My first ever one-shot. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Silver or Blaze. They belong to Sega.

"Hi Blaze…" I mumbled nervously as I stood outside. There she was, my purple feline friend, Blaze the Cat. She smiled at me. It wasn't the kind of smile she gave me just to prove she was alright, it was a real one. Even in pouring rain she was happy, queer.

But that wasn't what was on my mind right now, what was on my mind was-

"Silver, what'd you call me out here for?" She asked interrupting my thoughts.

"Um…" Truthfully I had no reason for her to be out here. I just wanted to see Blaze. "Just wanted to make sure you were okay." I lied.

"What's the real reason you called me out here Silver?" She could see right through me… "Or did you just want to laugh at me because I was soaking wet?" I did laugh at that, and she playfully punched me in the arm.

"You do look kind of cute when your wet." I froze.

'Wait, did I just say that out loud?!?'

"Thanks Silver…you do to." I knew she was thinking the same thing, but it was true. She was beautiful when she was dry and beautiful when she was wet. It didn't mater if she was Burning Blaze, she would always be my precious Blaze and I'd do whatever I could to get her to say that without saying it, for I feared if I did it would end our friendship and then we'd just feel a little awkward around each other…

"Silver…Can I asked you something?" She whispered, only loud enough for me to here.

"Yes Blaze?"

"Am I just a friend to you?"

"Um…Yes?" What kind of question was th-Unless she felt the same way about me that I did to her. No, unless it was true.

"Okay…" She walked over to me and smiled. "Then you won't mind if I just stand here with you will you?" She wrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my chest. I could feel my face warming up.

"N-no, not at all." You see, part of me thought the world of Blaze and looked at her as a big sister, but the other part of me loved her and wanted to be more than friends. And the only one who could decide which side was right was Blaze herself, but she would never be able to choose if I never told her. "Blaze…"

"Yes Silver?"

"I…" I stared at her, and got lost in her yellow eyes. "I love you. And I always have." I pulled her up, and kissed her. It was one of the most magical moments in my life. What was even better, was that Blaze didn't reject me like I thought she would.

"I love you too Silver The Hedgehog." She smiled, bigger than I have ever seen her smile before.

I guess rain really is magical…