It was another dreary and dank morning in apartment 221B. The alarm clock rang at 9:30 AM just like it always did, waking him up so he could be just perfectly late to work, he opened his deep blue eyes and groaned from the pain shooting up his leg, yes just like every morning. He even had a slow but steady routine from the minute his eyes opened. He grabbed his cane and the bottle of Vicodin from the side table near his bed. Sleepily he pops one in his mouth sets the bottle back down and is off to get dressed in whatever t-shirt and jeans calls to him that day. Then puts on either his leather or sports jacket depending on whether he was riding his motorcycle or driving the dodge. Today he was in a driving mood, so he throws on the sport jacket sticks the med. Bottle in his pocket, grabs his keys, and limps toward the door. Almost forgetting his Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital badge, and thinks to himself, 'Wilson would scold me so hard if I forgot it, boring, I can almost hear him now, "House you know how you dress you have to wear your badge, I'm gonna laugh one day when some new security guard kicks you out because he thinks you're just another loon."' He goes back to his dresser to pick up the badge; he does so and glances into the mirror above the dresser. What looks back startles him, without even thinking he also grabs his sunglasses from the dresser, putting them on while he heads back the front door, walks out and gets into the car. 'It can't be' he thinks 'the one morning I don't check and it's finally happened'

He drives to work in silence, after the sight that stared back at him in that mirror he wasn't much in the mood for music. He arrived at work just like every morning, through the front door, limping to the elevator to head up to his office. Hoping that this would be the one day when he wouldn't run into any of his colleagues especially not Cuddy or Wilson, he just couldn't bear it. He headed straight to the elevator but luck wasn't with him this morning cause standing next to it was none other than Wilson, his only friend in the world and the last person on earth he wanted to see. "Good morning House, so how late were you out last night? Wearing sunglasses indoors and all" Wilson remarked, House had to act normal, had to have his same jerky and sarcastic rebuttal to Wilson's snide remark

"What a guy can't have a little fun? Who are you? My mom?"

"Touching reply as always House, I'm good thanks for asking"

"I didn't"

They got into the elevator and rode up to their offices.

"Well I hope to have you invade my privacy later, but right now I have work to do"

"Maybe I do too ya know, what do you think you're all I think about? Don't flatter yourself Jimmy"

"Goodbye House!" Wilson shouts back as he walks away.

House heads to his office and there sit the new ducklings and Foreman, scattered around just waiting for him, 13 is reading up on something, Kutner, wanting to get killed, is playing on House's computer, and Taub is talking to someone on his cell phone. Foreman is at the desk filling out paper work. House limps over to Kutner and taps him on the shoulder "Mind telling me what you think you're doing?" This is seen as an immediate mistake because he is startled so bad he jumps up waving his arms in confusion, and knocks House's sunglasses right off his face, House doesn't realize this. So once everyone stops their giggle fit House turns and says "Now that entertainment hour is over, anyone want to tell me if we have case?" The giggles have completely stopped and everyone is staring House directly in the face, no one knows what to say, 'does he even know?' is the thought coursing through all their minds, finally 13 breaks the silence

"House are you okay?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"

At that moment Kutner picks up his sunglasses and hands them to him

"Uh I kinda knocked these off"

"Oh so you did"

Foreman then gets the guts to say what's wrong "House your eyes, they're yellow, real yellow"

"So what's the big deal, do we have a case or not!" House realizes that his plan has just crumbled, he doesn't know how to react now, he didn't know how to react in the first place, that's why he tried to hide them. But now it has failed completely 'what to do now?' He snatches the sunglasses out of Kutner's hands "I'll take those thank you very much" and shoves them onto his face "Well if we don't have a case I guess I'll be going" and storms out of the room, nobody follows him