"No way."

A whole circle of faces glared expectantly at Vexen, who was sitting at the very edge of the room.

"The bottle's pointing right at you, Vex," Naminé pointed out. And indeed, it was. "Come on. It's only a kiss,"

"I'm not even playing!" Vexen exclaimed.

"Everyone's playing,"

"Just summon up some courage and kiss him. Jesus. Anyone would think you were homophobic or something,"

Vexen stared balefully at Marluxia, who shrugged, of course not so eager to wriggle out of having Vexen kiss him.

"Fine. Just a kiss. But there is no way I'm using my tongue,"

"Aw, come on! It's no fun without any tongue action,"

Vexen sought desperate help from Roxas, who simply grinned.

Roxas had been told everything about Vexen and Marluxia's feelings for each other, since he knew most of it anyway. He'd pressured them to start a relationship, but they'd both been reluctant and unanimously decided to leave it until sometime later. Nobody else knew.

Marluxia stood up and walked over to Vexen amongst the calls of "get out your phones!"

"It's just me," He muttered. "Anyone would think you'd been asked to kiss Mr Highwind or something,"

Vexen pulled a face as Marluxia sat down next to him.

"Come on! Snog him!"

Any other bloody night and he'd be sat comfortably somewhere in the confines of the library, or at the very least asleep, Vexen thought miserably as he leaned reluctantly closer to Marluxia.

He'd really, really wanted their first kiss to be somewhere romantic.

Suddenly fingers tangled into his hair and yanked him closer, and their lips met. Marluxia was already opening his mouth a little to let him in, and Vexen could have sworn he felt a flash of tongue against his.

Everybody was watching, and he swallowed down embarrassment to kiss back.

Marluxia moaned a little ot the cheers of the crowd, and leaned a little too much and they toppled down onto the floor, Marluxia still pressed against him, hands in his hair and tongue in his mouth and Vexen couldn't believe how good it felt and he wanted more-

"Okay, okay. That's enough. We don't want to traumatise poor Vexen too much," Somebody laughed, and Marluxia pulled away.

Vexen angrily wiped his mouth on his sleeve as he sat up again, blushing furiously.

"You enjoyed that way too much," He muttered in Marluxia's general direction.

"I wasn't the only one moaning," Marluxia replied airily as they spun the bottle again. If possible, Vexen's face became even redder.

"Anybody see a relationship blooming there?" One of the students was smirking as they rewatched the kiss on a camera phones.

"Marluxia was seriously getting in there,"

"Well, he is pretty much the gayest guy in our year,"

"Poor Vexen. I wouldn't want to be him,"

Suddenly, Vexen stood with an irritated sigh.

"I'm going to wash my mouth out," He announced, and swept out of the common room towards the bathroom.

Roxas flashed Marluxia a sympathetic look and received a shrug in return.

"Okay... Truth or dare?"


"Okay, Saïx, you go first,"




"You heard me. Right down to your boxers,"

"Pah! That's easy,"

"Take your boxers off too, then,"

"No thanks, I think I'll pass,"

"Heh... Nice snail trail,"

"Marluxia's turn next,"

"Kay... Truth or dare?"


"Is it true you fancy Vexen?"

Marluxia glanced up in confusion as Roxas' question. The diminutive boy already knew the answer to that question; why would he ask?

He glared at the boy. Just to make him admit it in front of everybody else, and then it would spread like wildfire...

"Yes," He replied curtly.

"Seriously?!" Somebody exclaimed. "No wonder you were so passionate back then,"

"Oh, shut up,"

"Hey, can I put my clothes back on now?"

Marluxia excused himself from the common room after a few rounds to talk to Vexen.

He opened the door to the dorms.


"Marluxia? Is that you?"

"Yeah. You gone to bed already?"


Marluxia made his way to Vexen's bedside, and sat where he was pretty certain that the other boy wouldn't be.

"Are you okay?"

"What do you think?"

"Look, I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault," Vexen replied quietly, rolling over until his stomach was pressed up against his back. In the darkness, Marluxia leaned down to wrap his arms a little awkwardly around him. "I wouldn't mind, but I kind of wanted my first kiss to be romantic..."

"That was your first kiss?" Marluxia asked in surprise. "You should have said something..."

"What, and have everybody think I was some kind of vestal virgin, too?" Vexen huffed. "This is kind of uncomfortable." He continued, wriggling a little.

"Sorry," Marluxia apologised and let go, sitting back up again.

"I didn't mean for you to stop," Vexen replied sulkily, reaching out to pull Marluxia down once again. "Oh, what does it matter any more? Just come under the covers. It's warm here."

Marluxia was all too happy to comply.

They lay together for a few minutes, the silence comfortable.

"You know," Marluxia finally murmured, "Why don't we just go out? We both like each other..."

Vexen shrugged, tugging Marluxia a little bit closer.

"People will think that we did because we were forced to kiss each other," He mumbled.

"Everybody already knows that I fancy you,"

"They do?!"

"Truth or dare, just after you left."


"I really do love you,"

"Yeah, I love you too."

They kissed again but this time it really was romantic, beautiful, and somehow it didn't even matter that they were still curled up in each other's arms when the others wandered in.