Weehoo for Zim & House!! I finally started it!! GIR is eventually going to attack Cuddy, based on a drawing I... er... drew. The beginning's a little melodramatic, though.

It had happened quickly. Too quickly.

Rebecca climbed into the back of the ambulance, barely knowing what was going on around her, on the verge of screaming. What was going on again?!

Oh, yeah... Zim. She glanced to her left. There he was, on the stretcher, looking as if he was in an immense amount of pain.

This school trip to New Jersey had been a bad idea all along, but Zim insisted on coming, on seeing "how the people in this strange land lived." The last part being a direct quote. Rebecca had rolled her eyes at this.

As said before, though, it had happened so quickly – one minute, the class was standing in a group in the museum, taking the rather boring tour, the next, Zim collapsed on the floor.

Holding his leg.

That was all Rebecca knew of the situation so far. Something must be horribly wrong with his leg.

The truth? That was all the paramedics new so far, too.

The medics informed Rebecca and Matt (who she had only just realized was still here) to strap themselves into a seat as the ambulance truck began to pull out of the parking lot.

A job for Sherlock Holmes? I think not. Well, sort of. Well, not really. WELL... you know what I mean!! BRING IN DR. GREGORY HOUSE!! :P


"We haven't figured out exactly what's happened yet, but it's probably a simple blablabla blah blibbidyblah..."

The last few words were gibberish to Matt and Rebecca, who were listening intently, despite the complicated medical terms.

"Is he ok?!" Rebecca frantically asked the random doctor. Glancing at her nametag, she then realized her name.

"Right now, you mean?" Dr. Cameron countered.

"NO, I mean yesterday. YES now!!"

"Geez, sorry!" Cameron replied. "Yes, he's just resting. He's not in nearly as much pain as before. You guys can go in to see him, if you want."

On that note, the two kids burst through the door into Zim's hospital room.


"Are you ok?!"

"What happened back there?!"

"Tell us EVERYTHING!!"

"AHH!" Zim yelled. "Too many questions! You humans are so hyperactive!!"

He was lying on the hospital bed in a plain white gown, which looked less odd on an Zim than it would have on anybody else. Heck , he wore a dress every day.

"Sorry." Matt apologized.. "But seriously... answer ALL those questions!!"

"Well, I'm not okay. Why in the name of Irk would I be okay?!"

Rebecca sighed. "It's an Earth thing, Zim. We mean, 'Are you not in an insane amount of pain anymore?'"

"Well, no, I'm not. But I still can't move my leg –" Zim paused to try, without success. "Ow."

Everybody sighed and regained their composure. Rebecca and Matt took a seat in a couple of chairs. There was a long silence in which everybody just... thought. They were still in shock.

"Oh my..." Rebecca trailed off. "I just thought of something."

"Yeah?" Zim and Matt asked simultaneously.

"Irken..." Rebecca whispered.

"What?" Zim said.

"Irken!" Rebecca yelled. "You're Irken!! I'm surprised they haven't noticed that you're GREEN yet. What are we going to do when they actually examine you?!"

As if on cue, the door opened and a man carrying a cane took one step into the room, then halted.

"Shoot." Matt whispered.