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'Who am I?'

'I am called Death.'

'I am Death, and in my embrace I shall take all things. Everyone and everything has a time to die. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.'

'I feel all of my children's pain. I feel all of the wrong, all of the hurt in the world. Every day, I heal it a bit. Every day, I spread the numbness of not-being to a few more people. Every day, I take a few of my children to the better place. To the light. To the peace. To the end.'

So am I still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Can't find hope to believe in

The boy ran forward, but there were Talons all around him.

"What do we have here?" chuckled the Dark Ace.

"I think we've caught ourselves a rebel!" yelled one of his Talons.

"Please," the boy said. "I surrender!"

"We don't take prisoners," Dark Ace snarled. There was no mercy in his crimson eyes.

'I feel the fear in the boy. I feel the confusion—he was just trying to fight for a better life. He has not known a good meal, or a warm bed, or ever truly been clean. He was just trying to make a better tomorrow. He wasn't even truly a part of a rebel group, because he hated violence. He was peacefully petitioning for minimal wage when the Talons found him.'

'A red blade flashed down. I take his soul into my embrace. A bit of hope dies along with him that day—hope for peace. Cyclonia is killing the hope.'

Drop dead a bullet to my head

Your words are like a gun in hand

"We will not be slaves!" the leader shouted. "Death would be better than this!"

'How true. They do not know the heaven that awaits for them, for everyone, in the next world.'

"We must rise up, together! Together, they cannot tear us apart. They can take a few of us down, but as long as the Cyclonians are still there, the rebellion will live on! Because no human will sit around and allow themselves to be mistreated while they have a chance to fight. So we will fight!"

The entire assembly rose to their feet screaming.

'I feel happy for my children, taking their power back, but at the same time, I sense all of their ends coming. The inflammatory words will only ignite violence. Don't the children see that violence is never the answer?'

You can't change the state of the nation

We just need some motivation

Three times I see no conviction

Just lies and more contradiction

'That night I hover over the one who calls herself Master Cyclonis. Sometimes I try to enter her dreams, but to no avail. She won't let me in. She is all darkness, and closed doors.'

'I still love her.'

'Is that so hard to believe? She has sent so many of my other children into my embrace, and yet I still love her. For she, too, is a child of mine.'

'"No more lies," I whisper to her. "No more pain. No more suffering. End this conflict peacefully." But I do not know if she hears or not. I do not know if she listens or not.'

'Despite my power, I cannot end this war. Only Man can do that. But it is Man who has started this was, Man who is fighting.'

'I am confused. I feel so helpless.'

So tell me what would you say

I'd say its time (to listen)

'What can I do? I can only watch as my children make mistake after mistake, and yet I cannot stop loving them.'

'If they all sat down and talked it out, surely they could come to some sort of agreement. But Cyclonis is too young, inexperienced, and concerned with her reputation. The Sky Knights are too busy protecting their innocents. The Cyclonian citizens are too angry at the way they have been treated.'

'People choose violence over peace, because violence is the easy answer. They do not want to listen to each other.'

'I still listen. Every night, I hear the cries of my children, but I cannot comfort them. Not until it is too late. Not until they rest forever.'

So am I still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Can't find hope to believe in

These rebels were among the more fanatic variety. These rebels were the ones who had lost mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, to the Cyclonians. These were the ones who had nothing left to live for.

They set up the crystals and the wires, to the door. Cyclonian Talons were going to be the next ones to walk through.

Only Talons are not the next ones to walk through. Fellow Cyclonian 'citizens' walk through.

'The innocents do not know what has happened. They die before they even realize that they have been ripped from their lives. The bombers die with a fierce pleasure, believing they have brought down Talons.'

'How wrong they all are.'

Ignorance and understanding

We're the first ones to jump in line

"Sign here, Master Cyclonis."

The teen empress chews her lip. Love against hate. Peace against violence. Allies against all fallen in despair from the bloody aftermath of an all-out war. In the end, she doesn't have a choice. She signs the treaty.

One million deaths. A few quick strokes of a pen, and one million deaths are prevented.

'I wish it were real. But no, it is only a figment of my imagination. Real life never works out that well, but what do I know about life? I am Death. How ironic that I am Death, telling you how or how not life works.'

'I just like to dream of better futures.'

Out of step for what we believe in

But who's left? To start the pleading.

"Please," the young man begs. "We just want peace."

He is an ambassador, not sent by Terra Atmosia, but from Terra Atmosia. He was told that this mission was suicide, and not to go. He believed in peace more than he cared for his own life.

The dungeons of Cyclonia for three months, then off to a factory on a distant Terra to labor for the rest of his lives. He will not see his family or friends again. Everything he knew and loved will be ripped away from him.

Terra Atmosia does not send another.

How far will we take this

It's not hard to see through the sickness

'Hate is the plague of the world. Why do they hate? Surely they see that it is wrong. Surely they see that love is the better way. Surely they learn from their past mistakes, and try to heal their world, not rip it apart again.'

'Hate is a sickness, and Atmos has been infected with it.'

'The cure is love. But they all look at violence with false hope. Don't they see that by fighting with hate, they will become the very evil they are trying to get rid of? They are already infected by the darkness.'

'Will they go that far? They are angry, and angry men often do things they later wish to take back.

'I still love them. Sometimes, though, I doubt their ability to love.'

So tell me what would you say

I'd say its time (to listen)

'No one listens. There is misunderstanding. There is death. Because no one listens.'

'Listen, my children. I beg you. Listen.'

'If you will not listen to the voices of your enemies, listen to the cries of your own people. Listen to the screams of your own families, and tell me if violence ever really helped you.'


So am I still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Cant find hope to believe in

A public execution. What did the man do? No one is really sure. Somehow, though, he displeased Cyclonis in some way, and now they all have to watch him die.

What were his dreams? What were his aspirations? Was there someone waiting for him to come home, only to never see her love again? Did he have children?

No one likes to think about these questions. It makes him seem more human, and it makes the entire spectacle a lot harder to bear.

'The blade falls. I take my child into my arms.'

This can't last forever

Time wont make things better

'How long was this war going to go on? This was not meant to be. This was not fate. This was not natural. It was disrupting the plans for the future.'

'The world has gotten off track, and there is no one who can put it back on. I do not know what to do.'

I feel so alone

Can't help myself

And no one knows

If this is worthless

Tell me: so

'I am Death. As much as I love my children, I am not one of them. I do not understand them. I do not understand why they must hurt each other.'

'I am alone. There is none other like me. No one knows better than me what it feels like to die, because I feel the ends of all of my children, as if it were my own end.'

'But I do not know the love of a partner, or the joy in creating life, or the various happy things in life. I do not know what it means to be human, for I am not human. I am Death.'

'I rain down on Atmos, taking more and more of my children home with me.'

'I try to save them, but why? There is nothing I can really do. They will die anyway. Why do I try to prolong their suffering on this world?'

'Because in truth, I want them to know this 'love' that is denied to me. So they suffer, but they know love. And so the war goes on.'

What have we done

Were in a war that can't be won

This can't be real

I don't know what to feel

"Aerrow, what are we doing? They outnumber us, outgun us—they out-everything us! More and more Terras are falling, and we can't be everywhere. We can save everyone. Sooner or later, we won't be able to save ourselves!" The navigator tried to keep her voice down, but the last couple words came out as a squeak. Her eyes were filled with worry, and fear—for herself, for the entire Atmos.

"We'll be fine," Aerrow replied, trying to give her a confidence that he didn't have. "We'll just keep fighting, like we always do. As long as we go on, there is still hope."

'It was a lie. There is no hope for these people, as long as they are fighting. Sooner or later, they're either going to be killed, or they will kill someone. They either lose their innocence or their life. Their bodies or their souls. Children should not be forced to pay that price.'

So am I still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Cant find hope to believe in

"Rebel Duck, attack!" the strong, albeit heavily accented voice of the Gale warrior proclaimed. The mangy squadron swooped down on the factory, bombing the roof, breaking the machines, and helping workers escape in the ensuing chaos.

Like usual, all is fun and games until the Talons come.

The skimmers are getting away, but not quickly enough. Laden with the laborer escapees, they cannot move as fast as the Cyclonian Switchblade Elites.

One skimmer turns around to face the Talons, while the others continue going on. "No!" an old man cries from the fleeing Sky Rides. "Robin, what are you doing?"

"Go, Papa!" the brave young man shouts back. "Just promise me you'll take care of her!" The man nods.

Robin faces the Talons with no fear in his eyes. He is sacrificing himself for the others to get away.

'As I take him into my cold embrace, I feel something from him that is rare. There is a sense of purpose.'

'There is love, love for his baby daughter Dove. He loves her enough to sacrifice himself, leaving her in his father's care.'

'Despite his sacrifice, she will still know only violence, only war. She will grow up a fighter. She will never learn of the fruits of peace.'

So am I still waiting

For this world to stop hating

Can't find a good reason

Can't find hope to believe in

'So many. That is all I can think. So many.'

'So many have died. So many will die.'

'I am Death, not Man, and there is nothing I can do.'

'I must wait.'

'I must wait, and believe in Man's power to create their better future.'

'Every day, I lose hope. Until one day, there will be no hope left. One day, there will be no war left to fight. One day, there will be no life left in Atmos.'