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They think they're so good. They think they're so strong. They think they're invincible, with their legions of Talons and Nightcrawlers.

She thinks that nothing can touch her, surrounded by all that power. She thinks that her crystal aptitude makes her invincible. Maybe it is true that in a one-on-one fight, she would win. But there are thousands of us, and only one of her. She can't take on us all.

We are the factory workers, who work dawn to dusk for wages too meager to support us. We are the miners, who more often that not die from the dust in the air and the bad conditions. We are the farmers who work day after day only to have our crops stolen from us. We are the laborers. We are the slaves.

We are the Talons who have been mistreated. We are the Talons who have lost a limb and been stripped of rank and dumped on some small Terra, homeless and penniless. We are the fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters of the Talons who died to spread this Cyclonian plague across the entire Atmos.

We are Cyclonian, but not for long. Not if we can help it. There is no pride in the name, nor is there shame, for we are not the ones destroying the freedom. There is only a reminder of the chains that bind us every time the name is spit at us by the newly conquered ones. Soon, though, they realize that we are all on the same team. We are all fighting against the same masters.

So we work. We pretend that nothing is wrong, and we all do our appointed jobs. But our day is coming. We will rise up. We will reclaim our freedom.

Cyclonia's end will not be brought about by some brave foreign Sky Knight. Cyclonia is being taken down from the inside, by those who you call Cyclonian citizens.


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