I just wanted to let the readers of From the Wings know that the sequel, Places, Everyone! has had its first chapter posted.

Find out where the Cullens go and how they plan to reunite while keeping the Volturi from separating them ever again.

An Excerpt from Chapter One:

"No," Emmett said with a wicked light in is eye. "I think the good Aro is unaware that I'm not as dumb as I look. He wrote to us in English: The laws of the Abyss, are they broken? Or is there changed in heaven some council new?"

I had to chuckle, even at the ominous words. "I guess he didn't do as thorough a background check on you as he could have. Or he doesn't realize that when you got your Physics degree, you still had to learn two languages."

"Just ask Rosalie – I'm good with tongues." He wiggled his brows in the old, playful manner and my inner tension eased somewhat. Then, he sobered. "So, why do you think the Italians are quoting The Divine Comedy?"

This will be a mystery and a romance. All canon pairings. AU.

Thank you for your interest in From the Wings and for having it on alert so I could let you know about the sequel!

~LJ Summers