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Bulma couldn't believe it. She would be spending another Saturday night alone once again, watching old movies, and consoling her lonely self with a carton of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Why is it that I always end up being all by myself?? She thought.

With a sigh, Bulma flopped idly down on her feathery couch, staring blankly at the TV screen, trying to remember the last time she had actually gone out on the weekend. With a loud, exasperated sigh, Bulma came to the conclusion that she had not been out for almost one and a half months.

What is wrong with me?? Why am I stuck at home eating ice cream by myself again? If I continue to go on like this I will get chubby, and then my life will definitely be over! I don't see why Chi-Chi always has to do things with Goku; ever since they met she seems to have forgotten that I exist! And then she has the nerve to ask me to join them, like I would want to be the third wheel! Pah! I wouldn't put myself in that situation for anything! Well I did once and it wasn't pretty!

As her thoughts turned to Chi Chi and Goku, Bulma's brow furrowed and her sparkling blue eyes seemed to become set ablaze with anger. She began to feel herself tense up, and her breathing quicken. Why do I care so much? I should be pleased that Chi Chi is so happy, but I can't seem to stop feeling like she has neglected me! All those years of friendship and she can just throw it away for stupid Goku!

With that thought, Bulma's tense muscles relaxed, and a single tear ran down her cheek. Soon enough, Bulma was lying on the couch sobbing harshly, her radiant blue hair tangled around her now puffy cerulean eyes. What has happened that has made me so pathetic? She thought. It seems like it was only yesterday that Chi Chi and I were so close, and we were going out together every Saturday night…

A 2 months earlier

Bulma and Chi Chi sat at the booth of Al's Diner, sharing a huge strawberry milkshake and laughing at each other's brain freeze faces. Chi Chi and Bulma had been friends ever since Chi Chi had moved in next door to Bulma, when both of the girls were four.

Every Saturday night Chi Chi and Bulma went out on the town, looking for cute boys and watching films at the local art theater. Bulma had come to cherish these Saturdays, for this was the time when she could actually have alone time to talk and laugh with her best friend.

Tonight, Chi Chi seemed particularly capricious as she chatted to Bulma about her latest loved interest. Bulma listened intently, frequently looking into the happy pools of darkness that were Chi Chi's eyes, and feeling somewhat giddy herself.

"Oh Bulma, he is so cute! He is tall, dark, and handsome! Basically he's just my type, and he has the most incredible mysterious eyes!" Chi Chi squealed delightedly. Bulma giggled at the happiness of her friend. Chi Chi always acted this way when she had met someone new, like she was high or something.

Bulma took a swig of the luscious cherry shake, and proceeded to clear her throat.

"Where did you meet this...umm, what did you say his name was? Gohu? Gobu?"

"Oh Bulma, his name is Go KU!" Chi Chi giggled at her friend's confusion. " I was at the library the other day working on some research for my world history paper, and I had been there so long, working so hard, that I had forgotten how hungry I was until I smelled pizza coming from the cafeteria. I decided to take a little break and grab a snack, and clumsy me, right when I entered the cafeteria I tripped over something. I looked up and there he was!" Chi Chi's eyes gained a faraway look as she said her last sentence, as if she had experienced love at first sight.

Bulma was intrigued by her friend's story, and she urged her to continue it. "So what happened then? How did you find out his name? Don't tell me you spied on him to reveal his identity?!" Bulma laughed. Chi Chi was one to follow her crushes around and secretly learn more about them.

Chi Chi's gleaming eyes widened at what Bulma had said. "Oh come on! You know I wouldn't do that!" she laughed sarcastically. The good thing about Chi Chi and Bulma's relationship was the fact that they could tease each other with no hard feelings.

"Honestly, he looked down at me with those beautiful eyes and I couldn't help but notice his huge biceps twitching nervously, as if he had purposely tripped me. He apologized profusely, pick up all my books, and managed to get my number! The whole time I was in a daze, just gazing at his glorious body, those chiseled features, that quirky smile. He probably thought I was some kind of psycho and just asked for my number to make me feel better about tripping!" Chi Chi began to analyze.

"Of course not!" Bulma said quickly, trying to erase the thought from her friend's brain. Chi Chi had a habit of believing she wasn't good enough to have a boyfriend, and it just wasn't true. "He asked for your number because you are a beautiful girl who caught his eye!" Bulma concluded.

"But that was two days ago, Bulma! He said he'd call but my phone hasn't rung once!" Chi Chi said, the wheels in her head reeling with the thought of Goku never calling.

"Chi, don't be absurd. He is a guy right? Guys are lazy, it might take a little while, but he will call. And if he doesn't, he will be losing a chance with an amazing girl!" Bulma exclaimed, her hair shining under the fluorescent lighting in the diner.

Chi Chi smiled, and lifted a hand to twirl her rich ebony hair around her slender pinkie.

"Yeah I guess you are right, Bulma. Who would want to pass this up?!" Chi Chi laughed, referring to herself. With that the girls began to talk of other things until they grew tired and decided to head home. The whole night, though, Bulma began to feel a little anxious. What if Chi has found a boyfriend and I am left alone?? She thought, but quickly shoved the thought away. Chi wouldn't do that…would she??

It was only two Saturdays later when Bulma's phone rang loudly, awakening her from a cat nap she had been taking on her porch, bathing her pale skin in the warm sunlight.

Startled from the sudden noise, Bulma leapt up and grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" her sleepy voice asked, only to be returned with a squeal of joy from the other line.

"Bulma! He called! Goku asked me to go to the movies tonight!!! I am so excited! You were right! Thank you for having so much faith in me! I will talk to you later with all the details, right now I have to go get ready!" With that, the line went dead, and Bulma could almost feel her best friend's coursing through her own body. With a smile she returned to the porch and sat down.

Not even two seconds later, an odd feeling passed over Bulma. Did she say she was going to the movies with Goku tonight? But it is Saturday!!! It is our night! Bulma thought, irritated that her friend could forget about their sacred night. Oh Kami, I fear that this is the beginning of the end of my life!

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