, he was killing by Herbert one of the DOM Trooper pilots" The Freedom pilot explained softly.

"I see, as much as I hate to admit it, I am kinda relieved that we do not have to deal with that dumb bastard later on, his cold-blooded nature and his skills in mobile suit, should definitely not be underestimated" Dearka said, only knowing from what little Yzak had told him, how unbelievable skilled a CGUE pilot Akuto Tsuwabuki was.

"What type of mobile suit was he piloting doing battle, Kira?" The Yami pilot asked after a few seconds of silence. Then instantly upon hearing Kira tell him, that it had been a red Chaos gundam, Dearka growled out a couple of angry curses.

"Daaamn, the thought of a guy like him using something that nasty and powerful, seriously gives me the chills over here. The Chaos does sound just like the type of mobile suit, one should strive to keep a bastard like Tsuwabuki away from. The fact that ZAFT decide to hand over such a dangerous mobile suit to that sadistic bastard, really goes to show how little Durandal actually cares about all the destruction ZAFT causes, and most specific the civilian casualties. Otherwise, he would definitely have given that man a dishonorable discharge for war crimes and then thrown him in jail" Dearka said in a bitter tone, once he was done cursing.

Taking a deep breath, Dearka was just about to continue when he noticed the slightly regretful expression on Kira's face. "Please don't tell me, Kira that you are feeling guilty over him".

Slowly shaking his head. "No it's not that, it's just that when I showed up in the Duel, he started yelling and screaming about where I had gotten my hands on that mobile suit, and if I knew about what had happened to his nephew, I think he really cared about Yza... Aww!" Kira said, yelping out the last part from Dearka kicking him hard over the shin underneath the table.

"I have already told you so many times Kira, that what happened to Yzak was not your fault, he brought it on himself, so stop feeling guilty about that already. Otherwise, I will kick you again" Dearka hissed with a small angry frown on his forehead.

Reaching underneath the table to rub his aching shin, Kira send Dearka a slightly displeased glare. "Ok I'll stop Dearka, it's just that I can't help but feel guilty about all the pain and suffering, I have caused that family" the Freedom pilot said.

"I know Kira. If we ever get the chance to visit the PLANTs once this war is over you, me and Athrun should go pay a visit to Yzak's grave, I'm sure that he would appreciate that" Dearka said in a thoughtful tone.

Raising a skeptical eyebrow at that. "I don't think so Dearka, considering how much he hated me" Kira said, using his fork to nudge and play a bit with a piece of his own food.

"Even so Kira, I still think it would do you some good to see where he is resting, at least give it some thoughts buddy, it would mean a great deal to me if you went with me there" Dearka said.

Letting out a deep sigh. "I promise you to consider it Dearka, visiting his grave does seem like the least I can do, but I am not sure that his mother is going to see it that way. According to Athrun, she is not really the most friendly woman" Kira said thoughtfully, trying hard to remember the few things Athrun had told him about Ezalia Jule.

"Heh, heh, yeah that's a word for it, she is one of the most cranky women I have met in my entire life, especially doing that period where they were a few rumors about her sleeping with Rau Le Creuset" the Yami pilot said, thinking about how pissed off Yzak and his mother had been doing that time, while Rau on the other hand had simply laughed it off, he had simply not cared one bit about it.

"Even I heard those rumors, where they true, Dearka?" Lacus asked with a great deal of curiosity in her voice, and her bright blue eyes practically shining with intense interest, as she waited eagerly for Dearka to give her a response.

Shrugging his shoulders slightly. "I am sorry to disappoint you Lacus, but I honestly don't know, I never dared asking Yzak about it. I was relatively certain that if I did that, he would either have punched me, or done something else unbelievable painful, to get me to shut the hell up, and make sure that I would never again ask such hare-brained questions about his dear mother" Dearka explained, before he slowly stood up and went over to get a bit more gravy for his meal.

"Oh that's a bit of a bummer Dearka, I really wanted to know. Not that I have much interest in knowing about Le Creuset's love life, I sincerely do hope no woman exist, that would be desperate enough to go after that monster of a man, if he was still alive. But I can not deny that I am quite a bit curious about what type of man, a woman like Ezalia Jule would find attractive" the young pink haired woman said.

Humming thoughtfully, as he sat back down. "That I might actually know a little about Lacus, I remember Yzak telling me at some point when his mother had complained none stop to him about, one of her dates going down the drain. She is the very definition of a perfectionist, with extremely high standards, she apparently could not handle that the poor fellow's table manners were not the best, and that he did not order the most expensive bottle of wine for the two of them. So I would say Lacus, that Ezalia Jule's type of guy, needs to be almost totally flawless, and have a lot of cash to burn through" Dearka explained.

"Hmm I see, can't say that I am overly surprised by what you just told me Dearka, it's pretty much what I expected, that or a man in power, which is why I kinda believed those rumors about her and Rau Le Creuset" Lacus admitted, then with a small relinquished sigh, she reached slowly over and picked up her glass of water, taking a single sip of the refreshing cold liquid. Yet even as she did that, Lacus wondered if it was somehow possible now that she was finally back home in Orb, to visit her favorite book store, so she could buy some new romance mangas, having Dearka confirm what she had already predicted would be Ezalia Jule's type of guy, did little to diminish the Lacus' keen interest in romance, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. The girl sincerely missed those peaceful days when she could just lounge around on the very couch Mayu and Dearka argued about before, reading one of her romance mangas. Another reason why Lacus had a deep-seated desire to visit that store, was to replace all the mangas she had lost, when their house had been destroyed. It might seem pretty risky if not downright foolish to everyone else, but Lacus knew that having those books close at hand, would at least help a bit on the stress she at times felt, from being involved in this war. However, one glance at the tired expression on Kira's face, lead Lacus to decide to wait until tomorrow, to talk with him about, the two of them going on a quick shopping trip.

Yet, as enthusiastic as Lacus was about going on a shopping spree with her dear husband, she was immediately pulled out of her fantasy by the sound of Mayu's hesitant voice, calling out to her. "Lacus, big sis, there is something important I have... No want to talk with you and big brother Kira about, so would it be alright with the two of you, if I spend the night sleeping in your room?"

Instantaneously, upon hearing her little sister make that request of her and Kira, the words Mayu had said to her down in the hangar not that long ago, once more echoed loudly through Lacus' mind. 'I might be all right with him dying. But that does not mean, I want to see it happen'.

Yet as Lacus sat there staring intensely into Mayu's light purple eyes, she of course noticed the deep heart-wrenching sadness in them, but also a small hint of determination. "Yes, of course you can sleep in our room tonight sweetie, Kira and I will listen to anything you have to tell us" Lacus softly assured the distraught girl, as she reached slowly over and took a hold on Mayu's hand, squeezing it gentle.

Despite how unbelievable tired he felt at this very moment, Kira likewise noticed the sadness and determination in Mayu's eyes. "I just need to get out of this stupid space suit and grab a quick shower, then the three of us can talk the whole night away" he guaranteed her, before pushing himself up from the table. Yet as Kira began heading with unsteady steps towards the exit of the mess hall, the young man wondered if he would actually be able to keep that promise, since he was struggling so hard to keep his heavy eyes open.

The sight of her completely worn out husband turning right as he stepped out of the mess hall, only to hastily swirl back around, and head off in the opposite direction, made Lacus chuckle softly, despite the fact that a part of her was a bit worried about Kira collapsing from exhaustion, another part of her found his behavior just now, kinda cute.

"You do know Mayu sweetheart that Kira wouldn't be able to keep going for much longer, so perhaps it would best if you wait until tomorrow, to tell Kira and me what's bothering you" Lacus suggested in her usual kind tone of voice, as she again looked back at her little sister.

Who with closed eyes rapidly shook her head. "No...! NO big sis, it HAS to be tonight! Otherwise... Otherwise, I might end up chickening out and keeping it all bottled up. Which, considering how close that monster came to ending big brother Kira's life, would not be fair to either one of you. I really do feel like the two of you, deserves to know about my connection to that evil monster!" Mayu cried out in despair.

Standing slowly up, Lacus stepped around the table, wrapping her arms around Mayu, hugging her gently. "If that is truly how you feel, sweetie, I will not try to discourage you any further. Now then why don't you go brush your teeth and change into your pajamas, while I go make sure that Kira does not shower too long, he does have the tendency to dilly-dally in there when he is tired" the pink haired girl said, just as she leaned down and placed a light kiss on Mayu's forehead.

"Just don't join him in there, big sis. With how much the two of you enjoy bathing together, I am relatively certain, that when the time comes, when you and Kira want a child of your own, it will be made during a bath or with you dressed up either as a nurse, or in a cat girl outfit, meow" Mayu said with a cheeky grin on her lips, that grow even bigger at the sound of her mother and everyone else in there, chuckling softly in amusement.

"Mayu you... I... I... That's..." The red face Lacus stuttered, barely able to comprehend the words Mayu had just said to her, why in God's name did everyone in their family have to know about hers and Kira's cosplay hobby, it was just SO unbelievable embarrassing. However, before the pink haired girl had a chance to regain her bearings and try to deny what her little sister had said about the cosplay thing. Mayu, who still had that annoying smirk on her face, loudly informed her, that she would see Kira and her shortly, then hurried stood up from her seat and ran full speed out of the mess hall.

Left totally and utterly speechless, all Lacus was able to do was just stand there staring off into space, slowly opening and closing her mouth. Even with Mayu now gone, Lacus' bewildered mind was still trying to come up with a believable excuse for the cosplay thing, a part of her kinda wanted to blame Kira, for all the different costumes and outfits she accumulated in the two years they had been together, but in the end she reluctantly had to admit, that would not really be fair.

It took Murrue a bit of effort to get Lacus' attention, it was only when she called out to the girl for the third time, that she finally snapped out of her far away thoughts about hers and Kira's more excited activities in their bedroom, and why the in the world it had been so damn hard to keep a secret, from everyone else. Slowly turning her still somewhat unfocused blue gaze away from the doorway, Mayu had disappeared through just a couple of minutes ago, Lacus looked straight into Murrue's eyes, waiting patiently to hear what she had to say to her.

"Lacus, I know what it is Mayu wants to tell you and Kira, please do take care of her. With how busy all of us have been recently, I fear that I have not done nearly enough, to help her overcome, what she is going through right now" Murrue said, her sad demeanor making it perfectly clear to all of them, the immense amount of guilty she felt over how little she had been able to help daughter deal with the Shinn Asuka matter, it did not help much, that she herself, was unsure about how in the world she was supposed to handle the situation. Since Murrue had adopted Mayu, did that mean that in someway, that Shinn who was Mayu's real brother, was now her son?. How could that be? She had never met him, beside with him almost succeeding in killing, Kira, Athrun and Meyrin, three of the people that meant the world to her and Mayu, Murrue frankly doubt quite a bit, that she would ever reach a point where she could say that she liked Shinn Asuka. God! Why did this whole thing have to be so unbelievable complicated and confusing?.

Murrue was still pondering intensely over how she could best support her suffering child through this nightmarish ordeal, when Lacus' always kind voice interrupt her deep brooding thoughts.

"Of course, we'll look after her, Murrue. You know how much Kira and I care about her. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have better hurry up and get going. Knowing our dear Mayu, she is likely already waiting for Kira and me, in our room. Goodnight everyone, I will see you all tomorrow" the pink haired woman said politely, then turned and walked with hasten steps towards the exit of the mess hall, mentally reminding herself, that she too needed to brush her teeth, before turning in for the night.

Once Lacus was out of sight, Dearka who had been listening quietly up until now, swallowed the last bite of his food, then started talking with a hint of hesitation in his voice. "Umm I am sorry to ask Murrue, since it clearly causes both you and Mayu a lot of pain, but with the Destiny brat being the only monster I can think of, that almost killed Kira. Would you mind letting Miriallia and me, in on the secret?. I can always use another reason, to hate that guy, I pretty much collect those at this point, hell it's so bad that I have actually been considering writing all of them down, my only problem with that, is that I don't think we have nearly enough paper here on the Archangel, for me to do that".

While the last part of that sentence had been spoken in a somewhat jokey tone, Murrue only needed to take one glance up into Dearka's narrowed purple eyes to tell, just how overall serious he took all of this, and as she took a glance over at Miriallia, Murrue instantly knew that the girl took it just as serious, as her boyfriend.

So after looking back and further between the young couple a few more times, Murrue finally let out a deep, relinquishing sigh. "Fiiine you win, I guess wouldn't be so bad, for the two of you to know" she said just barely loud enough for Miriallia and Dearka to hear her, afterwards she reached out after her half empty glass of water, but ended up just sitting there holding it tightly. As struggled hard to come up with the best way to tell the two of them about Mayu, and her connection to the Destiny pilot.


It happened, just as the mask was knocked off the crazy man's face, Kira flew up into a sitting position on his and Lacus' bed, breathing rapidly, as a huge amount of sweat ran slowly down his face, even as he was sitting there, Kira could easily see Rau's smirking face, as he bragged to Mu and him about what he was going to do to this hideous world.

"Damn, it has been such a long time since I last had that nightmare, why does it have to return now of all times?" He mumbled under his breath, of course already knowing the answer to that question. It was because of the Legend pilot, Athrun might have reassured him during the battle, that the guy he was fighting was not Rau Le Creuset, but despite that, Kira was still not entirely convinced, especially considering Rau's origin as a clone of Al Da Flaga.

'Did Al Da Flaga, really have more than one clone created of himself. Why the hell did I think, Le Creuset was the only one? I NEVER had any definitive proof, that he was. Perhaps there was just a small naive part of me, that had kinda hoped, that Al Da Flaga wasn't crazy enough to have paid for more than one clone... Goes to show what I know, I wonder what Mu thinks about all of this crap with his father's clones, we never really talked about it after encountering Rau at the Mendel colony' Kira thought with a deep frown, as he looked over at his wife, who was sound asleep with her arms wrapped gently yet securely around the likewise sleeping Mayu.

Yet as Kira sat there watching the two of them, he remembered the many sorrowful tears Mayu had shed, when she had told Lacus and him how the Destiny pilot might be her real older brother, the very person who had almost killed him, when he had destroyed the original Freedom. Yet what had pained Kira's heart most of all during that conversation, was finding out how unbelievable scared and worried Mayu was over the two of them distancing themselves from her, when they were told about her relation to Shinn Asuka, which was something Lacus, along with himself, had very quickly reassured the weeping girl, would NEVER happen.

'Sinking the Takemikazuchi and killing who knows how many soldiers, among them Lieutenant Amagi's best friend, Captain Todaka, attacking your own home country, without giving it a second thought. You have cause SO much heartache, Shinn, to SO many people. Most of all, to your own little sister. Damn, I wonder if I can keep myself from tearing the Destiny apart, the next time we met' Kira thought darkly, of course realizing that would be a task easier said than done to accomplish, while he might only have fought the Destiny briefly during the last battle, Kira had quickly noticed just how versatile that gundam was, which meant beating it, was going to be quite a challenge.

Sighing quietly, Kira reached over and pulled the soft duvet up to the two girls necks, hoping that one simple action would help each of them sleep that much more comfortably. Afterwards he slowly turned over and swung his legs over the edge, standing up he tiptoed over to the door, picking up a pair of shorts along the way, which he quickly slipped on. Kira knew that the only way that he would be able to fall back to sleep again, was if he got some fresh air, first. So, after taking one last glance at his wife and little sister, he silently left the room.

Stepping out into the hallway, Kira took a quick look around, relieved to discover that he was completely alone out there, which was not really all that strange, with it being half past midnight. So after just standing there enjoying the silence, while briefly considering the idea of taking a look at the Freedom first, before heading to the deck. But in the end, Kira quickly decide that he was in no mood to mess around with his mobile suit's OS this time of night.

And with that decision made, the Freedom pilot slowly turned and started walking with quiet steps, down the long hallway, swinging by one of the ship's bathrooms, to take care of what business he had in there. Once that minor task was over and done with, Kira continued the rest of the way to the deck.

Finally, reaching his destination after a few short minutes, Kira who was fully expecting to be all along out there on the deck, with his own nagging thoughts, was honestly quite surprised to find his pregnant twin sister out there, with her arms and head resting on top of the railing in a somewhat awkward position, staring intensely down into the dark gloomy sea so far below them.

"Cagalli, when did you get back to the Archangel, and what in the world are you doing out here, this time of night? I thought for sure that you would be asleep by now" Kira said, as he made his way over to her.

Pushing herself up from the railing with a low displeased groan, that served as a pretty obvious sigh, that she had been far from comfortable in that position, Cagalli smiled slightly at him, as she rubbed her back, in an attempt to ease up on some of the soreness she felt.

"I, got back here about three hours ago Kira, then after making sure that Athrun was alright, I tried to sleep myself, but I just couldn't. We lost so many good people, and so many things were destroyed. I get that Djibril is a bad person, that needs to be stopped, I understand that perfectly! So why the hell did the guy in the 'Providence Two' or whatever the hell that thing is called, help the creepy son of a bitch escape, when they finally did succeed in smoking the bastard out of hiding, it just doesn't make any SENSE!. It's like ZAFT's only reason for coming to Orb, was to spread as much misery, as possibility?!" Cagalli shouted at the top of her lungs, not caring one bit if anyone heard her.

Seeing his sister's face, soaked with so many tears, made Kira's heart aches so badly. With the Legend pilot having actually helping Djibril make his escape, all the death, chaos and destruction ZAFT had caused, trying to find the terrorist leader, just seemed so utterly pointless. So Kira could easily understand why all of this, pained his sister so deeply. Reaching over, he gently wrapped his right arm around her shoulder.

That one simple action was all it took for Cagalli to immediately swirl around, pressing her sad face into his chest, weeping and sobbing loudly over all the courageous soldiers, who had lost their lives defending their home, and even more so for all the innocent civilians, who had been caught up in battle and died, from simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Taking what little comfort she could gain from her brother lightly stroking her hair and back.

Eventually, after who knew how long, Cagalli reached the point where she did not have any tears left to shed, so it was with a long-drawn-out sob, that she slowly backed away from Kira, sniffling softly, she used her hand to rub both of her red eyes, while glancing up at her brother.

"What about you, Kira? What are you doing up this late?".

"Nightmare" Kira answered, while looking up at the star filled night sky.

"About what?" Cagalli asked curiously, upon hearing Kira's response to her first question.

Tearing his gaze away from the constellation Big Dipper, which he had found instantly between all the other stars. "Rau Le Creuset".

"What still? I thought you were over having nightmares about that creepy bastard, Kira!" Cagalli said a bit louder than she had originally intended.

Slowly shaking his head. "No, unfortunately not Cagalli, he still shows up to hunt me at times. He is kinda like my own personal Bogeyman" the Freedom pilot quietly explained, promptly deciding that it was best not to tell her, that he had sensed Rau Le Creuset earlier during the battle.

"I am so sorry to hear that, Kira, I know how much your encounters with that dumb creep during the last war, hurt and affected you. Especially the death of Asag... Umm... Sorry, Kira, I really didn't mean to bring her up now. My mind is just such a mess" Cagalli said, taking a hold on her brother's hand to comfort both him and herself, feeling much to her slight surprise a couple of tears running down her face, from Asagi's grinning face flashing briefly through her bewildered mind, she really did wonder how Asagi, along with Juri and Mayura would have reacted to finding out about her pregnancy. Knowing the three of them, they would likely have teased her and Athrun none stop.

Lightly squeezing his sister's hand. "It's find Cagalli, as much as I hate to admit it, I have by now gotten use to having those nightmares about Rau Le Creuset. As for Asagi, while I can't deny that I really do miss her at times, she was such a nice girl. Yet knowing her, she would not want me to blame myself, for what happened to her. To be completely honest with you Cagalli, even with everything that has happened today, the thing that bothers me most of all, is the whole mess with Mayu and Shinn" Kira said in a low tone of voice.

"So you know about that?"

"Yeah I do, Mayu told Lacus and me all about it, not that long ago, while crying her eyes out. I REALLY despise Shinn for putting her through so much misery"

Silently studying her brother's face. "Please tell me, Kira, that you are not seriously thinking about killing him?" The blond worryingly asked.

Completely taken aback by that question, Kira hastily swirled around and looked into Cagalli's deeply concerned eyes. "Wha...? Why in the world would you ask me that, Cagalli?" He asked.

Glancing quietly down at the ground. "Because Kira, the last time I saw the expression you got on your face now, was just before you went out to fight the Destroy gundam at Berlin" Cagalli softly told him.

Not certain how to response to that, Kira found himself yet again staring intensely up at the Big Dipper so far above them. "No Cagalli... I do not want to kill him. Not to quote Star Wars here, but Athrun insist that there is still good in him, but with everything... EVERYTHING he has done, I am just having such a difficult time believing that".

Nodding slowly understanding. "Yeah, tell me about it Kira, truth be told a part of me does regret digging up all that information, regarding Mayu's family in the first place. I just figure that if she had any living relatives left, she deserved to know, had I realized back then, that she was going to be SO terrified of him, I wouldn't have bothered" Cagalli admitted, also watching the stars now.

Neither sibling said much else in their remaining time out there, they just stood there far away in their own thoughts, thinking about the war, Rau Le Creuset, Shinn Asuka, and most specific Mayu Ramius.

To be continued.