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That night was the best night of their lives, it was most amazing. A night of passion right there in that hospital bed a night they had both waited for so long


He was so busy nowadays, but he always made time for his family and today was his day to pick up the kids, Lisa always let him off besides nothing had changed at work and he didn't have a case. He got out the car and limped into the daycare. They were playing in the front room with of the other little ankle bitters waiting for their parents. The minute they saw him they ran and clung to his legs "Daddy!" they yelled, they were both so sweet. First there was Hannah 5 years old, the daughter that Lisa had fostered and then adopted. Then there was Joel their natural born son, he had just turned four. Though it hurt him he carried them both out to the car and strapped them into their car seats.

"Daddy it was so fun today, what are we doing now?" Hannah asked from the back seat

"Can we goes to work wit you daddy, please?" Xavier was so sweet

He thought about it "I guess so and you can stay with me if mommy's too busy"

They cheered and he drove down to Princeton-Plainsboro. When they got there they ran ahead of him "Hey kids wait up, Daddy can't run remember!" They were already in the door and running around and there he was

"Uncle Wilson!" They loved him, after all Cuddy had made him Hannah's God-father, but that was before House popped the question that changed both their lives

"Hey kids, House are they running you wild?"

"Not really, where's Cuddy?"

"In her office"

"Kay, watch them for a sec?"


He walked into Cuddy's office, he still didn't knock, but now she didn't mind much

"Lucy I'm hooooooome!"

"Hey did you pick up the kids?"

"No I left them there to rot!"

"Greg" Nothing had changed besides that now they didn't try to hide it from one another when he/she was flirting, but what could you expect they had been married for almost 5 years now.

"Relax Wilson is watching them out in the lobby"

"Why do you always bring them here?"

"Cause they always ask me and anytime I try to say no and take them home I just can't take the looks on their little faces. It wasn't too bad before, Xavier was too little to understand but now" He sighed

He went over and kissed her, they had a wonderful life together and as much as he hated to admit it, House was finally, happy.